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LATEST UPDATES: RockStar Pro Wrestling March 18th 2015 Amped Results



03/25/15 – LuFisto Taps Out RAZE at the Alternative Wrestling Show... Plus LuFisto is Going for the NCW-FF Title!

On Saturday, March 21st 2015, LuFisto returned to beautiful South Gate, California to take on the imposing Raze at Alternative Wrestling Show...

Also, with Cherrie and Kraven now involved in other matches, LuFisto still needed an opponent for the night. As it turns out, she will not have one but two opponents on April 4th...




03/19/15 – LuFisto Taps Out to Alex Colon in an Incredible Match!

After a challenge from Alex Colon last week, LuFisto was back at RockStar Pro Wrestling on Saturday, March 18th to take on “The Best of the Best”.

Colon pushes LuFisto right from the start but she fires up and sends him outside with a face wash where she proceeds to kick, chop, punch and face wash him again...




03/17/15 – Celebrate LuFisto's 18th Anniversary with This New Awesome T-Shirt!

This year, LuFisto is celebrating her 18th Anniversary as a professional wrestler. Join the party and show support to the Wounded Owl Ronin by wearing her exclusive 18th Anniversary - Wounded Owl Ronin LuFisto T-Shirt!


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03/16/15 – HAVOK Prevails in No DQ Match Thanks to Neveah!

Once again on Saturday, March 14th 2015, LuFisto was taking on the impressive HAVOK at Queens of Combat in Gibsonville, North Carolina. This time though, there would be no disqualifications.

As soon as LuFisto removes her kimono, HAVOK jumps on her and the fight is on all over the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium...





02/22/15 – LuFisto Retains Against Shanna in a Superb Match… But the Office Spoils the Celebration.

On Saturday, February 21st 2015, LuFisto returned to where it all began for her at CZW, the legendary ECW Arena (now 2300 Arena) to defend her WSU Championship against “Portugal's Perfect Athlete” Shanna. However, LuFisto's night began a little earlier than expected...





02/16/15 – Burning Hammer in Blue Ridge Georgia!

For the first time ever, LuFisto wrestled for the first time in the beautiful state of Georgia, more specifically in Blue Ridge for the Deep Southern Championship Wrestling as she was taking on Miss Rachael. This women’s match was the main event of the card on this special sold out Valentine ’s Day event!





02/10/15 – Quebec and Canadian 2014 Indy Wrestling Awards

The results of the annual Quebec Indy Wrestling Awards are out and once again, we can say LuFisto had a pretty good year...





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