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09/16/19 – GEW's Clash des Chevaliers 3 Results

Saturday, September 14th 2019 in St-Sulpice, Québec, Canada – Seth Cassidy flew from the top of an armory unto Mr. Cobra and Marty Lang which gave the opportunity for Judas Judd Cassidy and LuFisto to isolate Syl le Sadique. Side kick to the face from LuFisto and top rope from Judas for the victory in the main event of GEW's Clash des Chevaliers 3.



08/27/19 – Huge Championship Match at C4 Wrestling's Undisputed!!


We are less than a month away from our next huge show – as we kick off our 13th season, as w present #C4Undisputed!

Josh Alexander has taken on all challengers since regaining the C*4 Championship earlier this year. In June, he defeated five of the top challengers – solidifying himself as the top talent in C*4.

Also in June, after a decade away from the promotion – a well respected pioneer in independent wrestling, made her return, as LuFisto defeated FTM, Chris Dickinson and Tyson Dux, as part of a six person tag team match.

At Fighting Back, LuFisto scored an impressive victory against FTM, as she represented LLCV and retained their championship.

Over the last 20+ years, LuFisto has made a career of breaking barriers, and taking on opponents of all genders, sizes, and styles. From gruesome death matches, to hard-hitting strong style battles, LuFisto has gone toe to toe with a long list of opponents. 

Her journey has lead to C*4, and this match.

On September 20th, at #C4Undisputed, Josh Alexander will once again offer the opportunity to somebody he deems a worthy challenger… “The Walking Weapon” will collide with “The Wounded Owl”.



08/19/19 – C4 Fighting Back 9 and GEW Mucha Lucha Results

Friday, August 16th in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – LuFisto was successful defending her La Lutte C Vrai Championship against the biggest challenger up to date in The Beast King FTM. The fight that took place inside and outside of the ring ended after LuFisto kicked out of FTM's Chokebomb. When the Beast King attempted the maneouver a second time, LuFisto trapped him really tight in a small package using the momentum to score the 1-2-3.

Saturday, August 18th in St-Rémi, Québec, Canada – LuFisto rolled up Melanie Havok using the ropes as leverage to get the victory over the opponent as part of the special event Mucha Lucha festival!




08/05/19 – wXw Germany, Smash Wrestling and The Summit Results

Friday, August 9th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Replacing the injured Toni Storm, LuFisto took on Allysin Kay and Amale for the French Hope's wXw Women's Champion. Amale was able to score the pin fall on LuFisto after Allysin Kay hit her with her discuss lariot and was thrown outside. Amale then hit her Swinging reverse STO on an already stunned Wounded Owl for the win, therefore, retaining her title.

Later that night, LuFisto was able to pin former Team PAWG partner Jordynne Grace with via Tiger Driver 91 at Smash Wrestling's Super Showdown VII.

Saturday, August 10th 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – As Shimmer Women Athletes, RISE, Femmes Fatales and Smash Wrestling all joined forces to present The Summit, LuFisto took on Priscilla Kelly, Allysin Kay and Cheerleader Melissa in a Fatal 4-way. Unfortunately for LuFisto, Kelly was able to hit her with her Osteoporosis Slingblade from the second turnbuckle.

After the match, LuFisto raised Priscilla's hand as asked her for a one-on-one fight in a near future. Kelly accepted.




08/05/19 – Xtreme Zone Wrestling 26 Results plus LuFisto Wrestling Seminar

Saturday, August 3rd 2019 in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, Canada – Judas Judd Cassidy and LuFisto were victorious over Rock N' Road, Phil Guertin & Max Larosé, with a superkick from Cassidy turned into a jacknife pin from LuFisto on Guertin.


Theoretical Wrestling Seminar

LuFisto will be giving a theoretical wrestling seminar at JCWLutte on Saturday, August 24th 2019 at 2:00 PM.

How to build a match, character development and so much more! Please note that the seminar will be in French only.

For more information and subcriptions, please e-mail LuFIsto at or reach out to JCW!




07/23/19 – Fédération Canadienne de Lutte's “Sur le Quai” and Alpha-1 Wrestling's True North Strong Results.

Saturday, July 20th 2019 in Bécancourt, Québec Canada – History was made this past Saturday when the main championship of a promotion held by a woman was defended in a4 way dance where all participants were also women! LuFisto was able to retain her La Lutte C Vrai Championship over Azaelle, Maeve O' Farell and Sally when the campion was able to quickly roll-up Azaelle for the victory.

Here's the full match:

Sunday, July 21st 2019 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – In the main event of the day, Alpha-Male Champion Kobe Durst was victorious over LuFisto when he successfully reversed the Burning Hammer into a tight small package.





07/18/19 – LuFisto's Purple & Teal Gear for Sale!!


LuFisto did wear this one for a lot of very important matches... Here are a few:

Beyond Wrestling - Vs AR Fox
Shine Wrestling - Vs Mercedes Martinez
Smash Wrestling/ FLQ - Vs Jody Threat
Women's Wrestling Revolution - Vs Shotzi Blackheart
xWx Femmes Fatales Tournament 2018 – Vs Toni Storm, Vs Killer Kelly, Vs Meiko Satomura
wXw Bielefeld Shotgun Tapings – LuFisto & Melanie Gray Vs Toni Storm & Killer Kelly
Nova Pro Wrestling – Vs Faye Jackson





07/16/19 – La Lutte C Vrai Summer Show Results

Saturday, July 13th 2019 in L'Épiphanie, Québec, Canada – LuFisto successfully defended her La Lutte C Vrai Championship against Fernando de la Cruz despite the interventions of his manager Namita and bodyguard Jude Frisco. Judas Judd Cassidy even came out at the end to hit Frisco at ringside.

Barely able to stand from the several attacks to her knee during the match, LuFisto was surprised by a video from her next challenger... Franky the Beast King!

In French, Franky mentions that he has loved LuFisto for years, that their friendship means so much, that he always tried to avoid her in the ring... But it will all change on August 16th in Ottawa at C4 Wrestling's Fighting Back 9 as the Beast wants a shot at the LLCV championship.

LuFisto left ringside refusing the help of Cassidy.

And then, later that night....

As Team Sally (Sally, Azaelle, Mary Lee Rose and Angie Skye) were set to face the team of Kath Von Goth showed up with Melanie Havok and Pink Flash Kira, Von Goth then mentioned that it was hard, but she had just found a forth partner... A limping LuFisto came out to answer the call.

Judd Cassidy runs from backstage trying to stop LuFisto but she pushes him away. Kath eliminates Angie Sky. Then, after LuFisto is able to eliminate Azaelle, Mary Lee Rose attacks her knee before Sally traps her into a half Boston Crab. With LuFisto almost passing out due to the unbearable pain, Cassidy comes back at ringside and throws in the towel to save the day.

LuFisto is furious at Cassidy and returns backstage arguing with him...




07/07/19 – JCW Super gala de Lutte JCW à Métabetchouan and XZW 25 Results

Friday, June 28th 2019 in Métabetchouan, Québec, Canada – Unfortunately, Kath Von Goth and LuFisto lost their JCW Tag Team Championship against former champions Double Trouble, La Parfaite Caroline and Emily Grimsky, when Von Goth speared her own partner by mistake and then was quickly rolled up for the 1-2-3.

Saturday, July 6th 2019 in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, Canada – XZW Gen-X Champion and LLCV No. 1 Contender Fernando de la Cruz and his bodyguards, Jude Frisco and Karl Jepson, got the best of LuFisto and her partners “Les Enfants de Choeur”, Judas Judd Cassidy and Seth Cassidy, when de la Cruz pushed the LLCV Champion LuFisto into his own manager Namita to roll her up with a hand full of tights to score the pin fall.

Here’s the last sequence of the match:


Following the match backstage, Fernando found LuFisto’s bag but got caught by a very upset champion. Judas Judd Cassidy tried to save the day but surprisingly, LuFisto was really not happy about it, telling him to mind his own business and that she didn’t need his help…




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LuFisto - JCW Tag Team Champ

LuFisto - The Darkness



06/09/19 – GEW "Clash des Chevaliers 2" Results!

Saturday, June 8th 2019 in St-Sulpice, Québec, Canada – LuFisto defeated Ryan Donovan in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at GEW's Clash des Chevaliers 2" in a hard hitting fight! Donovan had chalenged LuFisto earlier in the night to the stipulation match telling her he could beat her at her own game. Unfortunately, he was the victim of a powerbomb and a splash on a hard piece of wood and fell short against LuFisto who retained her La Lutte C Vrai championship!



06/04/19 – Smash Wrestling’s The Northern Results plus LuFisto Vs Grace Round 2!!

Saturday, June 1st in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Sebastian Suave was victorious over LuFisto to advance in the Northern Tournament.

Sunday, June 2nd in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – LuFisto answered Jody Threat’s open challenge and was victorious via Burning Hammer on the Wild Child.

Rematch from CANUSA CLASSIC 2008!

In a rematch from one of 2018's best, Jordynne Grace will face LuFisto at Smash Wrestling’s biggest event of the year, Super Showdown VII!!

There is definitely unfinished business between Grace and LuFisto as both have been at it in various promotions. Jordynne had the upper hand in the first encounter and both were both disqualified at their last fight at Shine Wrestling for attacking the referees.

What will happen on August 9th? Team PAWG collide once again!!! You can’t miss this one!!



05/21/19 – LuFisto & Kath Von Goth, JCW Tag Team Champions!

Fans were quite surprised and happen when the all-female team of La Parfaite Caroline and Emily Grimsky aka Double Trouble won the JCW Tag Team Championships in an all-make promotion. However, no one expected that it would be another all-female team that would take the titles away from them!

Last Saturday, May 18th 2019, in Mashteuiastsh, Quebec, the team of “the Wicket Witch of the East” Kathryn Von Goth and “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto became the JCW Tag Team Champions!



05/12/19 – XZW 23 Results and a Successful Seminar!

Saturday, May 11th 2019 in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, Canada – LuFisto defeated Mobster 357 via La Crucetta. It had been 10 years since they had faced each other. Both shook hands as a sign of respect.

As LuFisto was celebrating, the Agents of Kaos, Kath Von Goth, Black Eagle and Nick Reznor (who was at first scheduled to face LuFisto but wasn’t cleared from his doctor) came at ringside to intimidate LuFisto. They didn’t have time to go anything as Rock N’ Road, Phil Guertin and Max Larose, came to the rescue.

Theoretical Wrestling Seminar!

LuFisto gave her first theoretical wrestling seminar before XZW 23 and we can say that it was a complete success as 20 hungry and passionate people showed up.

Wrestlers, referees, manager and promoters sat down for over 3 hours to listen to LuFisto explaining wrestling etiquette, in-ring psychology, character development and how to build a match.

Since the seminar was such a success, there could be more in a near future. Thank you to everyone who attended and for XZW and Eric Ouimet for making it possible!

Cheers to a bright future to all the hungry and passionate people who were in attendance!



05/06/19 – LuFisto’s Last Match for Femmes Fatales, Hall of Fame and a New Opponent.

Saturday, May 4th 2019 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada - In a violent match involving many chair chairs and where both women fought all over the Centre Horizon, LuFisto defeated Cheerleader Melissa with her One-Woman-Conchairto.

As this was LuFisto’s last Femmes Fatales match, promoters Patric Laprade and Michael Style honored LuFisto with all the women of the promotion surrounding the ring. Mentioning that his greatest moment as a promoter of NSPW was when LuFisto became the first woman to win the main title of the promotion in 2012, Style inducted the Wounded Owl into the NSPW Hall of Fame. Friend and founder of Femmes Fatales Stephane Bruyère came out to give LuFisto a plaque.

Alexandra Robertson wrote a beautiful piece about the event here:


LuFisto is extremely grateful to Patric Laprade and Michael Style from Femmes Fatales and Steve Boutet from NSPW for the tremendous honor. Thank you to the fans for so much love that night as well.

Nick Reznor Not Medically Cleared, an Old Enemy Steps in!

Unfortunately, or fortunately for him, Nick Reznor has not been cleared by the doctor to compete at XZW 23 on May 11th 2019 in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec due to an illness. Therefore, an unexpected foe and longtime enemy has stepped in…

Mobster 357 is getting out of his retirement to take on LuFisto one more time! For those who have followed LuFisto’s career, Mobster 357 has been a major player in her beginnings as they have fought many times… And in very violent matches including a light tube match.

357 being an entertaining character and very unpredictable, the fans in attendance this upcoming Saturday at XZW are in for a helluva ride!




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