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Friday, January 26th 2018
Shine Wrestling - Shine 48
Ybor City, FL

Sunday, February 18th 2018
Glory Pro - One Year Anniversary
Edwardsville, IL

Saturday, February 24th 2018
Jersey All Pro Wrestling - Redemption
Rahway, NJ



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12/08/17 - LuFi-News - Injury Report... I will be Out for a Few Weeks...

Dear fans and friends,

As some of you have read on various social media outlets, I have suffered a few injuries from my last match at the Alternative Wrestling Show in South Gate, CA the weekend of December 2nd. I was hoping to make a quick recovery to make it to my upcoming events but unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

Long story short, everything went great during the Barb Wire Bat Match against Dust at RISE 6: Brutality but the following day,  I got slapped so hard on the left hear that my ear drum ruptured on the spot. Later in the match, I also got my nose broken at two places during a corner combo where all 5 moves landed on my face.

After 3 days of still no progress with my hearing and despite having no insurance, I finally decided to go to the doctor and he confirmed that not only there was a big hole on my ear drum but that there was now also an infection that had traveled to the right ear as well.

Therefore, I need to rest and be on antibiotics and hope for the best, that the hole will close by itself. I need to do everything I can to avoid surgery and especially permanent hearing loss. Unfortunately, this means that I can’t wrestle and definitely can’t fly anywhere because of the pressure it may cause.

I am extremely sorry to cancel IWC Winner Takes All in Elizabeth, PA this weekend but also, I am heartbroken to announce that I won’t be able to attend Shine Wrestling and defend my championship in Ybor City on December 16th. I also have to cancel ACW-Rogue Women Warriors on December 30th …

Again, to the fans but also the promotions that give me the opportunity to step in their ring, please forgive me for missing those shows.

LuFisto :’(



LuFi-News for the week and RISE 6 Brutality and AWS Final Battle Results...

Friday, December 1st 2017 – “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto defeated Dust in a Barb Wire Baseball Match via Burning Hammer and choke with one of the 4 bats involved in the match at RISE 6: Brutality in South Gate, CA.

Saturday, December 2nd 2017 – The Team PAWG of LuFisto and Jordynne Grace defeated Fatal Attraction (RAZE and Sage Sin) via ATM at AWS Final Battle Results in South Gate, CA.



Nova Pro Wrestling and Queens of Combat at WrestleCade Results...

Friday, November 24th 2017 – LuFisto was disqualified during the 10 Women Survivor match at Nova Pro Wrestling’s 11th dimension. There was a tag made that the referee didn’t see between LuFisto and Faye Jackson that the referee never saw. Upset at the referee who wouldn’t accept the tag, LuFisto pushed in in what resulted into a DQ. Jackson tried to calm LuFisto but all she got was a forearm behind the head and a kick to the side of the head which caused her elimination when Veda Scott pinned her. Faye and LuFisto then fought on their way to the backstage area.

Saturday, November 25th 2017 – As part of the Queens of Combat Super Show presented at WrestleCade in Winston-Salem, NC, LuFisto defeated Rachael Ellering via La Crucetta.



LuFi-News for the week of November 6th and Shimmer Women Athletes Results...

PWI Top Female 50

The annual PWI Female 50 list has been revealed and once again, LuFisto has made the list. This year international talent has been added has well. The current Shine and JAPW Women’s Champion makes it to Number 14 and is one of the very few women who has been ranked every year since the creation of the PWI Top Female 50 in 2008.

Longest Reigning Shine Champion

On November 6th, LuFisto became the longest reigning Shine Wrestling Champion, holding to the title for 297 days, surpassing Ivelisse’s 296 day title reign.

The Wounded Owl has been undefeated in SHINE since winning the title in January and has also defended the title in other Indy promotions located in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee… And even in another country, Canada.

IWC Women's Championship Match

Four of the best women in IWC will battle for the gold when the IWC Women's Championship is on the line at 2017 Winner Takes All! Will Britt Baker retain her gold against all odds, or will there be a new Queen leaving that night? Find out live on December 9th, tickets on sale now @!

Friday, November 9th 2017 – When the “Derby Doll” Layne Rosario came to the ring and called for a challenge at RISE 5 in Berwyn, IL, the Wounded Owl LuFisto answered. Rosario tried her best but LuFisto was too much to handle so the Derby Doll fell to the Burning Hammer.

Saturday, November 10th 2017 - At Shimmer Volume 96 also in Berwyn, IL, LuFisto came out and mentioned that a stinky little pet without a tail and her peppermint smelling old crust of a friend wanted to fight. If this was going to be a tag team affair, LuFisto decided to bring Hudson Envy as a partner. Despite being in control most of the match, Solo Darling finally got revenge on LuFisto when she Pushed her into Envy who was on the apron and hit a fisherman neckbreaker combo for the win.

At Shimmer Volume 97, despite a valiant effort from Racheal Ellering, the powerlifter saw her Fallaway Powerbomb being reversed into the Mangalizer for the 1-2-3 and the victory for LuFisto.

Sunday, November 11th 2017 – The team of LuFisto and Hudson Envy was victorious over the team of Samantha Heights and Brittany Blake when LuFisto delivered her Burning Hammer onto Blake.

Nova Pro and WrestleCade are Fast Approaching!!

Less than two weeks away from Nova Pro Wrestling’s Black Friday Supershow! Are you #TeamFaye or #TeamVeda? It's Friday November 24th in Fairfax, VA!!

On November 25th, LuFisto will be at the Wikidd Fortune table to sign autographs all day at WrestleCade in Winton-Salem, NC. She will also have t-shirts, DVDs and some ACW-Rogue Women Warriors merchandise for you to get at great prices! Come say hi! Get some merchandise and also a picture with both JAPW and Shine Championships! LuFisto will also be performing the following day for Queens of Combat!



LuFi-News and Results for the week of October 30th...

Saturday, November 4th 2017 – In Stevens, PA for their event known as Rebel Rebel, LuFisto capitalized on Rebel missing a Moonsault and hurting her ankle to apply La Crucetta leg lock and defeat the former TNA Knockout via submission at ACW – Rogue Women Warriors.



LuFi-News and Results for the week of October 23rd...

Saturday, October 28th 2017 – Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) defeated the Blonde Ambition of Penelope Ford and Maria Manic at Beyond Wrestling's Denim Recruits in Howell, NJ with the ATM on Maria.

Sunday, October 29th 2017 – Team PAWG defeated The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter) at Beyond Wrestling's Apocalypse Dudes in Worcester, MA with the ATM on Mason.

LuFisto at Nova Pro Wrestling!

Jordynne Grace has revealed the 4th member of #TeamFaye for the Nova Pro Wrestling Survivor Series on and it's none other than her Team PAWG partner, LuFisto!

The teams are officially set! Faye Jackson will lead Mia Yim, Jordynne Grace, LuFisto and Brittany Blake against the Veda Scott led team of Deonna Purrazzo, Laynie Luck, Sahara Se7en and Allie Kat. The 5 on 5 Survivor Series Rules Match goes down on November 24th in Fairfax, VA

Tickets are on sale

LuFisto Returns to Queens of Combat and WrestleCade!

Queens of Combat returns to Winston-Salem for a WrestleCade Super Show on Sunday November 26th at 1pm, located at the Benton Convention Center!

Speaking of WrestleCade, LuFisto will be at the convention all day on the Saturday (November 25th) so come see her to get some autographed pictures, t-shirts or DVDs at the WIKIDD Fortune Table!

Buy tickets at 

Shimmer Women Athletes

Shimmer Volumes 96 to 99 is fast approaching and many people have been asking if LuFisto would be there... Yes, the Wounded Owl will be there bringing the chaos as always!!! >:)



LuFi-News for the week of October 16… #AndStill, #AndNew and More!

Friday, October 20th 2017 - LuFisto retained her Shine Championship against “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven in Ybor City, FL via La Crucetta Leg Lock. The champion had been working on Kraven’s legs the whole match before Dementia D’Rose showed up. Vanessa tried to get rid of her but ended up knee first on a steel post and then being thrown back in the ring. LuFisto only had to lock the hold for “The Mountain” to tap out.

Saturday, October 21st 2017 – LuFisto became the JAPW Women’s Champion by defeating Penelope Ford, Katred and Gabby Ortiz to win the JAPW Women's Championship. Post-Match Shlak and Bear Bronson cornered LuFisto before Kyle the Beast came out.

After a match against Matt Riddle, Shlak & Bear Bronson attacked Kyle the Beast, LuFisto came out to help KTB only to be also laid out by Shlak and Bear Bronson with a devastating spear from Bronson. A Street Fight has been set for February 24th 2018 between LuFisto & Kyle The Beast and Shlak & Katred.

In other news…

Shine 47 is set to take place on Saturday, December 16th. As always, it will be live on iPPV at, the WWN Roku App and FITE TV. LuFisto’s opponent is yet to be announced.

We now know that LuFisto will be taking on Savanna Stone at Glory Pro’s 1st Anniversary event on February 18th 2016. Tickets are flying fast! Get yours now at:

Beyond Wrestling presents two events this upcoming weekend where Team PAWG (LuFisto & Jordynne Grace) will be in action, first against Penelope Ford and Maria Manic and then, The Hooligans! You can find all the details in the EVENTS section.


10/16/17 - LuFisto debuts at Glory Pro in 2018 and Brutality at RISE 6!

It was announced today that LuFisto will debut at Glory Pro Wrestling in St-Louis on February 18th 2018! Her first time ever in St-Louis!

Also, in a war worthy of the event name at RISE 6 - BRUTALITY: LuFisto takes on Dust in a BARBED WIRE BAT MATCH!

"The Wounded Owl" LuFisto returns to her hardcore roots in this contest taking on the increasingly aggressive, always dangerous Dust! LuFisto hasthe experience advantage, however, will Dust's partner in Paradise Lost, "The Demon Assassin" Rosemary play a factor?

You can get more information about this event here:


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