It’s been over 20 years since LuFisto first stepped in a wresting ring on June 19th 1997. Ever since, she has travelled the world, won countless championships, male and female, has fought the government for women’s rights and has broken all the rules when it comes to inter-gender wrestling. Fearless, she has faced the toughest opponents and she has been involved in every possible type of matches you can think of. Although she has left her ultra-violent past behind, this former Queen AND King of the Death Matches is still one of the most intense competitors you will witness today.

Nicknamed “The Wounded Owl” after all the scars she collected on her quest to revolutionize women’s wrestling and because of her extended knowledge, her main goal has always been to prove that women are a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling, even if she had to stand alone most of the time.

She is the One Woman Army. She is the One Woman Revolution.

Now a proud member of C4 at Shine Wrestling, she takes her opponents to the Wounded Owl University... Where knowledge is acquired through pain and misery is her pleasure.



Mercedes Delivers her Fisherman Buster for the win and RAZE Spears LuFisto!
November 22nd 2016

On the weekend of November 19th and 20th, LuFisto wrestled on the East Coast and on the West Coast. First, she renewed an old rivalry as she took on Mercedes Martinez in Voorhees, NJ at WSU. Then, she travelled to Victorville, CA for Alpha Omega Wrestling.

A determined LuFisto jumps Mercedes as she Is making her entrance. Martinez fights back with vicious chops until LuFisto traps her into a three-of-row and delivers a sliding kick. Chokes, kicks, suplexes and submission holds, the Wounded Owl does everything she can to wear Mercedes down. She even untie one of the top turnbuckle!

The One Woman Army attempts a few time to use the expose buckle on Mercedes but Martinez retaliates with kicks to the face until LuFisto hits her with a devastating corner epithath followed by a double face wash. She attempts the Burning Hammer but Martinez reverses into a Saito Suplex. 2 counts only. 

LuFisto traps her into La Crucetta but the opponent reaches the ropes. Punt to the head but Mercedes kicks out. LuFisto picks her up for the Hammer again but Mercedes slides behind, pushes LuFisto into the exposed corner and hits her Fisherman Buster for the win.

At Alpha Omega Wrestling, LuFisto confronts AOW Women’s Champion Ashley Grace as she is addressing the crowd. It is only a ruse as RAZE comes in to attack Grace. As both women are kicking the champion, Buggy Nova comes to the rescue and the AOW officials and some wrestlers come out to separate the ladies.

Commissioner Rosenberg gives the crowd what they want as they are asking to “Let them fight!” and announces a tag team match! Grace surprises LuFisto with quick drop kicks and a hurricarana before Buggy tries to take control of RAZE. The powerful Equal Opportunity Ass kicker stops Nova and both her and LuFisto isolate the opponent.

Nova is able to tag in Grace but the champion is quickly stopped but the bigger and stronger opponents who deliver a double knee and cannonball combo. Time for Ashley to now be isolated until she miraculously hits a Shinning Wizard on RAZE and makes the tag to Buggy Nova!

Buggy clotheslines LuFisto repetitively and is finally to get RAZE down with a flying clotheslines. Nova and Ashley attempt a double suplex on RAZE but they get pushed away. Nova surprises RAZE with a Codereaker but LuFisto grabs nova right away into an Emerald Fusion. Ashley Grace then delivers a STO to LuFisto before climbing on the top rope. RAZE flips her down on the mat and throws Nova outside.

LuFisto pulls Ashley up so RAZE can Spear her but at the last minute, Grace pulls LuFisto in front of RAZE! Spear on LuFisto who flies to the outside as RAZE quickly gets pinned by Grace via roll up!


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2011 - LuFisto VS La Parfaite Caroline - NCW Femmes Fatales International Championship

Match that took place on Saturday, June 4th 2011 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for NCW Femmes Fatales.


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