February 21st, Ottawa, ON
Femme Fatales Women's Wrestling
Versus Priscilla Kelly

Saturday, February 22nd 2020
Lutte NBW 2.0 - Blind Date
LuFisto Vs Sally Vs Mercedez

Saturday, February 29th 2020
Great North Wrestling - Annihilation
LuFisto Vs Jessicka Black






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02/10/20 – LuFisto Vs Nyla Rose... The Results!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose and LuFisto went to war in the first ever all-female main event in 20 years of business at FLQ Wrestling!!

It took the combination of a spear, a powerbomb and a tigerbomb for Rose to prevail over LuFisto and get the 1-2-3!




02/04/20 – LuFisto Answers a Challenge at NSPW... And Hits Meave O'Farell!

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada – Former NSPW Champion Markus Burke thought he had his hands already full when “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander answered his open challenge... Until Commissioner Michael Style added one more participant in LuFisto! However, the “Violent Canadian” Burke was quick enough to capitalize on the fact that Alexander and LuFisto were battling each other to catch Josh off guard with a top rope stomp to get the 1-2-3.

After the match, LuFisto was asked about the fact that everyone wanted to see her battle Meave O'Farrell. LuFisto mentioned that she honestly didn't care too much about O'Farrell which had Meave come out, insulted. O'Farrell mentioned that LuFisto better show respect to her or she would retire soon enough... LuFisto hit Meave with the microphone, stood on top of her making sure to put all her weight on Meave's injured shoulder and mentioned that if Meave didn't show her the respect she deserve, her career would be REALLY short.





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