It was on June 20th 1997 that LuFisto first stepped in a wresting ring. Ever since, she has travelled the world, won countless championships, male and female, fought the government for women’s rights and has broken all the rules when it comes to inter-gender wrestling.

Throughout the years, she has fought the toughest opponents and has been involved in every possible type of matches you can think of. Although she has left her ultra-violent past behind, this former Queen AND King of the Death Matches is still one of the most intense competitors you will witness today.

Nicknamed “The Wounded Owl” after all the scars and knowledge she collected on her quest to revolutionize women’s wrestling, her main goal has always been to prove that women are a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

One-half of Team P.A.W.G. with Jordynne Grace at Beyond Wrestling, she is the One Woman Army, the One Woman Revolution.

Welcome to the Wounded Owl University, where knowledge is acquired through pain.


And New IWC Women’s Champion!
July 23rd 2017

It’s on Saturday July 22nd 2017 that took place “Threat Level Midnight #TLM” presented by the IWC – International Wrestling Cartel in Elizabeth, PA. LuFisto was taking on Britt Baker for the IWC Women’s Championship.

LuFisto wastes no time and attack the champion right away. Baker retaliates with hard shots and a kick to the face but falls victim to an STO on a buckle followed by a hip attack. LuFisto is now in control. After a few minutes of submissions and hits on the champion who won’t quit,  LuFisto goes for a back body drop but Baker kicks her and delivers a swinging fisherman neck breaker. Both women are down.

After a count of about 7, LuFisto throws the first hits but Britt blocks them and punches the Wounded Owl right on the jaw. A dropkick and a baby DDT added to the mix but the challenger kicks out every single time. Baker goes for a German suplex but LuFisto is holding the ropes! Britt will however be able to hit LuFisto in the face once again. LuFisto then rolls to the corner after a kick out.

Britt Baker runs towards her to spear her but LuFisto moves out of the way as Baker crashes into the buckle shoulder first. Cannonball and double face wash for a two count from LuFisto. She then goes for the Burning Hammer but the champ slides behind and super kicks LuFisto. 2 counts only but as she kicks out, LuFisto gets trapped in the BrittMission. However, she is able to turn the hold into her own Crucetta.

Britt is able to reach the ropes, elbow LuFisto on the jaw and deliver a Punt kick and traps LuFisto in the BrittMission again! This time, LuFisto cannot reverse the submission but miraculously is able to wiggle herself to the ropes. Baker can’t believe it so she immediately goes for a FameAsser, LuFisto moves out of the way and catches Baker mid-air for a Mindbender. 2 counts!

LuFisto goes for her Lu-Driller but Baker kicks out again! Once again, it’s time for the Burning Hammer but Britt stops LuFisto with a super kick. She hits the ropes but LuFisto surprises her with a back fist. Burning Hammer and LuFisto is your new IWC Women’s Champion!

Respecting for her determination and fighting spirit, LuFisto picked up Britt Baker and shook her hand as a sign of respect… Then, Katie Arquette and Calvin Couture came out… Arquette mentions that she wants the belt and as LuFisto is telling her to fight for it right now, Calvin Couture attacks her from behind. Both leave the ring after giving LuFisto a few kicks.

LuFisto issued a challenge to Arquette at Caged Fury on August 19th… Inside the steel cage.


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“Unholy Messiah” by Overunit Machine – LuFisto’s Official Entrance Music



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