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LATEST UPDATES (May 24th 2015): Calendar and Shop have been updated!



05/24/15 - A Chain, A Loss and A Rematch at Mid-West Impact Pro!

On Friday May 22nd, LuFisto made her debut at MidWest Impact Pro in Bellevue, Illinois, where she was taking on Bree Alison. LuFisto and Bree exchange a few holds as they are both studying a new opponent until LuFisto throws Alison to the ground several times...




05/18/15 – LuFisto beats 4 opponents to become the Alpha Omega Wrestling Women's Champion!

On the weekend of May 16th and 17th, LuFisto travelled to Indio, California to participate in a tournament to determine who would be the new Alpha Omega Wrestling Women's Champion...




05/11/15 – LuFisto Loses Her WSU Title… And Her Mind Thanks to the Office!

On Saturday, May 9th 2015, the Office (Sassy Stephie, Mademoiselle Rachelle and Amanda Rodriguez) got what they want… But at a cost. LuFisto was taking on Cherry Bomb at WSU’s Power in Voorhees, NJ for the WSU Championship…




05/06/15 – Infinity Pro Presents Its First Ever Womens Match and it Features the NCW Femmes Fatales Championship and LuFisto!

From the desk of Don Lechien...

You asked for it and we are pleased to announce the first ever Womens Match in Infinity Pro history! We were not willing to book just ANY womens match. We went out and got two of the best female wrestlers in the world. Not only are they two of the best, but we have one of the most prestigious women's championships in all of professional wrestling on the line! The Canada based NCW Femmes Fatales Championship will be on the line May 30 at Season Finale!




02/03/15 – Surprise Appearance at RockStar Pro and Inter-Gender Tag Team Action at Hoosier Pro Wrestling!

On Friday May 1st, LuFisto was a surprise entrant in the RockStar Pro Wrestling Gem City Slam Rumble and the following day, she and partner Dash Venture were taking on Lylah Lodge and Stompin’ Steve for the new HPW Inter-gender Tag Championship....




04/28/15 – Draw at Remix Pro Wrestling – LuFisto Attacks Sassy Stephie!

It was last Saturday, April 25th, that LuFisto made her debut at Remix Pro Wrestling in Marietta, Ohio where she had the chance to put her hands on the Fury Championship facing champion and nemesis Sassy Stephanie and Veda Scott in a triple-threat match...




04/22/14 – LuFisto Applies to WWE Tough Enough

18 year veteran female independent wrestler LuFisto is applying for WWE Tough Enough 2015. Ranked as one of the top female wrestlers today, she still is ignored by the big promotions and she wants to get their attention now.

Here's the video. Support LuFisto, share it and tell WWE about her!



04/13/14 – Shimmer Women Athletes Results!

Last weekend took place another Shimmer Women Athletes super weekend of wrestling as the DVD tapings of volumes 72 to 75 took place, also celebrating Tomoka Nakagawa’s last matches!

Here are the results…




04/08/15 – A Second Reign as the NCW Femmes Fatales Champion for LuFisto!

On Saturday April 4th 2015, the Wounded Owl Ronin LuFisto made history when she became the first woman to win the NCW Femmes Fatales International Championship twice! LuFisto had been added to the Courtney Rush Vs Saraya Knight match at the last minute when her scheduled 6 women tag team match had fallen apart after from cancellations...




03/25/15 – LuFisto Taps Out RAZE at the Alternative Wrestling Show... Plus LuFisto is Going for the NCW-FF Title!

On Saturday, March 21st 2015, LuFisto returned to beautiful South Gate, California to take on the imposing Raze at Alternative Wrestling Show...

Also, with Cherrie and Kraven now involved in other matches, LuFisto still needed an opponent for the night. As it turns out, she will not have one but two opponents on April 4th...




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Mixing scientific skills and bone shattering violence, LuFisto has blazed the rings all over the Great White North, Mexico, Japan and Europe. Holder of numerous championships, this strong-style artist continues to demonstrate a willingness to put her body on the line to preserve and further her status as one of the toughest fighters out there! To find everything you need to know about the "Wounded Owl Ronin" LuFisto, you've come to the right place!

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