It was on June 20th 1997 that LuFisto first stepped in a wresting ring. Ever since, she has travelled the world, won countless championships, male and female, fought the government for women’s rights and has broken all the rules when it comes to inter-gender wrestling.

Throughout the years, she has fought the toughest opponents and has been involved in every possible type of matches you can think of. Although she has left her ultra-violent past behind, this former Queen AND King of the Death Matches is still one of the most intense competitors you will witness today.

Nicknamed “The Wounded Owl” after all the scars and knowledge she collected on her quest to revolutionize women’s wrestling, her main goal has always been to prove that women are a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

One-half of Team P.A.W.G. with Jordynne Grace at Beyond Wrestling, she is the One Woman Army, the One Woman Revolution.

Welcome to the Wounded Owl University, where knowledge is acquired through pain.


Two Weeks… Two Countries… Two Successful Title Defenses!
August 21st 2017

LuFisto Successfully Defends the Shine Title in Canada Against Kath Von Goth!

After almost a 2 year absence in her native country of Canada, LuFisto returned to the place where it all started for her back in 1997, her hometown of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. Performing for the Xtreme Zone Wrestling (XZW), LuFisto decided to put her Shine Championship on the line, a first defense for the title in the Great North, an incredible opportunity for up and coming star “The Wicked Witch of the East” Kath Von Goth, lead to the ring by her manager Rickter Oz McGoth.

Both women lock up and match in strength. Kath slaps LuFisto in the face but the Wounded Owl retaliates before sending Von Goth to the ground a few times. Hard chops and kicks are thrown by LuFisto until Kath's manager, Rickter Oz McGoth, grabs LuFisto's leg as she is running the ropes. LuFisto turns around and is knocked out by a clothesline.

Kath teams up with her manager to keep LuFisto on the ground as both are doing a great job getting the referee distracted. The fight ends up outside where LuFisto weakens Von Goth's arm a lot with the ring, posts and steps used as weapons. Kath throws LuFisto inside and goes for a second rope splash... But LuFisto moves out of the way!

The Shine Champion unleashes a fury of hits, cannonball, face wash... Kath delivers an Avalanche but crashes into the buckle when attempting a spear. LuFisto traps her in an arm bar and Von Goth taps.

LuFisto is still the reigning, defending and undefeated Shine Wrestling Champion!


LuFisto Defeats Katie Arquette in the Cage Despite David Arquette's Support!

After the attack LuFisto suffered at the hands of Katie Arquette and her manager Calvin Couture right after she had defeated Britt Baker and won the IWC Women's Championship, it was now time to get revenge as the International Wrestling Cartel presented its first-ever Women's Cage Match at Cage Fury 2017. Actor and former WCW Champion David Arquette even got involved on social media during the week which gave this match an even higher profile everywhere. The only way to win is to get out using the door or climb over the top of the cage.

As soon as LuFisto gets announced, Arquette attacks her until LuFisto blocks a whip into the cage and opens fire on Katie's chest with vicious chops. LuFisto then uses a Tennis racket on Arquette's back and butt. While she is screaming for help, LuFisto shuts her up with a plunger before using a back scratcher on her backside. Calvin Couture is out of his mind and comes in the cage. LuFisto walks towards him and his able to hit him with the door of the cage.

Katie uses the Kendo stick Couture was able to throw in to hit the IWC Women's champion with hit before delivering a Spine Buster. She then uses the cage, Kendo and a long belt as weapons to hit and choke LuFisto. She goes for a hip attack and then, another... But LuFisto moves out of the way and delivers a hip attack of her own and proceeds to use the cage as a weapon. LuFisto attempts to get out a few times but Katie stops her.

LuFisto puts a chair in a corner and whips Arquette in it. However, Katie reverses the whip, LuFisto hits the chair... German suplex from Katie on LuFisto... Big lariat from LuFisto on Katie and both women are down. There is an exchange of hard forearms between the two fighters until Arquette is able to hit a Cutter. She tries to go out but LuFisto grabs her. She then delivers her cannonball with a chair in front of Katie. She puts the chair down, goes to whip Arquette but she reverses the motion which sends LuFisto crashing on top of the chair with an STO.

Katie then climbs the ropes and then then cage. LuFisto takes her down and climbs also on the top rope. Russian leg sweep from the top rope as both are standing in the middle of the top rope. LuFisto painfully gets up first and opens up a chair before putting Katie's head on it. Once again, Calvin Couture attempts to come in which distracts LuFisto just long enough to get hit by her own championship belt.

Katie crawls towards the door with Couture pulling on her arms... But LuFisto stops them and pull them both back inside the cage. She goes for Calvin who tries to escape but is blocked by the cage. Katie goes for a spear but LuFisto moves out of the way... She spears her manager into the cage, hitting her head in the process.

Katie stumbles back and falls head first on top of the open chair... LuFisto huts her infamous one-woman conchairto and escapes the cage through the door, still the IWC Women's Champion!


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“Unholy Messiah” by Overunit Machine – LuFisto’s Official Entrance Music



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