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Mixing scientific skills and bone shattering violence, LuFisto has blazed the rings all over the Great White North, Mexico, Japan and Europe. Holder of numerous championships, this strong-style artist continues to demonstrate a willingness to put her body on the line to preserve and further her status as one of the toughest fighters out there! To find everything you need to know about LuFisto, you've come to the right place!

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09/28/14 – Surprise, surprise Mister Hyde!

As CZW was presenting Déjà Vu in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday September 27th, DJ Hyde never had the chance to start his own match as he was surprisingly attacked by the new Dayton citizen LuFisto who came out of the crowd with a large bamboo stick... CLICK HERE


In loving memory of my dear friend and colleague. Gone is the face I loved so dear, silent is the voice I loved to hear.

Too far away for sight or speech, but not too far for thoughts to reach. I am only left with our wonderful & unforgettable memories, to keep my heart warm and to ease my sorrow and pain.

Your fans and I keep you lovingly in our hearts and mind, always remembered and loved. We will remember forever. Rest in peace, dear Pegaboo, until we meet again.

PS: I will avenge you. I love you.


09/22/14 – German Suplex on Amazing Kong! Team Canada Wins!
Last Sunday, SMASH Wrestling presented its annual CANUSA Classic event featuring some of the best female wrestlers in North America as Canada battles USA! Team Captain LuFisto was taking on Team USA’s Captain, the mighty Amazing Kong...

09/17/14 – What Happened at WSU... The Fall of Pegaboo...
You wonder what happened to Pegaboo and why? Here is the answer....


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Download 59 – LuFisto Vs Jazz
(No Holds Barred)

**HD* Femmes Fatales XIII presented this dream match everyone has wanted to see as former ECW/WWE Star Jazz goes one on one with LuFisto...


10/18-19 - SHIMMER - Berwyn, IL
10/25 - Femmes Fatales - Mtl, Qc
11/08 - WSU - Voorhees, NJ

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