LuFisto was born and raised in Sorel, Quebec, Canada on February 15, 1980. Unfortunately, her dad passed away when she was a little less than 2 years old, so she was raised by her mom and her grandma who she first watched wrestling with as a child. Being the only girl of a baseball team and then football, LuFisto's passion for music led her to join 2 bands as a teenager where she was the singer and bass player. She was also an accomplished artist as she won several drawing contests in the Province of Quebec.

It's only at 14 years old that her love for professional wrestling really began with the likes of the Undertaker, Owen Hart, Luna Vachon, Alaundra Blayze and especially Bull Nakano who led her to Japanese Joshi wrestling. She joined a local wrestling school at 17, the only girl of the class, and has never stopped since...

Besides being a professional wrestler, LuFisto has two degrees in graphic and multimedia design. She also has four furry babies in Onyx the lovable Exotic Persian, Connor the 36 pounds love bug Burmese, Monsieur Chu Lee, the feisty Siamese and another Persian Miss Rubi, the only lady of the bunch...

She also have 2 geckos, George and Susie!



Favorite color is black... I know it's a “hue” but still...

Favorite bands of all time: Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth and Metallica

Favorite signers: Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland

Favorite TV Shows: Gotham, Flash, Empire, The Originals, RuPaul's Drag Race and Arrow.

Favorite Movies: Star Wars movies, Coming to America, Roger Rabbit, Ghostbusters, Problem Child 2

Favorite Sport Team: Chicago Blackhawks



LuFisto has won 2 singing contests in high school with choirs. Her solo was Amazing Grace.

LuFisto has studied 2 years as a professional photographer.

When she was 15, she won a drawing contest in the WWF Magazines that gave her a Super Nintendo WWF GAME. She drew The Undertaker and Paul Bearer playing the game.



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