LuFisto has been known throughout the years as one of the wrestlers showcasing the best wrestling gears and costumes. These items are all custom-made for LuFisto, therefore, they are unique.
Here, you’ll find the exclusive and one of a kind Collectors’ Items you are looking for to complete your LuFisto collection and own a piece of Lu-Fistory! SHIPPING INCLUDED!


LuFisto's Trooper C4 Trooper Jacket and Gear
**Includes top, pants, trooper jacket with white belt**

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This is the costume LuFisto wore at Shimmer 89 against Nixon Newell in Berwyn, IL, USA. She was also wearing it when she
faced Kaitlin Diemond at Rogue Women Warriors in Stevens, PA, USA.

Also includes the famous Iron Maiden Trooper Jacket that she wore against opponents like Mercedes Martinez (WSU 11/19/17),
Sexy Star, Nixon Newell, Kimber Lee (Abbey Laith), Vanessa Kraven, Solo Darling and so many more...

This is the jacket LuFisto has part of C4 at Shine when she won the Shine Championship at Shine 40!




LuFisto's Entrance Black Scarf

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This is the black scarf that LuFisto has worn for many important matches at Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Women Superstars Uncensored,
Beyond Wrestling and more. Notable opponents were Thunder Rosa, Cherry Bomb (Allie), Alisha Edwards, Samantha Heights, Veda Scott,
Kimber Lee (Abbey Laith), Tessa Blanchard and more!






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