LuFisto has been known throughout the years as one of the wrestlers showcasing the best wrestling gears and costumes. These items are all custom-made for LuFisto, therefore, they are unique.
Here, you’ll find the exclusive and one of a kind Collectors’ Items you are looking for to complete your LuFisto collection and own a piece of Lu-Fistory!



LuFisto's Red, Black and White Battle Gear
***Comes shorts, dress, gauntlets and kick pad covers

From fighting Killer Kelly in Germany to giving a Burning Hammer to Shazza McKenzie, Shotzi Blackheart or Trixie Tash, the Red,
Black and White Battle Gear has been one of LuFisto's favorites for the past year. It is also what she is wearing in the most
recent PWI Female Top 100 Magazine... And it now can be yours if the price is right!!

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LuFisto's Blue Shorts // Half Purple Skirt Gear
***Comes with the original spandex corset PLUS the one on the picture!

LuFisto fought Ivelisse Velez for the Shine Championship and retained her title in this gear. She also tore the house down at the
last Queens of Combat event she participated against Rachael Ellering at WrestleCade 2017 and destroyed Kathy Arquette
at IWC in a Cage Match! And so much more…

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LuFisto's Official Shimmer & WSU Hoodies
***Shimmer Purple Size Small - WSU & Grey Shimmer SOLD

Here is LuFisto’s official hoodie from Shimmer Women Athletes. Size is SMALL, used less than 5 times.
You can have them to wear yourself or signed as a collectable.

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