LuFisto has been known throughout the years as one of the wrestlers showcasing the best wrestling gears and costumes. These items are all custom-made for LuFisto, therefore, they are unique.
Here, you’ll find the exclusive and one of a kind Collectors’ Items you are looking for to complete your LuFisto collection and own a piece of Lu-Fistory!


LuFisto's Trooper Gear
*** Jacket not included ***

This is the costume LuFisto wore at Shimmer 89 against Nixon Newell in Berwyn, IL, USA. She was also wearing it when she
faced Kaitlin Diemond at Rogue Women Warriors in Stevens, PA, USA.

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LuFisto's Japanese Kick Pad Covers

Kick pad covers with “LuFisto” in Japanese on one that were worn many times in matches against Sara del Rey at JAPW, in LuFisto’s
win Vs Portia Perez for the NCW Femmes Fatales Championship, against Christina Von Eerie in their hardcore fight at Smash,
in Mexico when she won the Lucha Pop Campenato and more!!

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LuFisto - Hardcore Referee

It was as a referee that LuFisto entered the Hardcore Wrestling Federation back in 2000 and things got ugly quickly as Pitbull and
Jack Damage attacked her, n leaving the one that would soon be known as the “First Lady of Hardcore” in a pile of blood.

The same scenario would repeat itself a few months later when LuFisto first joint the IWS – International Wrestling Syndicate.

This is the referee top she was wearing on both occasion.

Bonus: Comes with another referee top she wore at different occasions from 1998 to 2002.

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