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JUNE 09, 2021 - LuFisto on Cultaholic's Desert Island Graps AND It's Our House Podcast!!

It’s a big Podcast week for LuFisto has she is the guest of It's Our House Pod and Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps with Tom Campbell!!

First, recorded on May 16, 2021, LuFisto joins It's Our House Pod to talks about celebrating her past 25 years in wrestling, not wrestling for over a year due to covid, her love for Europe and Iron Maiden, wrestling with men, thoughts on AEW, Chris Benoit head injury and more.

Then, recorded on June 8, 2021, Queen of The Deathmatch LuFisto shares stories from her one-of-a-kind career, her groundbreaking work in Intergender wrestling and shares three wrestling matches she'd love to watch whilst stranded on a desert island with host Tom Campbell!


Click on the image below to listen to Desert Island Graps #86





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A Quick Bio...

With 24 years of experience, LuFisto has been competing in various promotions in Canada, United States, Germany, England, Mexico and Japan. She is versatile in working as a heel or baby face in any type of matches with opponents from various cultures and languages.

Besides performing as a wrestler, LuFisto has also filled the roles of producer, agent and gorilla position throughout the years. Fluent in both French and English, she is proficient in working with Spanish and Japanese speaking wrestling colleagues as well. 

Holding two degrees in Graphic and Multimedia Design, she has helped many independent wrestling promotions with their website, social media and publicity adds of all kinds. She also designs wrestling gear.

As a locker room colleague or during her seminars, LuFisto always makes a concerted effort in sharing her knowledge with the new generation. She takes great pride in playing ring general, helping newcomers with their matches, character development and general professional etiquette by being an example of strength and never say die attitude.


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