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Latest News

SEPTEMBER 19, 2021 - LuFisto Wins the C4 Wrestling Fighting Back Championship!

Ten years ago, C4 Wrestling held an event to pay tribute and honor Phrank Morin by running the first Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer event. Since 2011, along with an international community of supporters, the promotion has raised over $300K for the Canadian Cancer Society.

On Sept. 18th, 2021, C4 Wrestling returned to action for the first time in nearly 600 days for Fighting Back X, its 10th anniversary!

After a German suplexes exchange between the two men, LuFisto throws Prince with a Saito suplex, punt kicks Holden and gives him Daffney’s Lobotomy (Bridging swinging fisherman suplex) as a tribute the Scream Queen. LuFisto was also wearing an arm band with her name on it.

Benjamin Tull comes in and the final four is set. Aiden Prince, Ben Ortmanns, Tull and LuFisto.

Tull hits a Curtain Call on LuFisto but she rolls away. He is then able to eliminate both Prince and Ortmanns with his Phenomenal Driver. Face to face between LuFisto and Tull before exchanging a flurry of hits.

They end up outside where LuFisto throws chairs and a door inside the ring. Tull attempts to hit her with the chair but she avoids the hit and hit him instead! Back in the ring, LuFisto tries to give him a German Suplex through the door but to no avail. Tull hits his Driver again into the wooden door.

1…2… She kicks out!

The C4 Wrestling crowd is on their feet. Benjamin opens up to chairs and goes for his finishing maneuver again… But she reverses into a Back Cracker and quickly follows with a hip attack holding a chair.

As Tull tries to use the open chair to stand up again, LuFisto hits him with the One-Woman Conchairto… 1-2-3! Being the only woman in the gauntlet, LuFisto wins the C4 Fighting Back Championship!

C4 Wrestling returns to the St. Anthony's Hall on November 12, 2021!




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A Quick Bio...

With 25 years of experience, LuFisto has been competing in various promotions in Canada, United States, Germany, England, Mexico and Japan. She is versatile in working as a heel or baby face in any type of matches with opponents from various cultures and languages.

Besides performing as a wrestler, LuFisto has also filled the roles of producer, agent and gorilla position throughout the years. Fluent in both French and English, she is proficient in working with Spanish and Japanese speaking wrestling colleagues as well. 

Holding two degrees in Graphic and Multimedia Design, she has helped many independent wrestling promotions with their website, social media and publicity adds of all kinds. She also designs wrestling gear.

As a locker room colleague or during her seminars, LuFisto always makes a concerted effort in sharing her knowledge with the new generation. She takes great pride in playing ring general, helping newcomers with their matches, character development and general professional etiquette by being an example of strength and never say die attitude.


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