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JULY 19, 2021 - Remembering Monsieur Chu Lee and "WE LOVE LUFISTO" Fundraiser.


On July 15, 2021, I unfortunately had to let go Monsieur Chu Lee, my best friend of the past 12 years.

At his annual check up back in February, Chu was in great shape! He looked like a 3-year-old cat, him who was feisty as hell, especially when it came time to go at the vet office. Then suddenly, he started to lose weight quickly in April.

Countless tests, x-rays… A lymphoma in his intestine was discovered. Since some cats can live years with that, we started a cortisone treatment… And it didn’t work. Monsieur Chu lost more weight, was tired and very sick despite all the medications we tried.

On Monday July 12, we went to the vet again because he was in really bad shape. He had a hard time walking, swallowing or eating. The cancer was everywhere. There was nothing we could do anymore.

On July 15, 2021, holding him in my arms, telling him how much I love him and always will, Monsieur Chu Lee fell asleep forever.

I was blessed by all your thoughts, prayers and love. I’m sure Chu felt the love too.

The past months have been challenging emotionally and financially, as I spent around $6000.00 in vet bills between Chu and Mademoiselle Axelle, who required 3 emergency surgeries on her eyes. Also, since there was no way I was going to send Chu into a community grave, I got him a personal cremation, an urn, his paw print and fur which was $625.00.

Many of you reached out wanting to help so here’s how you can.

Here are three pictures of Chu and I you can get via PayPal at the price of $15.00 USD (Canada-USA) and $18.00 USD if you are international.

All prices in USD Dollars and INCLUDE SHIPPING! Don't forget to write the name of the item(s), send the correct amount and currency plus "Send as friends"! Don't forget to include your address!


Cuddle Chu

Chu Cattitude

Curious Chu

A BIG THANK YOU to the podcast Counted Out with Mike and Tyler who has launched the “WE LOVE LUFISTO” program to help during this very trying time.

From their official website:

Friend of the show and Indy legend LuFisto had a rough go during the pandemic.

Between visa issues keeping her from sharing her talents in the USA to having to spend thousands of dollars on her bills for her beloved cats, it’s fair to say she could use a helping hand.

The WE LOVE LUFISTO program sends all donations to help LuFisto with her crippling vet bills after the tragic sickness or her loved cat Axelle and the death of her very missed feline Monsieur Chu Lee as well as eventually assisting her with her visa issues so we can all be treated to seeing the greatest inter-gender wrestler of all time back on all the big stages again.

Each donor will receive a chance to be on Counted Out as well as a token of appreciation from the legend herself, LuFisto.

Go to to learn more.


Thank you for either donating to the WE LOVE LUFISTO program or simply bying a picture from this website. Everything helps. I'm extremely grateful and blessed by your love and support.

Thank you for keeping Monsieur Chu in your thoughts and in your heart. He really was my everything.

LuFisto xox




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A Quick Bio...

With 24 years of experience, LuFisto has been competing in various promotions in Canada, United States, Germany, England, Mexico and Japan. She is versatile in working as a heel or baby face in any type of matches with opponents from various cultures and languages.

Besides performing as a wrestler, LuFisto has also filled the roles of producer, agent and gorilla position throughout the years. Fluent in both French and English, she is proficient in working with Spanish and Japanese speaking wrestling colleagues as well. 

Holding two degrees in Graphic and Multimedia Design, she has helped many independent wrestling promotions with their website, social media and publicity adds of all kinds. She also designs wrestling gear.

As a locker room colleague or during her seminars, LuFisto always makes a concerted effort in sharing her knowledge with the new generation. She takes great pride in playing ring general, helping newcomers with their matches, character development and general professional etiquette by being an example of strength and never say die attitude.


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