LuFisto has been known throughout the years as one of the wrestlers showcasing the best wrestling gears and costumes. These items are all custom-made for
LuFisto, therefore, they are unique.Here, you’ll find the exclusive and one of a kind Collectors’ Items you are looking for to complete your LuFisto collection
and own a piece of Lu-Fistory!




LuFisto's Custom Made Kylla Custom Rock Wear Leather Jacket

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Custom made by Kylla Custom Rock Wear (Riott Squad, Bray Wyatt, Bludgeon Brothers), this jacket was especially made for LuFisto for
her entrance. The jacket has travelled all over the world as it was worn in England, Germany, Mexico and the United States! LuFisto
wore it as Shine Champion, in her first match at wXw against Killer Kelly and against opponents such as Su Yung,
Mercedes Martinez, Viper and more!




LuFisto's Red & Black Fight Gear w/ Leather Corset
***includes pants, top and corset

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Wearing this red and black gear, LuFisto defended her Shine Championship against Allysin Kay. She won the Jersey All Pro Women’s
Championship. Dust and her beat the hell out of each other in a barb wire bat match at RISE in California. It’s wearing this that she
turned on the Shimmer fans athlete in Berwyn, IL and cut Solo Darling’s tail! Plus, Jordynne Grace and she fought the Doom Patrol
of Chris Dickinson and Jaka at Beyond Wrestling’s Americarana 2017!! Also, Maria Manic and beat beat the hell out of each other!






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