10/01/17 - Results WXCW Wrestling Ladies' Night, Morrison, TN
Friday, September 30th 2017 - LuFisto successfully defended her Shine Championship versus Aja Perera. Perera would be able to hit a few of her signature moves but Jordynne Grace pulled Perera from a pin fall and, as the super hero was arguing with her, LuFisto hit her behind the back and trapped her into La Crucetta. Aja tapped out. Team PAWG then kicked Perera until Miss Rachel came out with a chair to save the young challenger.


09/26/17 – Results Beyond Wrestling's Far Beyond Wrestling in Worcester MA
Sunday, September 24th –
Team PAWG (LuFisto & Jordynne Grace) defeated the Gentleman's Club of Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor with the ATM on Cassidy. Team PAWG is still undefeated at Beyond Wrestling!


09/26/17 – Results Shine 45 in Ybor City FL and Alpha Omega Wrestling Attitude in Victorville CA
Friday, September 15th – LuFisto capitalized on Ivelisse and Holidead being at each other’s throats by throwing Ivelisse outside the ring and hitting Holidead with her Burning Hammer to remain the Shine Champion.

Sunday, September 17th – As Joey Ryan and LuFisto were fighting with a lollipop; the poor referee ended up with it in his mouth.  As he was gagging, LuFisto hit her Mangalizer on Ryan. With the referee still down, LuFisto went to pull him up so he could count but when she turned around, she was trapped in a quick small package from Joey. 1-2-3. Ryan wins!


09/10/17 – Results ACW - Rogue Women Warriors’ Here Comes Revenge in Stevens PA
September 9th 2017 – After Stefany Sinclair ended up on the apron after placing a table at ringside, LuFisto was able to avoid a hit and pick her up for a DVD and jump into the table from the ring. The table exploded and LuFisto was declared the winner of this first ever Rogue Tables Match and finally gets her revenge on Stefany Sinclair.


08/28/17 – Results ACW - Rogue Women Warriors’ Blood Brothers in Stevens PA
Saturday, August 27th 2017 - For the first time ever, the Shine Championship was defended in the State of Pennsylvania as LuFisto put her precious title on the line at ACW – Rogue Women Warriors against a Shine newcomer and rising star Holidead. LuFisto retained with the Burning Hammer.


08/13/17 – Results Xtreme Zone Wrestling in Sorel, Quebec, Canada
Saturday, August 12th 2017 – After almost a 2 year absence in her native country of Canada, LuFisto returned to the place where it all started for her back in 1997, her hometown of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. Despite the interventions of her manager Rickter Oz McGoth, LuFisto traps her in an arm bar and Von Goth taps.


08/20/17 - Results International Wrestling Cartel' Cage Fury in Elizabeth PA
Saturday, August 19th 2017 – IWC Women's Champion LuFisto defeated Katie Arquette in a steel cage match with her Single Woman Conchairto.


08/13/17 – Results Xtreme Zone Wrestling in Sorel, Quebec, Canada
Saturday, August 12th 2017 – After almost a 2 year absence in her native country of Canada, LuFisto returned to the place where it all started for her back in 1997, her hometown of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. Despite the interventions of her manager Rickter Oz McGoth, LuFisto traps her in an arm bar and Von Goth taps.


08/07/17 – Results VIP Wrestling’s Gold Rush in Arlington TX and Wrestle Circus in Austin TX
Friday, August 4th 2017 - LuFisto flew to Texas to defend her Shine Championship in Arlington against Machiko San, the first time ever this precious title was defended in the Lone Star State. LuFisto is able to hit her with her Burning Hammer for the victory.

Saturday, August 5th 2017 – Tessa Blanchard was able to roll down from a Burning Hammer position and use her momentum to roll up LuFisto for the three count and a hard-fought victory, keeping her Lady of the Ring and Side Show Championships.


08/01/17 – Results Beyond Wrestling’ Americanrana 17 in Worcester MA.
Sunday, July 31st  2017 – Team PAWG prevailed over the Doom Patrol of Chris Dickinson and Jaka when Jordynne Grace and LuFisto were able to hit the ATM on Jaka.


07/23/17 - Results International Wrestling Cartel’s Threat Level Midnight #TLM in Elizabeth, PA
Saturday, July 22nd 2017 - LuFisto became the IWC Women’s Champion when she was able to hit Britt Baker with her Burning Hammer and LuFisto. Katie Arquette and Calvin Couture came out and attacked LuFisto. The new champions issued a challenge to Arquette at Caged Fury on August 19th… Inside the steel cage.


07/17/17 - Results Shine 43 and 44 in Ybor City FL
Friday July 14th 2017 – On Shine 43, Maria Maria defeated Dementia D’Rose, Brandi Lauren, Daisy and Natalia Marcova which gave her a chance to take on LuFisto for the Shine Championship at Shine 44. Maria Maria was revealed to be Allysin Kay after giving a stunner to LuFisto which left her shoeless.

Sunday, July 16th 2017 – At Shine 44, Allysin Kay and LuFisto fought all over The Orpheum until another Maria Maria came out to give a chair to LuFisto. With Frankie Gastineau being out, LuFisto did swing at AK47 only to miss and hit herself with the chair as it bounced back on the ropes. Allysin went for a cover but Frankie Gastineau woke up to see AK with a chair in hand and LuFisto knocked out. He disqualified AK and LuFisto retained the Shine Championship. Maria Maria was unmasked by Kay to reveal Brandi Lauren.


07/12/17 - Weekend of Destruction at Shimmer in Berwyn, IL – Results from Volume 92 to 95
Saturday, July 8th 2017 - On Volume 92, in a match where the Wounded Owl showed her dominance, LuFisto defeated KC Spinelli via Burning Hammer with KC showing great fighting spirit but never able to capitalise much during the match. LuFisto even attacked her after the victory but stopped just before referee Andy Long was ready to disqualify her and reverse the decision.

LuFisto was not schedule to appear on Volume 93 but made sure Shimmer officials would know about her discontent when she attacked Thunder Kitty as she was walking towards the ring. She threw Kitty in the guardrails and even choked her up with her own jacket before grabbing the mic. LuFisto states that she is sick of being forgotten while new girls and old farts like Thunder Kitty are getting opportunities.

Sunday, July 9th 2017 - On Volume 94, LuFisto defeated Rise Champion Shotzi Blackheart via Burning Hammer in a non-title match. Her original opponent was Thunderkitty but she wasn’t cleared to compete after LuFisto’s attack yesterday. The Wounded Owl attacks Thunderkitty after the match, ripping off her neck brace. Solo Darling comes out for the save with a chain, chasing LuFisto off.

Volume 95 saw LuFisto and Solo Darling all over at ring side before the official announcement could be made.  After Darling kicked out of LuFisto’s Cradle Brain Buster AND her Emerald Fusion, LuFisto snapped and got some scissors in the ring. She cut Solo’s tail from her and proceeded to cut the tail apart. She was disqualified but didn’t seem to care as she returned backstage laughing, holding her new prize. Solo vowed that this was far from over.


06/23/17 – Results Alpha Omega Wrestling in Victorville CA
Sunday, June 18th 2017 –
LuFisto was first schedule to face Ashley Grace and Kat Von Heez for the AOW Women’s Championship at Alpha Omega Wrestling on June 18th but she was a no show… However, when the 4-way No. 1 Contender Cruiserweight Match LuFisto jumped on El Hype to take his place in the match also featuring Jarek 120, Owen Travers and Joey Ryan… Jarek 120 was able to get the pin fall over Ryan. LuFisto now wants revenge over Joey.


06/13/17 - Results from Women of Warriors, ACW Rogue Women Warriors and Tier 1 Wrestling!
Friday, June 9th2017 – The Twizted Sizterz of Holidead and Thunder Rosa successfully defended their Sabotage Tag Team Championships against Team PAWG, Jordynne Grace and LuFisto.

Saturday, June 10th 2017 - At ACW Rogue Women Warriors, LuFisto took on “The Princess of Darkness” Kaci Dillon. Kaci’s height and power would dominate LuFisto for a little while but the Wounded Owl retaliates with solid strikes and corner combos to take control of the fight. After Dillon missed a second rope splash, LuFisto took the opportunity to roll her up with an Oklahoma Roll for the victory.

Sunday, June 11th 2017 - Team PAWG showed up at Tier 1 Wrestling to take on Tag Team Champions Mike Verna and Stockade (replacing David Starr). Verna was not too thrilled about hitting women as Stockade had no problem doing so at all. Stockade punched Jordynne in the face but the 300+ pounds man was quickly thrown on his head via Saito Suplex by LuFisto. Team PAWG would be in control for most of the match. There was even a bar fight sit down between Stockade and LuFisto! Mike Verna’s quickness would have the best of Team PAWG as he would roll up Jordynne Grace with a school boy while LuFisto suffered a hard lariat to the face by Stockade.

After the match, Stockade took the microphone to give props to the ladies, saying Jordynne was one of the best up and coming star and that it was an honor for him to face one of the best of all time and bar none the best female wrestler to ever wrestle in Death Matches, LuFisto.


05/30/17 - Results from the AWS 5th Annual Women’s Tournament in South Gate CA
Saturday, May 27th 2017 – LuFisto went all the way to the final of the tournament by defeating Solo Darling and Renee Michelle in the first two rounds of the tournament.  The finals of the tournament features LuFisto and RAZE and it is announced as a No Disqualification Match. Both ladies are battling all over the Post American Legion 335. Chains, chairs, benches, walls, the ring itself and even the stage… Everything is used. Jordynne Grace gets involved. Sage Sin gets involved. It will take a third Soul Eater Spear onto LuFisto for RAZE to finally get the 1-2-3.


05/22/17 – Results ACW - Rogue Women Warriors’ Sweet 17 in Stevens PA
Saturday, May 20th 2017 - Stefany Sinclair ruined the dream match between Jazz and LuFisto when she interfered and hit LuFisto on the skull with Jazz’s own NWA Women’s title. The referee has no other choice but to disqualify Jazz. As the crowd was obviously upset, LuFisto challenged Sinclair for a match with no rules.










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