05/23/18 - LuFisto in Europe – The Results!

Friday, May 11th in Stevenage, England – Shax defeated LuFisto with a kick to the head and Implant DDT combo at Southside Wrestling's Cruel Intentions.

Friday, May 18th in Hamburg, Germany – LuFisto defeated Killer Kelly via Burning Hammer at Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw).

Saturday, May 19th in Bielefeld, Germany – The team of WXW Women’s Champion Toni Storm and Killer Kelly defeated the team of Melanie Gray and LuFisto when Storm hit her Strong Zero at Westside Xtreme Wrestling's Shotgun tapings.

Sunday, May 20th in Mitcham, England – Sunday, May 20th in Mitcham, England – LuFisto and Kacey Owens went to the time limit in the first round of British Empire Wrestling’s International Grand Prix. However, the match was restarted by owner Declan Kellett which resulted in Owens escaping the Burning Hammer and delivering an Enziguri Kick and running knee combo for the victory.



04/26/18 - After the surgery... Hopefully this was the end, my friends... And thank you!

Dear fans and friends,

As some of you might have read on my social media, my surgery was a success. I will know for sure at the beginning of May when I go through other tests if I am completely out of the woods.

As you know, the financial aspect of this adventure has been quite stressful. Unfortunately, with my insurance being a new immigrant/ travel insurance, they did not cover anything in terms of tests, doctors' visits, biopsies and everything that was leading to the surgery. They cover unexpected accidents and would have covered 1/3 of the surgery if I had it done at the hospital, the $10000 dollars option I was talking about previously.

Now with close to $5000 in debts, I want to focus on a few positive things. First, I learned about Planned Parenthood. They are available to help you with everything that has to do with the reproductive system. From pregnancies to cancers, from STDs to simple pap tests, they will treat you and reassure you at a reasonable cost based on income. They took good care of me and, as crazy as it sounds, the surgery is the less expensive thing I have to pay. I wish I knew about them before going to the regular medical clinic because Planned Parenthood is simply a life saver. Marti, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to them.

Speaking of tests, please ladies do not forget to get your yearly pap test. When I moved to the US, everything that had to do with medical and health insurance scared me. Therefore, I spend over 3 years without having a pap test because I was afraid of the costs… And that’s probably why it got me.

Cervical cancers can be easily stopped before their progressions as it is one of the slowest developing cancers. You just have to be smart and prevent it. Since I am at risk now, I will have to get a pap test every 6 months. That way, my doctor will be able to control and destroy everything as soon as there is something irregular showing. I now know that you don’t go to a regular clinic and pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars if you don’t have insurance that cover doctors’ visits or tests. There are other options such as Planned Parenthood. They could save your life… And you won’t have a heart attack from seeing your bills on top of having to deal with the rest!

Also, I need to take every fan who came to my merchandise table and got a little something, those who bought online and those who, even if I didn’t want to take donations or have a GoFund me, decided to send me something via my PayPal or gave me extra money as they were getting a t-shirt or DVD. Unless you mentioned that you didn’t want anything, I sent everybody a little something. Although it is not much, please know that I’m truly grateful. The Beyond Wrestling fans have been extremely generous at the last WWR show and I can’t thank you enough.

To Dave Prazak and Shimmer Women Athletes, you took initiative to help me by having an auction at the last DVD tapings and because of you, a good amount of my bills have been paid. You didn’t have to do this at all but yet, you simply did. As I write these lines, I’m still so overwhelmed by the love I got that day from some of my peers who generously donated things to raffle such as Solo Darling, Jessicka Havok and Daffney, but also the wonderful Shimmer fans who have been supporting me since I started at Shimmer in 2007.

When assistant booker and good friend Stephane Bruyere came to get me to tell me I had to go out for the raffle and I heard the amount rose to help me, I ran outside the building having a major anxiety attack and crying like a baby. It took me a while to get myself together and go out holding Hudson Envy’s hand as well as Stephane’s. I tried real hard to keep it together but I totally broke down. To everybody who gave that night and participated in the raffle, there are not enough “thank yous” for you all.

So much love to my mom who is a single retired nurse who has been trying to keep it together for me and reassure me as much as she could. Last thing she told me was “How much? I’ll take a loan and we’ll get through this”. Just like Jon Taffer my mom “doesn’t embrace excuses, she embraces solutions”. She is definitely one of the strongest women I know with my grandmother. Even miles away, she brings me love and support I always feel I’m not worthy of. Merci Maman, je t’aime. Xox

To my husband who’s been dealing with my cries, my temper tantrums, my pain, my fears and who’s been trying so hard to help with everything by selling his own stuff, thank you. I’m not easy to deal with but yet, you love me no matter what… You and the cats who have been giving me so much love and cuddles! <3

Last but not least, thank you to all the cancer survivors, minor to major cancers, who reached out to offer some advice and comfort. Many of you went through a lot worse and your stories, stories from loved ones, helped me more than you will ever know.

To my brothers and sisters struggling with depression who reached out, please know that you are in my heart. Mental illnesses and struggles are still taboo and misunderstood so the support we can bring to each other definitely brings some peace. A few fine gentlemen and ladies from the armed forces sent me messages, with some of them being overseas at the moment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to share your stories and thank you for your service. I will pray for you all to get home safe and that you can fight through the side effects of war.

With all that being said, I’m not asking for any help but if you were thinking about getting a piece of LuFisto history, I have put on my website www.lufisto.com a lot of Collector Items, lowered the prices of some t-shirts, released a brand new t-shirt and have a few things on sale 2 for 1 to help me cover the medical cost.

Sorry for this very long text but because of those wonderful people, because of many of you reading this, a bad situation brought hope and love. As we are dealing with shooters, people running over human beings with a van, assholes hurting animals, wars and other terrible situations, you all showed me that we can still come together and support each other as human beings.

I often have the feeling that this world has gone mad and that there is no hope but, as a wise man from one of my favorite movies once said…

“There’s still good in him”.

Thank you so, so much. God Bless and see you at Shine and ACW/ Rogue this weekend as I’ll be returning facing one of my favorite opponents in Kimber Lee on Friday and that one of my dream matches to be announced tomorrow is happening Saturday.

LuFisto xox



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In order to help cover some more of the medical expenses LuFisto has encountered recently (more details to come in a near future), she is releasing this new t-shirt that is now known as "LuFisto Survivor".

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04/20/18 - Shimmer Women Athletes – Volume 101 to 104 Weekend Results.

Saturday, April 13th in Berwyn, IL – At Shimmer 102,Kay Lee Ray defeated LuFisto via DQ when LuFisto’s partner Hudson Envy came out of the locker room to push KLR from the top rope onto the guardrails as she was going for her Swanton. Both Envy and LuFisto then proceed to beat Ray down until Mia Yim came to the rescue with a chair.

Sunday, April 14th in Berwyn, IL – At Shimmer Volume 103, LuFisto and Hudson Envy defeated Flyin’ High WDSS (Mia Yim & Kay Lee Ray) after LuFisto shoved KLR off the top rope and onto the guardrail which distracted the referee as Envy blasted Yim with a steel chair. LuFisto rolled up Yim for the 1-2-3.

At Shimmer 104, in a Tornado Tag Team Match that went inside and outside the ring Flyin’ High WDSS (Kay Lee Ray & Mia Yim) got their revenge over Hudson Envy & LuFisto when this time, Hudson was shoved off the top rope and onto the guardrail as LuFisto was the victim of a Eat Defeat and Top Rope Swanton combo to get the pin fall.



04/09/18 - WWNLive Experience Results, Shine 50 and LuFisto Vs Maria Manic!

Thursday, April 5th 2018 in Kenner,LA – Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) defeated LAX (Ortiz & Santana) in a fast-paced and action-packed bout at Beyond Wrestling's Lit Up!

Friday, April 6th 2018 in Kenner, LA – LuFisto retained her Shine Championship versus Holided at the WWNLive Supershow Mercury Rising. After the match, LuFisto mentioned that as the longest reigning Shine Champion, she was ready to face anybody at Shine 50... Kimber Lee showed up! It'll be LuFisto Vs Kimber Lee for the Shine Championship in Ybor City, FL on April 27th!

Saturday, April 7th 2018 in Kenner, LA – The team of LuFisto and Hudson Envy was unsuccessful in its quest to capture the Shimmer Tag Team Championship from the “Totally Tubular Tag Team” of Leva Bates & Delilah Doom when Envy accidentally took out her own partner with a Koppo kick, allowing Delilah Doom to roll-up Envy for the win.

Maria Manic Calls Out LuFisto!

After defeating Terra Calaway & Mickie Knuckles this past Friday Night at SweetDreams, Maria Manic took the mic to brag about her recent accomplishments in H20 and then challenged women's wrestling legend LuFisto to a 1 on 1 match!

For the 1st time ever, LuFisto Vs Maria Manic at the biggest event in H20's young history as they celebrate their 2 Year Anniversary at H20: Hustlemania | Friday, June 8th, 2018 OTW in Williamstown,NJ!



03/26/18 – Another Burning Hammer at WWR - Results of "From the Pinnacle to the Pit" event!

Sunday, March 25th 2018 in Worcester, MA – LuFisto was victorious over Shotzi Blackheart via Burning Hammer at Women's Wrestling Revolution's "From the Pinnacle to the Pit". Subscribe to Powebomb.tv to watch!



03/19/18 – Shine Championship Defense and Tag Team Gold Opportunity at Shimmer 100 at "More Than Mania"!

The SHINE Championship reign of LuFisto continued at SHINE 49 further cementing her legacy as the longest reigning SHINE Champion of all time; however, she may be in for a rude awakening at the WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising 2018 on April 6th, 2018 at 8 PM CDT in New Orleans, LA. It looks like we will all find out how the champion handles things on the dark side…

So there it is! LuFisto defends her Shine Championship against Holidead at WWNLive Mercury Rising!

SHIMMER 100... Looking for Tag Team Gold!

Signed for SHIMMER 100 on April 7th in New Orleans: SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Leva Bates & Delilah Doom will take on challengers LuFisto & Hudson Envy! 4pm bell time!

LuFisto and Envy might be a new tag team but the chemistry and viciousness they showed at the last SHIMMER events in Berwyn IL last November definitely makes them a dangerous combo. Will LuFisto and Hudson destroy T4 and become the Shimmer Tag Team Champions at SHIMMER 100?

Watch LIVE!!

Can’t be in New Orleans for the WWNLive Experience 2018? Watch from home live and on demand at http://www.WWNLive.com! Get more info at http://www.MoreThanMania.com!

Catch up on every SHINE event and over 370 events from eight different promotions for just $9.99 with Club WWN, as well as get 50% off live iPPVs, other perks and access to over 1000 hours of great action from more than eight different promotions. For info visit CLUB WWNLive!!


03/12/18 – A Streak is Broken at Brii Combination Wrestling and LuFisto Still Shine Champion!

Friday, March 9th 2018 in Elmhurst, NY – LuFisto finally broke Faye Jackson’s undefeated streak at BCW when she made Jackson tap to a Fujiwara arm bar.

Saturday, March 10th 2018 in Queens, NY – LuFisto retained her Shine Championship against “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez via Burning Hammer at Shine 49, the promotion’s first event presented at La Boom in NYC. After the match, LuFisto mentioned that once again at “WWN Live More Than Mania”, she would face and destroy anyone that wanted to show up in New Orleans, LA… And then would beat whoever faces her in Ybor City, FL on April 27th… She would remain the longest reigning and defending Shine Champion as the real Queen of Shine would reign supreme once again… She also hates New York City and their rude drivers…


03/04/18 - A Singles Match Turns into a Tag Team Fight at ACW-Rogue!

Saturday, March 3rd 2018 in Stevens, PA – LuFisto was first scheduled to face Vanity in singles competition but as soon as the Wounded Owl came out of the locker room, Adira attacked her. In the ring, both Vanity and Adira were kicking LuFisto until Allie Recks came to the rescue. The match then turned into a tag team fight. As Vanity and LuFisto were argueing outside with a chair and that referee Aubrey Rose was busy with them, Adira used her chain to knock out Allie Recks. Vanity and LuFisto kept on fighting at ringside when Adira got the 1-2-3 over Recks to secure the victory for her team.


02/27/18 - Jersey All Pro and Beyond Wrestling Results plus Upcoming Matches!

Saturday, February 24th 2018 in Rahway, NJ – Shlak and Kated defeated the team of Kyle the Beast and LuFisto in a street fight when Bear Bronson got involved and speared LuFisto right after she had given Katred her One-Woman Conchairto. Bear then just put Katred on top of LuFisto for the three count.

Sunday, February 25th in Worcester, MA – Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) finally got some revenge over John Silver and his partner Alex Reynolds aka the Beaver Boys when PAWG was able to hit the ATM on Reynolds.

It’s Caturday Night Wrestling in Stevens, PA!

This week as Atomic Championship Wrestling and Rogue Women Warriors are back at the Stevens Fire Hall, 91 Stevens Rd, Stevens, PA 17578, this Saturday March 3rd! LuFisto will be taking on “the OG Doll” Vanity in a first-time ever one-on-one match. The two have met in the past in a three-way where LuFisto fell to Vanity after she was the victim of her signature move as well as now Rogue Champion Tess Valentine’s. Can LuFisto even the score this Saturday? Tickets are on sale at atomicprowrestling.com.

A Streak to End at BriiCombination Wrestling!

As BriiCombination Wrestling celebrates its 2 Year Anniversary, the self-proclaimed #QueenofBCW, Faye Jackson, takes on her biggest challenge to date. And while her new found aggressive attitude has put her opponents on notice and has made her an undefeated fighter in BCW… That may not be the case this time around.

On March 9th, Faye Jackson will be put to one hell of a test when she goes toe to toe with a woman who’s accolades rival the page count of War & Peace; the world traveled, the one...the only.....LUFISTO! Can LuFisto end Jackson's winning streak?

Get Your Tickets HERE now!

Shine 49… An Old Enemy…

Shine management may have signed the biggest championship match ever for their debut in New York City on March 10th as LuFisto will defend her Shine Championship against her most-hated enemy in “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez.

The animosity between LuFisto and Martinez has been going since 2007 and has traveled from promotion to promotion in two different countries. Both have lost championships and opportunities to get hands on one thanks to the other.  They have been involved in brawls, falls-count-anywhere and no rules match…

Once again they meet at pin Club La Boom, 56-15 Northern Blvd, Woodside, New York 11377 in two weeks… And it won’t be pretty! Will the Latina Sensation become the first woman to hold both the Shine Tag Team championship and the Shine Main Championship or will the Wounded Owl continue her dominance as the longest reigning Shine Champion!

You really don’t want to miss this one! Tickets available HERE!



02/23/18 - An update… Cancer and depression, GoFund requests, shows and all that jazz...

I went to my family doctor this morning. She has been following for the past year because of the depression so I see her on a regular basis to talk and also update my medication if necessary. We’ve been trying something new in the past month and things in my head have been a little bit better.

Better because I have been training 5 days a week again for the past 3 weeks. Before, I could barely get out of bed. Also, two people in my life have been instrumental in helping me believe I could get back on track in my friend Karine who never gives up no matter what and Bonnie Maxson who has given me tools to “get my shit together” when it comes to training and finding motivation again.

This morning however, when my family doctor said she had seen my biopsy results and mentioned the word “cancer”, it hit me harder than the last time. I’ve been more preoccupied about the financial aspect of the illness than the problem itself so maybe that is why I wasn’t too concerned about the illness. Maybe I was feeling invincible too and didn’t take it seriously. I don’t know.

Being a US resident, an immigrant and not a citizen, I cannot have any type of government help. Also, I can’t have credit of any type until 5 to 7 years… Unless I buy a new car. Why can I get credit for a car? I honestly don’t know… But I don’t need a car. So I’ve been “shopping” for my health and so far, there is no progress. I’m waiting on an update of a hospital in Baltimore to see if they can do something at a better price.

Also, I mentioned that I might need a hysterectomy (full removal of uterus and everything that goes with it). Well, I learned from my insurance that, if there was uterine cancer, all procedures wouldn’t be covered after the one I need to remove the cells on my cervix… Because “same illness, cancer, so pre-existing condition”… So they won’t pay a dime.

Also, before you go and say “You’re Canadian, go to Canada and get it for free”… Well, it doesn’t work that way. Once you move away from the country, unless you spend 181 days (6 months) per year in Canada, you lose all your benefits, all your health care stuff, everything… That is the law. If I would get the surgery there, it will be less expensive indeed, but we are still talking about a few thousands… But, I have good credit there so, I could get a loan to “get fixed”.

Many of you have reached out for me to start a GoFund because you want to help. I am so grateful and blessed by you wanting to help me get over this.

However, my main concern though is that there have been horror stories with GoFund, people judging the ones using it, even if it is for good reasons, and also all the people who used it for what we could qualify as “stupid stuff”.

Many cancer survivors reached out to share their stories and mentioned that I should accept all the help I can get, to embrace it and not feel ashamed of it. I can’t help it though… Having people give me their hard earned money for something they are not responsible for is hard to swallow for me. Misplaced pride? Maybe. I still feel guilty that some people helped me when I had my nose broken and ear drum busted last December.

Also, to be totally honest, with my head not being at a right place right now, I really don’t feel like being judged or laughed at (oh yeah, I’ve seen sick and hurt people being laughed at because they used GoFund). So that’s where I’m at when it comes to GoFund and crowd funding.

Some people have taken the step to surprise me by sending me money via my PayPal and I’m extremely grateful. If for some reason you would decide to do so, please leave me an address so I can at least send you a little something.

So here is the little update for now. I don’t sleep well and it’s been a dark place in my mind lately. I’m facing the possibility that I might have to leave the home and family here that I built in the past 2 years or the possibility of having debts for the rest of my life because of the illness that needs to be removed from my body. I’m also dealing with the upcoming death of a friend who only has a few days to live.
It’s just a lot to deal with at the same time. I’ve been crying a lot as I listen to a lot of Chris Cornell. I train to stay sane and to get my anger out because I’m extremely angry at life in general. My doctor told me that it was a natural process of people getting an illness diagnostic and facing the death of a loved one… I try to get little happiness in the small things like seeing my fluffy furry babies walking around and giving me cuddles.

Please once again let me thank you all for the outburst of love and support I’ve been getting in the past two weeks. I think I answered all the e-mails I had but if I didn’t, please bear with me. I will answer.

Thank you to all the fans that showed up at Nova Pro and Glory Pro this past week. Performing for you all is helping more than you will ever know as it gives me a sense of normality (in this abnormal wrestling world.) Some of you insisted on paying my t-shirts more so I could save money… And some of you even gave me money without telling me, sneaking away from the table. I’m blessed and grateful by those kind gestures.

I’ll let you know when I have more updates and please feel free to share your stories with me. They are inspiring and comforting at the same time.

To my brothers and sisters dealing with depression, you have my heart for trying to live, control and let go of the pain that is misunderstood.

To the ones who fought, lost or survived themselves against cancer, you have my respect for the fight you dealt with and for the loved ones you lost and who are now watching over.

I love you all.

See you Saturday at JAPW in Rahway, NJ and Sunday at Beyond Wrestling in Worcester, MA.

LuFisto xox



02/20/18 - Nova Pro Wrestling's Cupid's Chokehold and Glory Pro's One Year Anniversary Results.

Friday, February 16th 2018, Annandale, VA – LuFisto defeated Faye Jackson by arm bar submission at ova Pro Wrestling. Both ladies had been battling outside the ring in this grudge match where LuFisto used a post to target Jackson’s arm.

Sunday, February 18th 2018, Edwardsville, IL – LuFisto defeated Savannah Stone via Burning Hammer at Glory Pro.


02/15/18 - The word you don’t want to hear…

I’ve been debating if this is something I should share. I don’t even know if this is the right thing to do.

Not many know but I’ve been struggling with heavy depression for over a year now. I’m on medication and the anxiety, sadness and pain has been so heavy that I also developed IBS. I also gained a lot of weight. For those who are talking “Hey, did you see? LuFisto is fat again”… Well, that is the reason. I might get into this subject on how I got there in the future but not right now…

I’m not writing this piece for this reason.

After my post about my 38th birthday today, many friends and fans reached out because they are wondering what is wrong. A lot of my fans have shown support and I’ve always said that I would’ve quit a long time ago if it wasn’t from them and that remains true, more than ever. Therefore, although I am a very private person, I feel that I need to be totally honest with you all, the people who have supported me for all these years, family and friends.

The main reason why I’ve been feeling like crap is probably because I need to talk about it and I don’t feel right hiding something. So here it is…

I have cervical cancer.

They found the cells last week and I need to get a surgery to remove them… Not the burning thing, a surgery. Although it is not a big procedure for now, I still have to go under the knife and honestly, I’m not too thrilled about it. I know I’ve been distant to family and friends and I feel I haven’t been as productive anywhere because I’m too much in my head.

The cells being very close to the uterus so they also need to take samples to check if the disease did not get in there. Today, I was also told that my insurance was not covering the whole procedure and it is way too overpriced for something that is supposed to be simple. It is probably the Canadian in me that can’t understand why people’s health is treated the same way as if you would buy a used car in the United States… I’m extremely upset and at this point, I don’t even know what will happen.

I’m trying to get answers from the hospital about the costs and options but I keep getting no answers. “We will call you back!” They never do. When they did, they didn’t even have the right information.

Also, if they find bad cells in the uterus, I will need a full hysterectomy to prevent the disease to spread anywhere else. Not that I want to get into the “vagina” too much but, hysterectomy means that they will remove everything on the inside if you don’t know the medical term.

The heart defect/ stoke, the injuries, the betrayals, the hard work that doesn’t pay off, the depressions, the IBS and now this… Some people, close and far, have been through way worse and I don’t want to complain while there are people losing loved one and people getting shot at schools, which is despicable and really kills all the faith I have in the human race. I’m just so tired. And frustrated too.

Anyway, these are the facts and where I’m at now. Apparently, recovery is no longer than 2 weeks so I shouldn’t miss any shows as I’m trying to work things out so the surgery happens on a week I already took off, that is if I can get the surgery if there is a way to lower the costs. Hopefully, I will get some answers soon.

If for some reasons this situation would affect my performances, my availability to you all or my mood and patience, please forgive me.

God bless and see you at Nova Pro and Glory Pro this weekend.



02/12/18 - ACW Rogue Women Warriors Death of Seasons Results.

Friday, February 9th 2018, Reading, PA – LuFisto defeated Gemma Cross via Burning Hammer with only one arm after cross damaged the Wounded Owl’s arm for most of the fight.


01/29/18 – Shine, Beyond Wrestling and Women Wrestling Revolution Results!

Friday, January 26th 2018, Ybor City FL – Rain and LuFisto fought all over the Orpheum for the Shine Championship. In the end, the champion LuFisto retained with a Gourdbuster after targeting Rain’s stomach the whole match.

Saturday, January 27th 2018, Philadelphia PA – John Silver def. LuFisto by referee stoppage with the Arm-Trap Single-Arm Strait-Jacket Choke. After the match, Silver goes to try and punt LuFisto but she gets up and clobbers him with a lariat to send him packing.

Sunday, January 28th 2018, Worcester MA – LuFisto defeated Skylar via Burning Hammer. Also, LuFisto entered WWR’s Revolutionary Rumble at no. 13 but was unfortunately eliminated by Alexxis and Taeler Hendrix.


01/23/18 - Arolucha Results

Friday, January 19th 2018 – In Amarillo, TX, the team of Mascarita Dorada, Taya Valkyrie and Drastik Boy defeated the team of Pirata Morgan Jr, LuFisto and Demus when Dorata rolled up Demus for the 3 count.

Saturday, January 20th 2018 – In Lubbock, TX, the team of Mascarita Dorada, Taya Valkyrie and Hurricane Shane Helms Boy defeated the team of Pirata Morgan Jr, LuFisto and Demus when Taya submitted LuFisto.


01/04/18 - Wounded Owl 2018 and Team PAWG t-shirts PRESALE!!!!!

LuFisto has just released two new t-shirt designs for this New Year and you can order yours now… Or the two of them!

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01/02/18 - LuFisto at AroLucha!!

After taping a TV pilot in Nashville, Aro Lucha has announced live events in the Lone Star State of Texas.  The promotion has two dates announced for this month and LuFisto will part of them!

Aro Lucha will first visit Amarillo, Texas at the Azteca Music Hall on Friday, January 19th and then Lubbock, Texas at the Fair Park Coliseum On The Fairgrounds on Saturday, January 20th!

The promotion, operated by former Impact Wrestling minority owner Aroluxe, held its first TV taping several weeks ago in Nashville, TN with Rey Mysterio, CMLL star Rush, MVP, John Hennigan, Willie Mack, Jack Evans, Hurricane Helms and more appearing.   The taping received mostly positive reviews from those we've heard from.

Also announced for the upcoming tapings are: Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy, Carlito, James Storm, Shane Hurricane Helms, Low Ki, Jack Edwards, Laredo Kid, Pierroth, Black Tauros, Taya Valkyrie and more!!

Visit www.arolucha.com for details!



12/28/17 - LuFisto Returns to Action in 2018 and 2017, a Pretty Good Year!!

A big weekend is ahead of LuFisto starting January 26th 2018 as she will be back at Shine Wrestling in Ybor City, FL to take on the first ever Shine Champion Rain. Rain became the number one contender at this past Shine 47 event by winning a battle royal. Rain definitely wants to make her return count by defeating LuFisto and become a 2-time Shine Champion. However, now the longest reigning Shine Champion in history, LuFisto will definitely do all that it takes to keep the title around her waist.

The following day, LuFisto travels to Philadelphia as she is back in singles action at Beyond Wrestling as it presents #SpiritOf76 at the Chikara Wrestle Factory, 4711 Wingate Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136. Bell time is 1 PM. Her opponent is yet to be announced.

Sunday, January 28th in Worcester, MA, Team PAWG (LuFisto & Jordynne Grace) returns in tag team action when Beyond Wrestling presents Women Wrestling Revolution at the Electric Haze, 26 Millbury St, Worcester, MA 01610. Their opponents will be known shortly.

For the first time in its history, Shine Wrestling invaded New York City! Shine 49 will be presented on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at La Boom located at 56-15 Northern Boulevard, Woodside, NY 11377! Bell time is 6:00 PM EST and LuFisto’s opponent has yet to be confirmed. All depends on what will happen at Shine 48 against Rain.

Squared Circle Sirens Names LuFisto 1 of the Best of 2017

“Anytime you are thinking of a group of women who had a great year in the world of independent wrestling if Lufisto doesn’t come to mind, you are doing it wrong.  She has been wrestling for 20 years and impresses crowds every time she steps into a ring…”

You can read the full article HERE



12/14/17 - Four Collector Items Available!!

LuFisto has been known throughout the years as one of the wrestlers showcasing the best wrestling gears and costumes. There are now four pieces of Lu-Fistory available!

First, Trooper LuFisto is the costume LuFisto wore at Shimmer 89 against Nixon Newell in Berwyn, IL, USA. She was also wearing it when she faced Kaitlin Diemond at Rogue Women Warriors in Stevens, PA, USA. Includes the famous Iron Maiden Trooper Jacket that she wore against opponents like Mercedes Sexy Star, Kimber Lee (Abbey Laith), Vanessa Kraven, Solo Darling and so many more... This is the jacket LuFisto has part of C4 at Shine when she won the Shine Championship at Shine 40!

Second items are the wrestling shooters LuFisto has been wearing for the past 3 years. They are part of major history for her as she’s been wearing them against Gail Kim, Mickie James and more recently against Dust at RISE 6 Brutality in a Barb Wire Bat Match in South Gate, CA and at Wrestle Cade Vs Rachael Ellering. These are also the shoes LuFisto wore as part of Team PAWG, won the JAPW Women’s and Shine Championship and all its title defenses!

The Blue Top that LuFisto wore at Shimmer 91 in Orlando, FL as part of the special WWN Live More Than Mania weekend is also up for grabs! She defeated Leva Bates on April 1st wearing this top.

Last but not least, you can get the black scarf that LuFisto has worn for many important matches at Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Women Superstars Uncensored, Beyond Wrestling and more. Notable opponents were Thunder Rosa, Cherry Bomb (Allie), Alisha Edwards, Samantha Heights, Veda Scott, Kimber Lee (Abbey Laith), Tessa Blanchard and more!

So make an offer at lufisto@hotmail.com and these could be yours! Serious inquiries only!



12/08/17 - LuFi-News - Injury Report... I will be Out for a Few Weeks...

Dear fans and friends,

As some of you have read on various social media outlets, I have suffered a few injuries from my last match at the Alternative Wrestling Show in South Gate, CA the weekend of December 2nd. I was hoping to make a quick recovery to make it to my upcoming events but unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

Long story short, everything went great during the Barb Wire Bat Match against Dust at RISE 6: Brutality but the following day,  I got slapped so hard on the left hear that my ear drum ruptured on the spot. Later in the match, I also got my nose broken at two places during a corner combo where all 5 moves landed on my face.

After 3 days of still no progress with my hearing and despite having no insurance, I finally decided to go to the doctor and he confirmed that not only there was a big hole on my ear drum but that there was now also an infection that had traveled to the right ear as well.

Therefore, I need to rest and be on antibiotics and hope for the best, that the hole will close by itself. I need to do everything I can to avoid surgery and especially permanent hearing loss. Unfortunately, this means that I can’t wrestle and definitely can’t fly anywhere because of the pressure it may cause.

I am extremely sorry to cancel IWC Winner Takes All in Elizabeth, PA this weekend but also, I am heartbroken to announce that I won’t be able to attend Shine Wrestling and defend my championship in Ybor City on December 16th. I also have to cancel ACW-Rogue Women Warriors on December 30th …

Again, to the fans but also the promotions that give me the opportunity to step in their ring, please forgive me for missing those shows.

LuFisto :’(



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