Lots of Results! Shine, ACW, Beyond and Shimmer!
November 16th 2016

The past 10 days have been pretty hectic for the Wounded Owl as she wrestled in 4 different states, Florida, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Illinois!

First, Shine 38… Number One Contender's Match:  Allysin Kay Vs LuFisto

The match is really back and forth and even ends up on the outside where the fans get involved. Lots of chops and kicks until LuFisto takes advantage of Allysin being caught in the turnbuckles after a missed Yakuza kick.  LuFisto goes after Allysin's injured leg, removing her brace. Kay is able to fight back and hit her discus clothesline but cannot take advantage due to the distraction from Kennadi Brink.  Amber distracts Allysin and LuFisto wtih a near fall due to a rollup.  Allysin with a Pounce but LuFisto’s foot is on the rope thanks to Brink.

Allysin argues with the referee and he sends Kennadi and Amber to the back.  LuFisto kicks Allysin in the bad leg and applies La Crucetta.  Allysin has to tap out. Winner and new number 1 contender to the Shine Championship:  LuFisto.

Rogue Women Warriors Vs Kaitlin Diemond

Diemond is hated by the crowd as soon as she steps in the ring.  LuFisto throws her down a few times before targeting the legs of her taller opponent but Kaitlin uses every trick in the book to try to wear down LuFisto. LuFisto is able to trap her into La Crucetta but Diemond is closed to the ropes and pulls herself outside.

Diemond comes back in and tries to attack LuFisto from behind but the Wounded Owl picks her up for the Burning Hammer. Kaitlin slides behind and, as soon as LuFisto turns around, she spits Sake into the face of her opponent resulting of a disqualification.

Tournament for Today Women’s First Round Match: LuFisto v. Taeler Hendrix

Hendrix and LuFisto are trying all they can to grind the other out first. Both women use more striking and power based offense to wear the other out including devastating kicks to the head. Unfortunately for LuFisto, she get distracted by Alexxis, allowing Taeler once again in the face and then, from behind. Hendrix scores the pin while Alexxis holds LuFisto’s feet.

Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 86 to 90

On volume 86, LuFisto simply addressed the crowd at Logan Square to mention she would be back at the top of the ranks at Shimmer and that the ascension would start on Volume 87 when she would defeat none other than Lucha Libre legend “Sexy” Dulce Garcia.

Unfortunately for LuFisto, she wouldn’t be able to beat Garcia on Volume 87 as Dulce was able to deliver a Codebreaker a Top Rope Stomb combo for the victory in this fast pace and intense match.

On Volume 89, Nixon Newell shocked the fans in attendance when she was able to reverse the Burning Hammer into a roll-up pin for the victory over the veteran LuFisto.

Volume 90 saw LuFisto taking on “The Sugar Creature” Solo Darling. The match started with both athletes shaking hands until Solo bit the Wounded Owl’s butt and gave her a “Tail-Face” while LuFIsto was trapped in a corner. LuFisto got very upset, broke Solo’s giant lollypop and kicked her Sugar Rush juice out of the ring. LuFisto then hit Darling with a back fist, double knees, an Emerald Fusion and a Mafia kick but the little creature wouldn’t give up.

LuFisto refused to hit her Burning Hammer on her friend so she trapped her into a Crucetta. Solo reached the ropes so LuFisto kicked her hard in the face, asking the referee to stop the match… But Solo got back up. Cradle Brainbuster but Solo kicks out at 1!!! Solo is looking at LuFisto with sadness and pain in her eyes as LuFisto tells her she is sorry… She picks her up and drops her on her head via Burning Hammer. LuFisto helps Solo up and gives her a hug as everybody in attendance is applauding her efforts…. But LuFisto lariats Solo and throws her to the outside where she whips her into the guard rails and beats her down until all the referees come to the rescue. LuFisto leaves as the crowd is shocked.


Vanity Wins PWE Women’s Championship against LuFisto and Tess Valentine!
October 23rd 2016

One Saturday, October 22nd, LuFisto took on Vanity and Tess Valentine to determine the first ever Pro Wrestling Empire Women’s Champion. It’s a new LuFisto that showed up, sporting her new army gear representing that she is the One Woman Army, the One Woman Revolution.

Vanity and LuFisto team up on Valentine by hitting her with forearms and chops but Tess fights back by sending LuFisto to the match several times before hitting Vanity with her standing moonsault. LuFisto brakes the count to then choke and kick Valentine in the face.

Boots from Vanity and double knees from LuFisto who goes for the pin fall… But Vanity breaks the count! Very upset, LuFisto slaps her hard in the face but then gets swept off her feet by Tess who attempts a pin fall but to no avail. Tess tries to fight back against the two opponents but she is caught into a double suplex followed by a Santon from Vanity. LuFisto kicks Vanity in the chest right after and delivers a Santon of her own before trapping her into la Crucetta.

Valentine gets LuFisto into a back stretch as Vanity escapes using the ropes. It is double team on Valentine again as Vanity and LuFisto go for a double clotheslines. Tess avoids it and double drop kicks the enemies. Clotheslines and elbows from Valentine before she splashes Vanity in a corner, kicks LuFisto in the chest, comes back towards her by flipping backwards, gives her a elbow followed by a snap mark and a drop kick to the face. 1…2… Vanity breaks the count.

Big suplex by the OG Doll but LuFisto breaks the count! The Wounded Owl attempts her J-Driller on Vanity but she gets pushed in a corner. Vanity goes for a splash but LuFisto moves out of the way. Flying forearm to Vanity and also to Tess who is standing in a corner… Cannonball on Vanity and face wash on Valentine!

LuFisto grabs Vanity and picks her up for a Driver but Vanity slides behind and hits the “Eat Defeat”. LuFisto turns around as Valentine hits her with a Codebreaker. Vanity quickly throws Tess outside the ring to capitalise on the occasion and rolls up LuFisto for the victory and the new PWE Women’s Championship.



LuFisto Breaks Madi Maxx's Undefeated Streak at USIWF!
October 17th 2016

LuFisto travelled to Kennersville, North Carolina this past weekend to take on Madi Maxx who was still undefeated at USIWF who was presenting the Bill Gettling Memorial Cup & 15 Year Anniversary Celebration.

A very confident Maxx slaps LuFisto in the face after a few exchanges of arm and headlocks. Unfortunately for her, LuFisto retaliates with a slap of her own and sends Madi to the mat several times before focusing on the legs of her opponent.

Using a kick to the stomach and a nasty hair pull, Madi is able to take control of the match and uses every illegal tactics she can to wear down her bigger and more experienced opponent. Pulling hair, choking, using the ropes, Madi will do anything she can to keep her undefeated streak alive.

LuFisto surprises her with a spear and both women are down. Madi attempts to punch LuFisto but the Wounded Owl blocks the hits before head butting, clotheslining and jumping on top of Maxx with a Santon. She works on Madi’s legs again but the North Carolina native is able to reach the ropes.

As LuFisto is trying to get her out of the ropes, Madi elbows her in the face and hits her running swinging neck breaker… But LuFisto kicks out! Maxx can’t believe it. Nobody ever kicked out of her trademark manoeuver. She even gets out of the ring to confront promoter Josh Gerry on why did he booked her against LuFisto!

Back inside the ring, Madi runs towards LuFisto who is sitting in a corner. LuFisto pops up and sends Madi’s head crashing into a buckles.  She delivers her cannonball and face wash combo but Madi kicks out.

LuFisto picks her up but Maxx slides behind and rolls her up with a hand full of tights… But the referee sees it! A very upset Madi complains to the referee before hitting the ropes for a running dropkick… LuFisto moves out of the way and traps her into la Crucetta… Madi Maxx taps out!

LuFisto extends her hand to the defeated opponent as a sign of good sportsmanship. Madi is hesitant but she finally accepts to shake LuFisto’s hand.




The Child of the Damned Sally Suffers a Loss Thanks to LuFisto’s Burning Hammer!
October 10th 2016

On October 8th, it was Pandemonium at Atomic Championship Wrestling in Stevens, PA as LuFisto was taking on “the Child of the Damned” Sally as part of the Rogue Women Warriors division…

Both women are locking up until sally pulls LuFisto’s hair and bring her to a corner. She then licks her finger in some creepy way before LuFisto is able to attempt several pin falls on the Child of the Damned. LuFisto even hits Sally’s head with her own feet until the opponent makes it to the ropes.

Sally retaliates by attacking LuFisto’s back and by splashing her into a corner. She then uses several chokes, a Bronco buster and vicious hits to keep the Wounded Owl down. Sally goes for a second rope moonsault but LuFisto moves out of the way. She then avoids a few punches and sends Sally to the mat several times until she can hit her cannonball. Sally kicks out at two.

LuFisto picks her foe up but sally slides behind and tries to kick LuFisto who is however quick enough to catch the leg, sweep the feet off the mat and deliver a Mafia kick. Two counts only again. LuFisto traps Sally into an Angelito Lock but she won’t give up… So LuFisto hits her with a Curb Stomp. Sally kicks out again.

LuFisto goes for a German suplex but Sally reverses the motion into a cross-arm back cracker. LuFisto kicks out so Sally climbs on the top rope. LuFisto stops her and delivers her Burning Hammer for the victory!



Burning Hammer on Thunder Rosa for the Victory at AWS!
September 24th 2016

It was Ladies Night in South Gate, California as the Alternative Wrestling Show presented its second edition of the special event. For the occasion, LuFisto took on Lucha Underground's Thunder Rosa.

Rosa attacks LuFisto as soon as the belt rings but LuFisto quickly send her to the match with quick arm drags. Thunder retaliates with a corner dropkick but LuFisto hits her cannonball and face wash combo. The ladies are fighting outside for a while until the action gets back in where LuFisto grounds her high flying opponent.

Thunder Rosa catches LuFisto in a hurricarana before hitting her with two clotheslines in a corner and a drop kick right on the head. Thunder then targets the Wounded Owl's back. She stretches, kicks and forearms it non-stop.

LuFisto is able to reverse an Irish whip and attacks Rosa with a flying forearm, an epitaph and a low corner drop kick of her own in honor of AWS's wrestler B-Boy. She tries to ground her opponent again but Thunder throws her outside where hard chops and kicks are thrown and heads banged on chairs as on the ring apron.

Both women roll back inside the squared circle and exchange hits before LuFisto whips Rosa into a corner. Thunder moves out of the way and hits a back crackers on LuFisto's weaken back. Two counts only. She tries to pick her up but LuFisto reverses the motion and delivers her Cradle Brainbuster. Thunder kicks out at two!

The Wounded Owl attempts a Burning Hammer but her back gives up. Kick to the back and Fameasser by Thunder Rosa but LuFIsto kicks out at two! Rosa climbs on the top rope and jumps for her double stomp but LuFisto moves out of the way, back fists her and finally delivers her Burning Hammer for the three count and the victory.

The AWS crowd gives the ladies a standing ovation as LuFisto returns backstage holding her back.




A Triple Threat Turns into a FIght between LuFisto and Hudson Envy at AOW!
September 20th 2016

The weekend of September 17th and 18th, LuFisto travelled to Twentynine Palms and then Victorville California to wrestle for Alpha Omega Wrestling, her first appearance after losing her AOW Women's Championship to Ashley Grace.

On the Satuday, LuFisto took part of a three way dance for the AOW Women's Championship featuring champion Ashley Grace and Hudson Envy. The match starts with Envy and LuFisto teaming up on Grace until the champion retaliates with some high flying maneovers. Hudson then isolates Ashley until she rolls outside the ring following a Flatliner. LuFisto then gets in and delivers a good beating to Grace.

Back in the ring, Hudson give a back breaker to Grace as LuFisto kicks her head. LuFisto goes for a cover but Hudson breaks the count. Both of them are argueing until Ashley pushes LuFisto into Envy and rolls the Wounded Owl for a pin. LuFisto kicks out and pushes Grace into Hudson who German suplexes her. LuFisto breaks the count. Hudson Envy is now bleeding as she was deeply cut above the eye by Ashley Grace's belt. She turns around and Ashley kicks her in the face and delivers a cross-body from the second rope. 2 counts! Grace picks up LuFisto but she back fists her and hits her with a Cradle Brainbuster... But Hudson breaks the count!

A very upset LuFisto swings at Envy but meets with her boot via superkick. Both women are fighting to the outside as the referee counts to 10, giving the victory to Ashley Grace by countout. LuFisto and Hudson Envy get separated by referees and a match between them is announced in Victorville the following day.

Then in Victorville the next day...

The tension was very high before the belt rang as Hudson Envy and LuFisto were looking at each other from opposite side of the ring. They lock up, LuFisto slaps Hudson in the face but Hudson fights back with clotheslines, a tackle and hard knee shots.

The fight goes to the outside near where Ashley Grace is sitting at commentary. Both fighters exchange hard chops and kicks as LuFisto makes sure to address Grace a few times. Envy's head hits the post and LuFisto gains control of the fight.

Back inside the ring, the Wounded Owl puts Hudson in unconfortable submissions and beats her up using ropes, often getting close to the 5 counts from the referee. Envy fights back with corner clotheslines and forarms as well as a running double-knee to LuFisto's head. Unfortunately for her, LuFisto sends her head into a buckle and delivers her cannonball followed by a running epithat. Hudson kicks out of a pin fall and LuFisto throws her outside the squared circle.

Both fight outside again until Hudson is able to finally get control, she throws LuFisto back in the ring where both women knock each other out. An exchange of hits occurs and LuFisto gets the best of it. She runs towards the ropes to gain momentum but Hudson surprises her with a Samoan drop. Two counts only! Envy picks LuFisto up for her Air Raid Crash but the maneover is reversed into a Saito Suplex. Hudson kicks out at 2!

LuFisto goes for her J-Driller but Hudson fights out of it and delivers a devastating running knee to the head of her opponent. 2 counts again! Envy attempts a Hammer Lock FIsherman Suplex but LuFisto reverses the motion and picks her up for the Burning Hammer. Envy slides behind and hits her with a Kabu kick and finally delivers her Air Raid Crash for the victory. Hudson Envy is not the No. 1 Contender to Ashley Grace's AOW Women's Championship.



LuFisto Taps Out the Black Widow Eve at Rogue Women Warriors!
September 12th 2016

On Saturday September 10th, ACW and Rogue Women Warriors presented “Fallout” in Stevens, Pennsylvania where LuFisto took on the Black Widow Eve.

Eve attacks LuFisto as soon as the bell rings but LuFisto avoids her unleash a series of punches and chops before starting working on the legs of the taller opponent. The Black Widow takes control of the match however by putting her fingers in LuFisto’s eyes before head butting her several times, splashing her into a corner and throwing her to the mat using the hair. Eve then targets LuFisto’s back for a while, using the ropes as a weapon often to apply more pressure and choke her LuFisto finally fights back after Eve misses a leg drop! She punches and clotheslines Eve until the Black Widow reverses an Irish whip and attempts a cannonball. LuFisto hits the cannonball and goes for her Burning Hammer but her back is now too week.

Eve big boots her and attempts a Samoan drop but LuFisto slides behind for a school girl pin. Eve kicks out and hits LuFisto in the face before delivering a quick snap suplex. Two counts only! Eve goes for her Package Piledriver but LuFisto blocks it. Eve hits her in the back, hits the ropes for some momentum but runs into LuFisto’s back fist.LuFisto sweeps her off her feet and applies “La Crucetta”. The Black Widow taps out giving LuFisto the victory!



LuFisto Unleashes her Hate on Ivelisse and the Formation of C4!
September 4th 2016

On September 2nd 2016, despite hurricane Hermine, LuFisto flew to Florida to wrestle for Shine Wrestling as part of the event Shine 37 presented at the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida.

Here is the awesome coverage of the event from PWInsider.com

“Trevin Adams is in the ring as the show begins. Trevin mentions that Marti Belle is on her way to the building, but Allysin Kay was unable to make it to Shine due to the storm.  He mentions Shine officials are talking about who will face Ivelisse tonight. LuFisto comes out and she says that she was supposed to face Allysin but then Ivelisse says she is coming so she gets to face Allysin.  LuFisto says that Allysin is not here and she is here.  She wants the match against Ivelisse. Trevin says that LuFisto has not been in a Shine ring for a year so there are others who might be ready for the match. LuFisto says she was not on shows for the last year because she was not booked.  She never gets rematches when she loses titles.  It is because companies don't want her to be teh face of the company.  Shine is afraid of Ivelisse getting hurt again.

Ivelisse comes out and says this isn't the LuFisto she knows.  She says that LuFisto deserves a title shot and she respects her.  Ivelisse says if LuFisto wants a match, she gets it.  She tells LuFisto not to become the typical bitter vet.  The last time they faced each other, she was far from fragile, so let's do it. LuFisto hits Amanda Carolina Rodriguez after Amanda makes a gesture at LuFisto.  LuFisto with a Burning Hammer to Amanda. The other women on the roster make their way into the ring to separate LuFisto and Ivelisse.  Ivelisse gets free and goes after LuFisto and wants to know what happened to her.

Match Number Eleven:  SHINE Championship Match:  Ivelisse (with Amanda Carolina Rodriguez) versus LuFisto

They go after each other before the referee can ring the bell.  LuFisto with a chop but Ivelisse with a thrust kick and chop.  Ivelisse with kicks against the ropes.  Ivelisse wtih a punch and springboard arm drag.  LuFisto goes to the floor.  Ivelisse with a baseball slide to LuFisto and then she kicks LuFisto while LuFisto is sitting on a fan's lap.  Ivelisse with a chop.  LuFisto with forearms and she sends Ivelisse into the front row.  LuFisto breaks up the referee's count.

Ivelisse runs LuFisto into the apron and connects with forearms.  Ivelisse sends LuFisto back into the ring.  Ivelisse with a running elbow but LuFisto with a DDT and cannonball followed by kicks.  LuFisto with a suplex and she gets a near fall.  LuFisto with a modified bow and arrow and then she slams Ivelisse's face into the mat.  LuFisto kicks Ivelisse and then she chops Ivelisse.  LuFisto with head butts to the chest in the corner.  LuFisto with a slow motion back rake.  LuFisto puts Ivelisse's leg in the ropes and LuFisto kicks the leg.  

LuFisto with a running butt splash to Ivelisse and then she snap mares Ivelisse and connects with a running kick for a near fall.  Ivelisse with knees to LuFisto but LuFisto with a drop toe holds that sends Ivelisse into the ropes and then she hits a splash to the back and a baseball slide for a near fall.  LuFisto with a camel clutch and then works on the back.  LuFisto with a curb stomp for a near fall.  LuFisto with a modified Indian Death Lock and slams Ivelisse's head into her knee.  LuFisto with a trailer hitch but Ivelisse gets to the ropes. 

Ivelisse with clotheslines but LuFisto with a back elbow and back senton.  LuFisto punches Ivelisse and then puts Ivelisse in the turnbuckles and LuFisto with kicks to the back.  Ivelisse is put in the tree of woe and LuFisto with a drop kick.  LuFisto sends Ivelisse to the floor and then LuFisto teases a dive to the floor but she does not do it.  Ivelisse gets back into the ring and she kicks Ivelisse in the corner.  LuFisto chokes Ivelisse in the ropes and then connects with a boot to the head.  LuFisto chokes Ivelisse while in the ropes.  Ivelisse moves when LuFisto charges at her and Ivelisse kicks LuFisto and then hits a tornado DDT and both women are down.

Ivelisse with forearms and kicks followed by slaps.  Ivelisse with running boots to the chest and a thrust kick.  Ivelisse with a rolling mare and round kick for a near fall.  Ivelisse with a waist lock but LuFisto blocks a German suplex attempt.  Ivelisse gets LuFisto to the mat and stretches LuFisto on her knees.  Ivelisse with a chin lock while LuFisto is on her knees.  Ivelisse blocks a round kick and applies an STF.  LuFisto gets to the ropes and Ivelisse has to release the hold.  Ivelisse with a waist lock but LuFisto with an elbow and she sends Ivelisse into the corner.  Ivelisse with a German suplex but LuFisto with a clothesline.  Ivelisse with a knee and jumping round kick for a near fall.  

LuFisto wtih an elbow and a package suplex for a near fall.  Ivelisse with a series of kicks that sends LuFisto to the mat and Ivelisse gets a near fall.  LuFisto wtih a back fist and a sit out power bomb but Amanda distracts the referee long enough to allow Ivelisse to kick out.  LuFisto pushes the referee and then she tries for a Burning Hammer but Ivelisse with a round kick and a Code Red for the three count.

After the match, Amber Gallows, Andrea, and Kennadi Brink come to the ring and they attack Ivelisse.

Mercedes Martinez attacks Brink and LuFisto.  Andrea and Martinez stare each other down and Brink and Gallows attack Martinez. Brink and Gallows attack Martinez and Ivelisse on the floor. Andrea takes the mic and wants to know if that is all that Shine has got.  Luscious Latasha comes into the ring and Brink with a package suplex.  Rachael Ellering comes out and Andrea hits a Death Valley Driver.  Amber kicks Raquel when she comes out. Kennadi says there is a reason why she is standing in the ring with these women.  They all have a gripe against Shine.  She did everything right.  She showed up, shook hands, and was in Sparkle Matches.  You put her in Four Ways with inferior talent.  If you want something, you grab for the brass ring.  There will be changes thanks to everyone in the ring.

Andrea takes the mic and she says that you haven't heard a lot about her because after coming back from her transformation, she was the muscle for Valifornia, Valkyrie, and any other group where Val has her name attached.  She was the muscle.  Then she is put in a match with Latasha.  Mercedes was out for two years and she got a title match.  Andrea had to fight up the ladder and SHIMMER snubbed their nose at her for ten years.  She has fought for the last two years and what has she gotten. Andrea demands a No Disqualification Match against Mercedes Martinez on November 4th at Shine 38.

LuFisto says that she had her match won but the referee was too busy dealing with Amanda.  People have ignored her for too long.  She says she tried to help people.  She says that learning is acquired by pain and your misery is her pleasure.

Amber Gallows' issue with Shine is that she is the Bullet Babe and she is the most popular wrestler in the company.  She is the NWA Women's World Champion.  She has made history six times last year.  She has not been given a main event.  She isn't even on the poster.  She was taught by a few friends that you take the opportunities.  She says they are a ticking bomb.  They are C4.



Revenge on Annie Social at Rogue and Alexxis at Beyond Wrestling!
August 30th 2016

On August 27th, LuFisto finally had the opportunity to go one-on-one with Annie Social once again at Rogue Women Warriors. Then the following day, it was time to travel to Providence, RI to participate in a Women Wrestling Revolution 4-way dance match at Beyond Wrestling with Veda Scott, Jordynne Grace and Alexxis.

Annie attacks LuFisto before she can even take off her kimono. LuFisto Lou Thesz presses Annie and the fight ends up outside. Chops, kicks forearms, inside and outside the guardrails, the women are fighting everywhere.

LuFisto takes control of the match with a kendo stick but Annie stops her and proceeds on choking her with a rope. A trash can is thrown in the ring and Annie uses it as a weapon… Until LuFisto puts Social in the trash can and hits it with the kendo stick. Annie finally gets up with the can still on her head and his able to use it as a shield until LuFisto gives her the infamous “Titty Twister”… Which Annie replies with one of the own!

The referee breaks the hold before both women knock each other out. Back up, LuFisto sends Annie to the ground several times until she places her in a tree-of-row, places a chair given to her by a fan on her opponent’s face and hits a drop kick onto it. Annie kicks out! She attempts to use a chair on Annie again but she reverses the manoeuver and goes for her split-legged stunner. LuFisto throws her to the ground before grabbing her into what looks like the most painful submission ever. Flexible, Annie doesn’t give up.

As LuFisto is attempting to slam Annie over an open chair, Angie Skye jumps in the ring and delivers her Hard Goodbye on LuFisto. Sweet Cherrie comes in and gives a Stunner to Skye before she can put Annie on top of LuFisto. Annie sits LuFisto on the chair and hits the ropes… LuFisto drop-toe holds her onto the chair, grabs another one and delivers her “One-Woman Conchairto” for the victory!

The next day at Beyond Wrestling, as Alexxis is celebrating the victory of Da Hoodz (the same guys who helped her win against LuFisto at WWR Revolutionary last July 31st), LuFisto jumps on them and throws Alexxis outside where they fight until Veda Scott comes out, Jordynne Grace runs in and throws Veda on top of Alexxis and LuFisto… Suicide dive from Grace and she throws back LuFisto inside as the match officially starts.

There is a lot of back and forth action between all the participants until LuFisto is finally able to isolate Alexxis while keeping Scott and Grace away from the action. After a Cradle Brainbuster, Veda and Jordynne break the count. Jordynne holds Veda by the legs and LuFisto does the same with Alexxis. Battering ram with their heads before Grace and LuFisto perform a double Boston Crab. Veda and Alexxis reach the ropes and Jordynne and LuFisto go at it with some forearm hits.

Veda German suplexes Grace, LuFisto attempts to suplex Veda but she grabs on to the rope. Alexxis attempts to suplex LuFisto who is still holding Scott. Jordynne Grace grabs Alexxis by the waist and suplexes everybody!

Grace goes for her Michinoku driver on Alexxis but LuFisto breaks the count. LuFisto delivers her J-Driller on Grace but Veda breaks the count! She throws LuFisto in a corner but LuFisto moves out of the way and hits her with her cannonball. As she runs for her face wash kick, Scott retaliates with a Cartwheel kick. Unfortunately for her though, Jordynne is right there and grabs her into a wheelbarrow position and as she goes up, Alexxis hits her with a Codebreaker on the way down. She then hits Jordynne with a Shell Shock.As Alexxis stands up and screams “I’m the best”, she goes up on LuFisto’s shoulder and down hard to the mat as she is another victim of LuFisto’s Burning Hammer who wins the Fatal 4-way!



Dylan Bostic+ Steel Plate + RKO = Win for Ray Lyn!
August 21st 2016

On Saturday August 20th, LuFisto travelled to Elizabeth, PA to wrestle for the International Wrestling Cartel. Her opponent is the mischievous Ray Lyn who was, as always, accompanied to the ring by her boyfriend, Dylan Bostic.

Both wrestlers enter the ring but before the referee can ring the bell, Commissioner Justin Plummer comes out. Lyn had surgery a few months ago and she used the steel plate now in her hand as a weapon in previous matches. The plate is now considered a “foreign object”. Therefore, he orders Ray Lyn to wear a protective glove over her right hand or she will be disqualified. Lyn puts on the glove, clearly not happy about it. As soon as the bell rings, Ray attacks LuFisto but she is quickly stopped with chops on the chest and the butt! She is also the victim of the infamous “titty twister” until the referee has seen enough. Ray Lyn sends LuFisto’s head into a buckle pulling her costume and delivers a Bronco Buster and a stink face! LuFisto retaliates but knocking her out with her own “ass-sets”.

LuFisto stretches, chops and beats up Ray Lyn as much as she can, looking directly at Dylan. Lyn delivers two quick drop kicks and climbs the top rope but she is thrown to the mat before she can even jump. LuFisto runs towards the rope to pick up some speed but Dylan grabs her foot. As she is distracted, LuFisto is attacked by Ray who unleashes a series of forearms hits and high knees. She proceeds on doing all she can to keep her bigger opponent on the mat, even by distracting the referee while Dylan gets involved.

Ray Lyn climbs on the top rope and goes for a cross-body block but LuFisto moves out of the way! She then blocks punches from Lyn and proceeds on sending her opponent to the mat repetitively via a clothesline, an elbow and a body slam before jumping onto her with a Santon. She suplexes Lyn and is able to deliver her Cradle Brainbuster. Ray kicks out but she is quickly trapped into a leg lock, her head getting banged on LuFisto knees and turning the manoeuver into “La Crucetta”. Lyn is tapping but Dylan is distracting the referee. LuFisto lets go of the hold, shoots Ray in a corner and delivers her cannonball and face wash combo. 2 counts only. She picks up Lyn on her shoulder but the opponent slides behind and kicks LuFisto right on the head. LuFisto kicks out! Ray is so upset that she removes the glove from her hand as Dylan is distracting the referee!

Lyn goes for a punch but LuFisto avoids the hit and throws Ray up for a gut buster! Lyn kicks out so LuFisto grabs her by the arms to attempt a J-Driller. Lyn reverses the maneouver into a Jacknife pin. LuFisto kicks out, Ray goes for a back fist with the steel plate hand but LuFisto avoids the hit again!LuFisto picks Ray Lyn up for the Burning Hammer but Dylan jumps on the apron… Ray Lyn escapes the Burning Hammer, punches LuFisto with her steel plate hand and delivers a RKO (Out of Nowhere of course) for the victory. The victory celebration is however short for Ray Lyn as Sera Feeny makes her return to IWC and super kicks Lyn right in the kisser!



Finally a Victory at Absolute Intense Wrestling against Nicole Savoy!
August 8th 2016

LuFisto returned to Cleveland, Ohio to perform at Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Girls Night Out #18 by taking on someone she knows very well in “The Queen of Suplexes” Nicole Savoy.

Both ladies exchange a few holds and quick manoeuvers until they both forearm each other at the same time. A series of slap to the face connects until LuFisto sends Nicole in a corner and hits her with a back splash and a running rear end. LuFisto then tries to beat Savoy at her own game using some submissions and kicks but Nicole always fights back.

Savoy is finally able to take control of the match when she delivers a quick German Suplex followed by a high knee. She then tries everything she can to make LuFisto submit using her Ju-jitsu skills but LuFisto is always quick to block the hold or get to the rope. LuFisto even retaliates with a back face wash, a drop kick and several kicks to the chest but Nicole stops her with a vicious clothesline. Three butterflies suplexes and she throws LuFisto outside the ring after the opponent kicks out.

Both fighters are brawling around the ring using the guardrails and even the ramp as weapons. Savoy throws LuFisto back inside the ring and as she runs towards her, LuFisto throws her into a buckle and delivers her cannonball and face wash combo. Nicole fights back with a face wash for her own but LuFisto is up and runs towards her… Both ladies connect with hard forearms and end up on the mat.

They both slowly stand up and Nicole is the first throwing a kick. LuFisto blocks and goes into a fury of hits including a clothesline, kick to the chest and santon. She chops Savoy several times and attempts her J-Driller but Nicole reverses into an arm bar that LuFisto reverses as well into a Tiger suplex. 2 counts only! LuFisto picks savoy up for a Burning Hammer but Nicole slides behind and German suplexes LuFisto! 1…2 and she kicks out! Savoy goes for the arm bar again but LuFisto reverses the manoeuver into a Saito suplex… But savoy is still up! She kicks LuFisto but the opponent grabs her leg, swings her around and grabs her by the waist. Nicole blocks the manoeuver and run towards the ropes.

She pushes LuFisto back with her hips, run towards her to give her an elbow but LuFisto avoids the hit and delivers the Burning Hammer for the victory, her first at Absolute Intense Wrestling!



Alexxis Victorious Thanks to Da Hoodz at Women Wrestling Revolution!
August 1st 2016

On Sunday July 31st took place the second event of Women Wrestling Revolution “Revolutionary” at Fete Music in Providence, Rhode Island. After coming short against Kimber Lee last time, LuFisto was now taking on Alexxis.

Both competitors show respect at the beginning but things intensity when Alexxis “Stink Faces” LuFisto in a corner. LuFisto sends Alexxis’ head crashing into a buckle before hitting her with a vicious rear splash and attacks her opponent using her butt as well saying that hers is “a weapon of mass destruction”. She delivers a few suplexes as well but Alexxis always fights back, hitting a tornado DDT before being  down to the mat again after a vicious lariat.

LuFisto goes for her cannonball but Alexxis moves out of the way, stunner guillotines LuFisto before hitting her with a back cross-body against the ropes and a running leg drop. LuFisto rolls to the outside where the fight intensifies even more! Both ladies are exchanding hard chops until LuFisto crashes into Fete Music’s steel stage. Alexxis then hits a cross body block from the stage to the floor, which is a 5 foot drop. 

Using a chair as a prop but not a weapon not to be disqualified by the referee who is trying desperately to get the fight back into the ring. Alexxis runs towards LuFisto to hit her with a clothesline but LuFisto picks her up into a Flap Jack. Alexxis” head crashes against a metal ornament at Fete.

Alexxis is on the floor, not moving. LuFisto picks her up on her shoulder to bring her back into the ring but as she walks back towards the ring, she hits Beyond Wrestling wrestler Anthony Stone with Alexxis’ foots who is standing there with the guys of Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro) who were in the crowd. Cash, Pyro and LuFisto are arguing until LuFisto has enough and hits the drinks they are holding.

Alexxis is rolled back in the ring and, while LuFisto is still arguing with Da Hoodz, she climbs on the second rope and hits LuFisto with a Code Breaker! 2 counts only! Upset, she attempts another pin fall but to no avail. She whips LuFisto who reverses the maneouver into her Cradle Brainbuster. She gets up and calls for the Burning Hammer!

She picks Alexxis on her shoulder but Da Hoodz throws a drink into her eyes! Alexxis rolls up LuFisto, sits on top of her while Cash and Pyro are holding her hands for extra pressure. 1-2-3!

As LuFisto is sitting still trying to understand what has happened, Alexxis is up on Da Hoodz shoulders celebrating…




No Victory at In Your Face Wrestling for LuFisto but She Shuts Up Veda Scott at Beyond!
July 18th 2016

The weekend of July 16th and 17th, LuFisto traveled first to Albany, NY to take on La Tequila Rose and LaDiva at In Your Face Wrestling, then the following day, it was time to finally face Veda Scott at Beyond Wrestling in Melrose, MA.

LaDiva attackes Tequila Rose right from the start but LuFisto jumps in and there is a big exchange between the two ladies. LaDiva ends up outside as LuFisto and Rose exchange a few holds. Diva pulls LuFisto out of the ring and proceeds on attacking Tequila again. LuFisto is back in action but this time, she and Tequila Rose are teaming up on LaDiva. The team work doesn’t last long as both opponents are trying to score pin falls. LaDiva hits Rose but LuFisto traps her into la Crucetta… But she is trapped in a lock herself by Tequila! Diva reaches the ropes and rolls outside as LuFisto gets dropkicked by Rose to the outside as well.

Cross-body from the apron from Tequila on the two opponents as a brawl all around the ring starts. LaDiva knocks LuFisto on the apron and rolls Rose back inside. Tequila Rose fights back and delivers a corner elbow and a big side walk slam. LuFisto breaks the count, back fists Tequila and delivers her cannonball. As she goes for her face wash, she is surprised by a spear from La Diva. LuFisto ends up in a corner where Diva gives her a high rear splash and a devastating hip shot. As LaDiva tries to pull LuFisto out of the corner, Tequila Rose is right behind and rolls her up for the three count and the victory!

It was a few weeks ago that Veda Scott, who knew LuFisto had left the building, called the Wounded Owl on being passed her prime and that she should have all the attention...

It was a few weeks ago that Veda Scott, who knew LuFisto had left the building, called the Wounded Owl on being passed her prime and that she should have all the attention.

Before the match, Veda once again told LuFisto that she probably couldn’t keep up with her as she would need to “stretch her old joins before the match”. LuFisto slaps her hard before the fight exploses and both ladies are hitting each other. Fury of chops until LuFisto double-knees Scott in the face and proceeds on stretching her in ways that seems.

Veda is able to gain control of the match following a nasty Regal Plex. She then chokes, chops and kicks LuFisto. She traps LuFisto into a submission hold but LuFisto gets out of it and attempts to trap Scott into La Crucetta. However, Veda kicks her and sweeps LuFisto’s leg as she is standing on the apron. As Veda attempts the good “Taker Old School” walk on the guardrails but LuFisto cuts her off with a powerbomb to the apron.

Back in the ring, LuFisto hits the cannonball and a face wash but Scott pops out of the corner on a second face wash attempts and hits a Cartwheel Kick followed by a Shining Wizard for a near fall. LuFisto reverses a whip and delivers her Cradle Brainbuster. Veda kicks out so LuFisto picks her up for the Burning Hammer but Scott slides behind and delivers her Saito Suplex with a bridge. 2 counts only!

Veda is extremely upset and goes for another Saito but LuFisto blocks it. Veda tries to get some momentum with the ropes but meets with LuFisto’s back fist. LuFisto picks her up again but Veda fights…. Unfortunately for her, LuFisto knocks her behind the head with a solid forearm and finally hits quick Burning Hammer that folds Scott in half to pick up the win.



LuFisto Loses her Mind and her Title at AOW!
July 12th 2016

LuFisto had two shows last weekend in California, first in Twentynine Palms on July 9th and in Victorville on the 10th.

The first night, she faced Ashley Grace in a none-title match where LuFisto got very upset by a cocky comment made by young Grace. LuFisto proceeded to give her a very good beating but as Ashley was able to gain control of the match, the fight ended up outside where both ladies were counted out. 

The referee tried to stop them but LuFisto punched him which made the locker room emptied itself. As Grace and LuFisto were held back by fellow wrestlers from fighting, the Alpha Omega Wrestling commissioner announced that there would be a rematch between the two the following day, this time for the title. 

Ashley threw the title on the floor which made LuFisto even more mad. She even told Ashley she would be delighted to destroy her in front of her own family. The following day, Ashley immediately attacks the champion and sends her outside where she cross-bodies her from the apron. Back inside, LuFisto stops Grace's momentum with a devastating lariat. She then does what she promised and beats Ashley in front of her family. She even rips apart a sign they had made for her and steals Ashley's Pokemon hat, throws it on the ground and elbows it. 

Ashley never gives up, even after a hard hitting cannonball and face wash. LuFisto unties one of the turnbuckles and goes to whip Ashley into it. Grace reverses the motion but LuFisto stops before the hits the corner. As she turns around, Ashley clotheslines and head-scissors her before going for a missile dropkick. LuFisto kicks out but goes to the ground quickly with a Front liner. The champion kicks out again and as Ashley whips her into the exposed corner, LuFisto reverses the motion and run towards the opponent. She however meets with Grace's elbow before being jumped on with a second rope cross-body. LuFisto kicks out! Neck breaker from Grace but LuFisto kicks out again. Ashley goes for a side kick to the head but LuFisto avoids it and powerbombs Grace. 1...2... She kicks out!

LuFisto is furious and threatens to hit the referee again like she did the night before. She picks Ashley up for her Burning Hammer but Ashley slides behind, grabs LuFisto's head and sends it hard into the exposed turnbuckle! She quickly rolls up LuFisto for the victory! Ashley Grace finally beats LuFisto after over a year of reign.  When she realizes what had happened, LuFisto immediately runs to the back in shame as Grace celebrates.



Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 81 to 85 Results!
June 30th 2016

Last weekend took place another Shimmer Women Athlete weekend of DVD tapings for Volume 81 to 85 in Chicago and Berwyn, Illinois. Here are LuFisto’s results…

On Friday, June 24th, LuFisto was involved in a 4-way Tornado Match also featuring Kellie Skater, Shazza MacKenzie and Vanessa Kraven. Kraven and LuFisto fought to the back as Skater got the pin fall on Shazza. A match between Vanessa and the Wounded Owl was announced for the following day.

On Volume 82, Vanessa Kraven immediately attached LuFisto who jumped on her still wearing her kimono. Both fought outside until Kraven gave LuFisto a Spine Buster on the concrete floor. Then it was back and forth and cannonballs galore until Tessa Blanchard made a big mistake by holding on to Vanessa so she wouldn’t fall from the apron. It gave LuFisto an opportunity to quickly roll-up “The Mountain” for the victory!

Later that day, LuFisto challenged Tessa Blanchard for a one-on-one match on Volume 84 but this time, without having Vanessa Kraven in her corner. Blanchard accepted.

On Sunday, June 26th, LuFisto finally took on Tessa Blanchard and was about to win until she went for a suplex near the rope. Blanchard fell on top of LuFisto and Vanessa Kraven showed up through the crowd to hold LuFisto’s feet down so she wouldn’t kick out. LuFisto lost her mind against referee Andy Long who didn’t see anything.The on Volume 85, a much more aggressive LuFisto got some sort of retribution by destroying Amanda Rodriguez via a devastating Burning Hammer.




One Win for Beyond Wrestling at House of Glory!
June 19th 2016

LuFisto travelled to New York City on June 17th to represent Beyond Wrestling at House of Glory as she was taking on Sonya Strong.

Both ladies slap each other before Strong throws LuFisto down with several kicks. LuFisto will however fan control of the match with a buckle STO, cannonball and face wash combo.

LuFisto proceeds on applying several submissions on Sonya but the opponent comes back with a quick sunset flip. LuFisto kicks her on the head and keeps on beating her down until Strong fights back by throwing LuFisto via German suplex... However, LuFisto gets back up immediately and lariats Strong. She goes for the J-Driller but Sonya surprises LuFisto with a quick powerslam. Both ladies are down...

Sonya fights back once again and kicks LuFisto yo the head a few times before flying from the top rope with a cross body. LuFisto kicks out and avoids Strong's finishing maneuver before delivering her Cradle Brain Buster. 2 counts again!

LuFisto picks Sonya up for the Burning Hammer but Strong slides behind and sends LuFisto's head crashing into the mat with a short hurricarana. LuFisto kicks out at two!

Strong goes for a Dragon Suplex but LuFisto reverses the motion. Strong blocks the reversal and hits the rope to gain some momentum... But she meets with LuFisto's back fist and up she goes for the Burning Hammer. LuFisto wins! As LuFisto is one one knee with her hand out to show respect to her opponent, Sasha comes out running and accuses her of wanting to attack Strong.

uFisto tells him to get put because she only wants to show respect but he keeps arguing and pocking her. She punches him but Sonya attacks LuFisto from behind thinking that she was indeed about to hit her. Sasha and Sonya leave together as LuFisto is wondering what just happened. 



Awesome Kong and LuFisto Victorious at ACW Chaotic Behavior!
June 13th 2016

On Saturday, June 11th, the team of LuFisto and Awesome Kong took on Annie Social and Mickie Knuckles at Atomic Championship Wrestling's Chaotic Behavior in Stevens, PA.

LuFisto outwrestles Knuckles until both go into an exchange of tackles. None of them will even move so LuFisto eye pokes Mickie and unleashes a furry of chops. Annie comes in but says she has already beat LuFisto and says she is wasting her time.

As she is arguing with the crowd, LuFisto tags Kong in. Social turns around and falls on her butt. Kong proceeds on hitting and stretching Annie until Social guillotines her on the rope. Knuckles pulls Kong outside but LuFisto baseball slides through Annie's legs on Mickie. She pulls Annie put of the ring. The fight ends up at ringside until Mickie cannonballs on top of LuFisto who is sitting on a chair.

Back in the ring, Annie and Mickie team up on LuFisto who is trying real hard to fight back. Finally she is able to block a suplex, chops both opponents, kicks Annie while Mickie is holding her and gives Mickie a rowing elbow followed by a mafia kick. LuFisto finally tags Awesome Kong. 

Kong hits everything that is moving until she splashes Annie! Mickie breaks the count. LuFisto then jumps on Knuckles but she crashes to the ground with a pump handle slam. Kong makes the save and attempts her powerbomb on Mickie but Annie jumps on her back. Awesome Kong backs up in a corner, crashing Annie’s body.

LuFisto whips Kong onto Annie but Social pulls Mickies Knuckles in front of her! Avalanche from Kong followed by LuFisto’s cannonball! Social is trying to run away but LuFisto jumps on her as both ladies are fighting backstage.

Kong attempts her Implant Buster on Knuckles but she blocks the manoeuver and runs for the ropes to get momentum… But she meets with Awesome Kong’s back fist! 1-2-3! Awesome Kong and LuFisto win!


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