JULY 02, 2020 - LuFisto on #SpeakingOut in Sports Illustrated and Buttons!!

LuFisto: ‘The law of silence needs to change in wrestling’

Allegations of rape, sexual assault and other misconduct in professional wrestling have been a central topic throughout the industry over the past weeks.

Some of the allegations have led to swift decisions by companies, most recently from Impact Wrestling, which released Joey Ryan and Dave Crist and suspended Michael Elgin on Monday evening. The #SpeakingOut allegations are horrid, ranging from sexual assault to mental abuse, and the vast majority are from women.

As allegations continue to come forward, the pro wrestling industry needs to make serious changes in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved, especially women.

For Genevieve Goulet, who broke into the business in 1997, change can only begin in one way.

Click HERE to read Justin Barrasso's article in Sports Illustrated Story and watch the video!!


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JUNE 15, 2020 - How CZW Promotes Women’s Wrestling and Podcast Record Numbers!

A few weeks ago, LuFisto went public about a situation regarding Combat Zone Wrestling, Stonecutter Media and the women wrestlers who have performed on their past event. There are so many things going on in the world right now, so if you missed the video, here it is…

As stated in the video, LuFisto has brought attention that Combat Zone Wrestling is allowing their footage to be marketed with titles that resemble soft-core porn videos with titles like “Top Heavy & Tough” and “All Assets Revealed.”

CZW issued the following statement, essentially telling the public the same thing LuFisto was told about how the distributor can repackage the footage however they please since they own the rights.

“Two years ago, CZW entered into a licensing agreement with a national media distributor to license CZW and WSU footage,” the promotion wrote on Twitter. “That company has the right to utilize the footage without limitation. They have repackaged and renamed shows as it is their right to do so. Our athletes, regardless of gender, are just that, athletes, whom we are proud of and appreciate. We stand behind the ring action in all our footage.”

A number of the ladies that were on the shows in question or have worked for the promotion in the past have taken CZW and owner DJ Hyde to task for selling them out. Also, many male wrestlers that have worked for CZW in the past called them out for unprofessional behavior and superstars like Mick Foley, Mikey Whipwreck and Gail Kim have shown support as well.

LuFisto has given a lot more details during some podcasts she made recently, here is a playlist you can walk:

Yes, there are a lot of terrible things happening in this world but let’s not sweep under the rug how women wrestlers are being branded without consent by employers or the sexual harassment they are victim of.

Neither CZW nor Stonecutter Media responded to requests for comment since then and this, to any media outlet. Let’s hope they will respect their female athletes when they release more footage of the women WRESLERS who worked for them in the past.

We will see how this story unfolds. Until then, spread the word and support women athletes!


Stiff Right Hand Podcast Hits Record Numbers with LuFisto!!

On May 23rd, LuFisto was giving an exclusive interview with Stu Allen from England for the podcast Stiff Right Hand!

Allen talked to the legendary Canadian journeywoman about intergender wrestling, equality and her recent dispute with CZW. Also, LuFisto gave Stu an EXCLUSIVE first ever untold story about CZW Best of the Best 2008!!

Only a week after the release of the podcasts, the number was at 106 503!!! The interview with LuFisto gave the Stiff Right Hard its highest numbers up to date and they are still going up!

You can listen to the podcast here:






JUNE 08, 2020 – NEW WEBSITE… More Progress Soon!

Although this website needs a bit work, I’ve decided to launch it immediately because I believe it’s a lot cleaner and easier to navigate than the previous one… But there is still more stuff to be added…

First, the media section… I’ve been in many magazines and did a bunch of TV shows, some are online and many not at all. Therefore, I added the MEDIAS section where you’ll be able to see all those shows and see the magazines… I just need to get some of the old stuff from the VHS tapes that I’ve been keeping in a box for years… VHS… Look it up if you are too young to know what that is! :)

Photos… I actually want to get together albums of my best pictures, stills and action shots, throughout the years. In the meantime, the PHOTOS button will send you to the photo albums on my Facebook Fan Page so you can check some of them.

FRENCH!! FRANÇAIS !! Chers fans de langue francophone! Je compte bien ajouter une version du site tout en français! Je ne sais pas quand exactement le tout sera disponible mais j’y travaille!

If there is anything else you would like to see, shoot me an e-mail:

Until then, visit the website, enjoy the videos on YouTube, join my PATREON for more exclusive content, free matches and more!!

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APRIL 06, 2020 - More Shows Canceled, Patreon and a Message for Meave O’Farrell!

Unfortunately, as the Province of Quebec is on lockdown until at least May 4th 2020, other shows where LuFisto was scheduled to perform have been canceled or postponed to a later date to be announced:

- C4 Wrestling in Ottawa on April 17th
- JCW in St-Ambroise Vs La Parfaite Caroline on May 2nd
- NCW in Ste-Thérèse Vs KC Spinelli on May 9th

As things progressed, things could change again when it comes to shows scheduled later in May.


Better Patreon for You and No DMs!

If you follow LuFisto on social media, you probably saw that she had to change the access to her social media accounts and her Patreon to avoid some unwanted “perverts”.

With that being said, DMs are now close on all social media accounts. However, you can write to LuFisto via e-mail at

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A Message for Meave O’Farrell…

At the last NSPW event that took place in Quebec City on March 7th, Broken Home, Meave O’Farrell called out LuFisto for the attack she had been the victim this past February.

Little did she know that LuFisto would replay right away via video. Here’s the footage that was presented to the crowd (French only).

For our English speaking friends, LuFisto simply told her that they would meet at NSPW’s biggest show of the year, Golden Opportunity, at Palais des Congrès on June 13th!

She also told Meave to bring all her family… Because she would be the first phoenix in history to never rise from its ashes.

Hopefully by then, the Covid-19 crisis will be over and this match will happen! We will keep you posted!





03/17/20 - LuFisto's Upcoming events Canceled due to COVID-19!

As the whole world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, it was only natural, responsible and safe for the governments around the world to cancel all gatherings to minimize the possibility of an infected person to spread it to others.

Therefore, as a regulation established by the Quebec and Ontario governements, the following events were canceled:

- March 14 – NBW 2.0 in Victoriaville, Qc
- March 20 – C4 Wrestling in Ottawa, On
- April 4 – NSPW in Quebec City

Also, there will be more time to order LuFisto's Metal Goddess by Of th Dead Designs T-shirt if you are a 4Xl and up!

LuFisto's next event might be on May 1st in Ottawa, Ontario for C4 Wrestling if the situation gets better when we get there.

Until then, please be safe and don't take this situation lightly.




03/01/20 - LuFisto Wins the Great North Wrestling Women's Championship!

Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada - LuFisto made Jessika Black tap via La Crucetta to become the new Great North Wrestling Women's Champion. This is LuFisto's 25th championship!




02/28/20 - LuFisto, Female Quebec Wrestler of the Year... And more!

Back home, back at the top!! As LuFisto's first year back living in Quebec, Canada, she secures her top spot once again at the No. 1 Female Wrestler of the Province of the 2020 Quebec Wrestling's Awards!

Was definitely once of LuFisto's best years when it comes to wrestling despite the fact that she thought it would be the last one before being fully cleared by her doctor! With incredible matches at C4 Wrestling, FLQ and by winning the JCW Tag Team and the LLCV Championships as well as the wXw Femmes Fatales tournament in Germany, it seems like the veteran is on a roll has this is the 14th time she get the coveted No. 1 spot!

But that's not all!

Her match against Josh Alexander at C4 Wrestling was voted as a runner-up for Match of the year as many name this match as best of the year at C4! She was also a runner-up for most popular wrestler of the year!!

Last but not least, she was name as one of the Top 5 Best Wrestlers of the Decade!!

2020 has started strong already! Let's keep it that way!!





02/24/20 – Femmes Fatales 23 and NBW Blindate Results!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – In a completely insane grudge match, LuFisto finally avenged her Summit loss to "Hell's Favorite Harlot" Priscilla Kelly with a Burning Hammer through a door!

Drummondville, Quebec, Canada – The scheduled triple-threat match between Sally, Mercedez and LuFisto quickly turned into a tag team match when Sally's partner, Huit Rogen, tried to get involved and promoter Valérie Lefebvre added him to the fight. The team of Mercedez and LuFisto were victorious with a German Suplex from LuFisto followed by a Springboard Bulldog from the her partner on Rogen!




02/10/20 – LuFisto Vs Nyla Rose... The Results!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose and LuFisto went to war in the first ever all-female main event in 20 years of business at FLQ Wrestling!!

It took the combination of a spear, a powerbomb and a tigerbomb for Rose to prevail over LuFisto and get the 1-2-3!




02/04/20 – LuFisto Answers a Challenge at NSPW... And Hits Meave O'Farell!

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada – Former NSPW Champion Markus Burke thought he had his hands already full when “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander answered his open challenge... Until Commissioner Michael Style added one more participant in LuFisto! However, the “Violent Canadian” Burke was quick enough to capitalize on the fact that Alexander and LuFisto were battling each other to catch Josh off guard with a top rope stomp to get the 1-2-3.

After the match, LuFisto was asked about the fact that everyone wanted to see her battle Meave O'Farrell. LuFisto mentioned that she honestly didn't care too much about O'Farrell which had Meave come out, insulted. O'Farrell mentioned that LuFisto better show respect to her or she would retire soon enough... LuFisto hit Meave with the microphone, stood on top of her making sure to put all her weight on Meave's injured shoulder and mentioned that if Meave didn't show her the respect she deserve, her career would be REALLY short.




01/19/20 - C4 Snowpiercer Vs Too Cold Scorpio Results and LuFisto Vs Kelly!!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – LuFisto was able to escape a powerbomb from Too Cold Scorpion and then quickly roll him up to get the 1-2-3 over the former ECW and WWF superstar. Both wrestlers then shook hands as a sign of respect.


The Wounded Owl LuFisto Vs Hell's Favorite Harlot

Also at C*4's Snowpiercer event, it was announced that LuFisto will take on none other than "Hell's Favorite Harlot" Priscilla Kelly at Femmes Fatales 23!!

Back last August, Kelly had pinned LuFisto at The Summit in Toronto and she's been thinking about that loss ever since!

The event will take place on Friday, February 21 2020 at the St. Anthony's Banquet Hall (523 St. Anthony St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)! Also featuring: Kimber Lee, Nicole Savoy, Ivelisse, Alexia Nicole and more!!

Tickets available online through PayPal or E-Transfer or at C4 Wrestling's usual sales point! Front Row Reserved - $40 – General Admission $25.00. There will be a Meet And Greet from6:30PM to 7:30PM. Doors : 6:30PM / Start Time at 8:00PM.




01/09/20 - FLQ Awards 2019 plus LuFisto Gets Ready for Cold Wars 2020!

With her performances against Puf and Carter Mason during the past year, a match that was also a runner-up for “Match of the Year”, LuFisto was voted by FLQ Wrestling fans “2019 Most Beloved Wrestler”!



As she gets ready to face All Elite Wrestling superstar Nyla Rose in the history-making first women's main event match of the company on February 8th 2020, here's what LuFisto had to say about Cold Wars...





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