AUGUST 18, 2021 - This Week on ROH Beyond the Belles!

Alyssa Marino, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, LuFisto and special guests hand out awards based on Round 1 of #ROHWD, discuss Max the Impaler's destruction and watch Mandy Leon vs Quinn McKay in FULL!


0:00 Beyond The Belles
6:33 1st Round Awards
22:19 Vita VonStarr Interview
30:09 Willow Interview
39:33 Holidead Interview
49:02 Around the World of Women's Wrestling
59:00 Replay: Mandy Leon vs Quinn McKay




AUGUST 10, 2021 - LuFisto, Wrestling Expert Analyst for Ring of Honor!

Wednesday nights are now synonymous with Women's Division Wednesday at Ring of Honor! Now, Wednesdays also means… Beyond the Belles!

Join host Alyssa Marino, board of director member Maria Kannellis and the wrestling expert analyst LuFisto every week as they break down all of the #ROHWD action so far in the #QuestForGold Tournament! Alyssa, Maria and LuFisto also talk about what is going on in the world of women’s wrestling as well as welcoming guests

Also in this week’s Beyond the Belles, Allysin Kay battles Willow in the Women's Championship Tournament!!

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0:00 Beyond The Belles
4:38 Chelsea Green Interview
17:40 Alex Gracia Interview
39:16 Nicole Savoy Interview
1:03:59 Allysin Kay vs Willow



AUGUST 8, 2021 - LuFisto Answers a Challenge at NSPW!!

LuFisto's return to the ring got fast foward to THIS SATURDAY!! With Danhausen being unable to appear at North Shore Pro Wrestling's Play Ball this Saturday, August 7, 2021, manager Claude Maloon and Yvan Sullivan were looking for a new wrestler for their open challenge... And LuFisto answered!!!

Not only LuFisto will compete but she will also be at the 6:30 PM Meet and Greet to spend time with the fans!! There are over 1000 tickets already sold but some are left for you to grab. Get yours now and come cheer for LuFisto!!





JULY 19, 2021 - Remembering Monsieur Chu Lee and "WE LOVE LUFISTO" Fundraiser.

On July 15, 2021, I unfortunately had to let go Monsieur Chu Lee, my best friend of the past 12 years.

At his annual check up back in February, Chu was in great shape! He looked like a 3-year-old cat, him who was feisty as hell, especially when it came time to go at the vet office. Then suddenly, he started to lose weight quickly in April.

Countless tests, x-rays… A lymphoma in his intestine was discovered. Since some cats can live years with that, we started a cortisone treatment… And it didn’t work. Monsieur Chu lost more weight, was tired and very sick despite all the medications we tried.

On Monday July 12, we went to the vet again because he was in really bad shape. He had a hard time walking, swallowing or eating. The cancer was everywhere. There was nothing we could do anymore.

On July 15, 2021, holding him in my arms, telling him how much I love him and always will, Monsieur Chu Lee fell asleep forever.

I was blessed by all your thoughts, prayers and love. I’m sure Chu felt the love too.

The past months have been challenging emotionally and financially, as I spent around $6000.00 in vet bills between Chu and Mademoiselle Axelle, who required 3 emergency surgeries on her eyes. Also, since there was no way I was going to send Chu into a community grave, I got him a personal cremation, an urn, his paw print and fur which was $625.00.

Many of you reached out wanting to help so here’s how you can.

Here are three pictures of Chu and I you can get via PayPal at the price of $15.00 USD (Canada-USA) and $18.00 USD if you are international.

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Cuddle Chu

Chu Cattitude

Curious Chu

A BIG THANK YOU to the podcast Counted Out with Mike and Tyler who has launched the “WE LOVE LUFISTO” program to help during this very trying time.

From their official website:

Friend of the show and Indy legend LuFisto had a rough go during the pandemic.

Between visa issues keeping her from sharing her talents in the USA to having to spend thousands of dollars on her bills for her beloved cats, it’s fair to say she could use a helping hand.

The WE LOVE LUFISTO program sends all donations to help LuFisto with her crippling vet bills after the tragic sickness or her loved cat Axelle and the death of her very missed feline Monsieur Chu Lee as well as eventually assisting her with her visa issues so we can all be treated to seeing the greatest inter-gender wrestler of all time back on all the big stages again.

Each donor will receive a chance to be on Counted Out as well as a token of appreciation from the legend herself, LuFisto.

Go to to learn more.


Thank you for either donating to the WE LOVE LUFISTO program or simply bying a picture from this website. Everything helps. I'm extremely grateful and blessed by your love and support.

Thank you for keeping Monsieur Chu in your thoughts and in your heart. He really was my everything.

LuFisto xox




JUNE 09, 2021 - LuFisto on Cultaholic's Desert Island Graps AND It's Our House Podcast!!

It’s a big Podcast week for LuFisto has she is the guest of It's Our House Pod and Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps with Tom Campbell!!

First, recorded on May 16, 2021, LuFisto joins It's Our House Pod to talks about celebrating her past 25 years in wrestling, not wrestling for over a year due to covid, her love for Europe and Iron Maiden, wrestling with men, thoughts on AEW, Chris Benoit head injury and more.

Then, recorded on June 8, 2021, Queen of The Deathmatch LuFisto shares stories from her one-of-a-kind career, her groundbreaking work in Intergender wrestling and shares three wrestling matches she'd love to watch whilst stranded on a desert island with host Tom Campbell!


Click on the image below to listen to Desert Island Graps #86




APRIL 26, 2021 - Jordynne Grace Writes About LuFisto in Pro Wrestling Illustrated!

Newly crowned IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champion Jordynne Grace is now an official contributor and writer of the famous Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine! For her first article, she writes about her former partner in Team PAWG, LuFisto!

In a column called “Punching Up”, Jordynne talks about the path LuFisto has forged for all the women of the sport today, that she is a pioneer and a trailblazer. Enumerating her countless accomplishment, Jordynne asks why no one in the major leagues has picked up LuFisto and mentions how many of her colleague are rooting for her to finally get the moment she deserves.

Check out the full article below by clicking on the pictures:

You can get the printed version of the magazine featuring Bianca Belair on the cover in any of your favorite retailers or get the online version on the official website of PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED!




MARCH 23, 2021 - Celebrating 25 Years of Violence!

The number of times LuFisto has been told that she wouldn’t last in the world of professional wrestling is too high to even remember…
Yet, on June 19, 2021, LuFisto will be celebrating her 25th anniversary!

As we celebrate LuFisto – 25 Years of Violence, LuFisto is releasing some exclusive merchandise!

By popular demand, LuFisto has put together two designs that represents her love for heavy metal and that matches the latest sets of gear she has been wearing, inspired by the legendary bands of Slayer and Kind Diamond! Also available is an official 25th anniversary t-shirt!!

Hell Awaits

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The Curse

Since the pandemic is still preventing LuFisto to attend some shows, the three new designs are now available exclusively on ProWrestlingTees!

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FEBRUARY 28, 2021 - Spencer Love Interviews LuFisto for!!

Recorded September 2020 - Canadian wrestling legend LuFisto joins Spencer Love to chat CZW, The Summit in Toronto, going up against the Ontario Athletic Commission, her legacy, and, of course, RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Check out Spencer's awesome website for more interviews at!!




JANUARY 3, 2021 - 2020: A Year Review… One Like No Other…

2020 is finally over. I feel like I have nothing to say, yet so many things to say at the same time. I have nothing to say because I’m speechless about what this year has put us trough and that usually, I talk mostly about what I did in wrestling in these year reviews. However, in 2020, I went from wrestling every weekend and traveling everywhere into having only 6 matches.

2019 was an absolute rebirth for me as I went from “I’m retiring at the end of this year” to having the best matches and finding this confidence I didn’t know I still had in me. When January 1 hit, the future looked so bright.





DECEMBER 18, 2020 - LuFisto Enters the Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame!

The official committee of the Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame has voted for three new inductees for 2020 and they are Yukon Eric, Henri Deglane and finally, LuFisto!

Former Montreal World Champion Yukon Eric is well known because of the match with Kowalski in which he lost his ear as Deglane is known to have brought back wrestling into the mainstream in Montreal in 1928, but better known for his match against Strangler Lewis in 1931, the very first Montreal Screw Job.

When it comes to Quebec talent, LuFisto becomes the second woman to enter the Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame after Vivian Vachon. Also, she is the first ever inductee, man or woman, that only performed on the independent circuit, which makes this news even more impressive.

In the words of author and wrestling historian Patric Laprade:

“If the title of best female wrestler of the Province of Quebec was once Vivian Vachon’s, now it is LuFisto’s”.

Laprade mentions her international career but also the fact that she is an innovator for women in the hardcore wrestling style but also a pioneer when it comes to intergender wrestling as she is the first woman to hold the main championship of a men’s promotion.

You can read the whole text here (French only – use Google translate):


This is a huge honor as LuFisto is now part of the same club as legends such as the Rougeau Family, the Vachons, Pat Paterson, Rick Martel, the Leducs, PCO Pierre-Carl Ouellet, Kevin Owens but also Abdullah the Butcher, Andre the Giant, Killer Kowalski, Lou Thesz, Hulk Hogan the Raod Warriors and Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

LuFisto is now inducted into three different Hall of Fame: CZW, NSPW and the Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame.




OCTOBER 24, 2020 - LuFisto Discusses Being #35 in the PWI Top 100!

In collaboration with PWI, Bell To Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI Women’s 100 ranking to celebrate
the past year in women’s wrestling and the strong women who dedicate their lives to the sport. One of these women is LuFisto!

LuFisto, who ranked #35 on this year’s Women’s 100, chatted with Warren Hayes on her last year in wrestling, the decision to not retire, and
her role as an intergender wrestling legend.

In early 2019, LuFisto made the announcement that 2019 would be the last year of her career. However, LuFisto decided to stick around the
industry she loved, after all. Warren asked what made her decide to stay.

"I had my plan; I wanted to wrestle Tyson Dux, and then just go home and do something else. Then, I couldn’t get that match happening. I met my boyfriend who knew me for 20 years, and he’s pushing me like no one else ever did. He’s like, ‘I saw you work too hard.’ And because of him being constantly so supportive like, ‘You can do it, you can do it,’ sometimes you just need that person to believe.”

Watch the entire interview with LuFisto on her past year in wrestling below.

Buy the digital version of the Women’s 100 edition today from PWI here.




OCTOBER 16, 2020 - LuFisto Interviewed by Sassy Stephie and PWI Top 100 2020!

LuFisto is once again ranked in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 100 of female wrestlers! With Natalya from WWE, she is the only woman who has been ranked every year since its creation on 2008. That means LuFisto and Natalya have been ranked for 13 years!

With important matches against former ECW TV champion 2 Cold Scorpio, Impact Wrestling’s Josh Alexander and Canadian powerhouse Markus Burke plus her triumph at wXw’s Femmes Fatales 2019 Tournament, LuFisto ranks at No. 35.

Everyone ranked higher than LuFisto has a contract in a major promotion which makes LuFisto the first fully independent wrestling ranked on the list.


Talkin' Sass - LuFisto is a deep dive into LuFisto's over 24 year career! Hear her talk about her history with intergender wrestling, the rollercoaster ride she's had with CZW over the years, how Pegaboo got started and ended, a Wawa sandwich story, her milestone that she shares with Natalya from WWE and more! Check out the interview below!





OCTOBER 14, 2020 - LuFisto Interview with Hot Tag Hooligans!

On this episode, The Hooligans speak with wrestling legend and 24 year vet LuFisto. They discuss the effects Covid has had
on her career, Canada, the current product and more.

Also discussed are the following topics:

- The rise of Chris Dickinson
- LuFisto's love for the Ring of Honor Pure Tournament
- Sherri Martel and Luna Vachon
- The Mont Rushmore of Canadian Wrestling




OCTOBER 6, 2020 - LuFisto Partners Up with UDON Entertainment!!

You love comic books, animes and video games? Well, check out UDON Entertainment!!

They sent me this awesome shirt, Stravaganza – The Queen in the Iron Mask graphic novel and the brand-new Street Fighter wrestling pins!!

You can get yours too!!

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Follow them here:

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Official Store HERE!!!



OCTOBER 2, 2020 - LuFisto on the Bushido Diaries and IndyKast!

Rico Bushido catches up with LuFisto a few months later after their last interview! The subjects:

- No wrestling for 7 months // Cinematic matches
- Covid-19 in Canada // Closed Borders
- Bring ready for the big stage
- The importance of having women in position of power
- Follow up on the situation with CZW
- The #SpeakingOut Movement and its repercussions // The Joey Ryan lawsuit
- The situation in the United States // The debate // Racism
- Rico on Botchamania!
- Being on the WWE Network
- Her new back piece tattoo
- Rumor about a contract
- The new generation of wrestlers and what is missing in women’s wrestling
- Update on Axelle
- Answering questions from fans

An Innovator of Intergender wrestling. The First Lady of Hardcore. The Most Violent Woman in Professional Wrestling. The catalyst for the
very creation of this podcast. Episode 300 has Chad and Zac sitting down with the Wounded Owl, LuFisto! In this episode:

- Memories of Road Warrior Animal
- The time Lufisto terrified Larry Sweeney
- The best introductions to Intergender Wrestling
- Looking back on some of her biggest matches





SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 - Ringsiders Interviews LuFisto!

Ringsiders Wrestling spoke to one 'The Wounded Owl', LuFisto!

- On wrestling deathmatches and being called the 'Deathmatch Queen'
- Training with Asuka
- Thoughts on Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling
- Teaming with Jordynne Grace
- CZW, her love for Abadon, Mick Foley, etc...

Follow Ringsiders on Twitter

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SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 - WrestleHorror Speaks with LuFisto!

Horror movies, wrestling, her love for King Diamond and so much more during this interview! Check it out!!




AUGUST 28, 2020 - LuFisto LIVE Fan Interactive Interview with Hannibal!

International Superstar and current Great North Wrestling Women's Champion of Canada LuFisto does a LIVE fan interactive shoot interview with The Hannibal TV!




AUGUST 16, 2020 - LuFisto and Greg Oliver Talking about Autobiography at Wrestling Bookmarks

LuFisto and her co-author Greg Oliver talk about the upcoming LuFisto autobiography while answering questions from the fans during
an interview with Wrestling Bookmarks. Check it out!




AUGUST 9, 2020 - In Depth Interview at Arm DRAG Takedown!

LuFisto talks with Drag superstar Pollo del Mar (Twitter: @TheGlamazonPDM) about her wrestling career, intergender matches, being 40 in the world of wrestling, her love for PCO and RuPaul Charles and a terrible story that would change her forever in this interview where she opens up like never before…

Here’s the official press release:

The Inter-Gender Wrestling Icon Talks to Host Pollo Del Mar About Women’s Evolution, Hitting Her Prime at 40, Shocking Event Which Turned Her Into a Hardcore Legend

“What am I supposed to do now that I’m 40? Die?” asks Lufisto rhetorically. It’s one of many emotionally vulnerable moments during the inter-gender and hardcore icon’s intimate — and at times shocking — interview with pro wrestling podcast Arm Drag Takedown with Pollo Del Mar.

Reflecting on her extensive career, LuFisto admits it has frequently proven difficult to see her much younger opponents get the one thing which has thus far eluded her. During a 22-year career, the professional wrestling legend has never signed a contract with a national promotion.

Fortunately, as anyone who has ever seen her in the ring should know, if light tubes, thumb tacks and barbwire can’t defeat LuFisto, neither can self-doubt about aging. The story of a fellow Canadian provides motivation.
“When I see PCO — Pierre Carl Oulette — it is so inspiring to me,” she told the podcast. “He’s been to WWF, and was kicked out for a while, but he’s never lost his passion. He’s always been in love with wrestling. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he never gave up.”

Dubbed by a German promotion as “The Most Violent Woman in Wrestling,” LuFisto is surprisingly raw during an hour-plus interview with the show’s host and award-winning journalist Pollo Del Mar. The competitor who defeated Kevin (Steen) Owens to become the only woman to ever win the Combat Zone Wrestling Iron Man title says she can relate to PCO’s extended journey to true international prominence.

“All he needed was that one person to give him a chance,” LuFisto says of PCO. According to her, that moment came when PCO faced Walter at Joey Janela’s Spring Break.

“I was there live, and it was so incredible,” she confirmed, calling it the Canadian Frankenstein’s “rebirth.”

“I spoke to him after, and you could see it in his eyes,” LuFisto shared. “At 50 years old, he loved this more than ever. All he needed was one promotion — in this case it was Ring of Honor. Now he’s on TV, and he’s doing awesome.”

While it was a challenge for PCO, male competitors don’t seem to have the abbreviated shelf lives fans expect of their female counterparts, LuFisto pointed out. She grows tired of hearing how more mature talent — specifically women such as Cheerleader Melissa, former WWE superstar and NWA Women’s Champ Jazz and herself — have already peaked in their careers.

“‘They’re too old…’” she says, mimicking what she’s heard from some, “No, she’s experienced — and we need more of that in wrestling, specifically in women’s wrestling.”

At this point in her career, LuFisto contends she’s smarter, has more knowledge and greater passion for pro wrestling than ever before. And, as with fellow Canuck PCO, she is just waiting for the opportunity to show the world.

“Age is just a number,” she concludes, “When you have so much love for what you do, does age really matter? He’s the proof. No, it doesn’t.”

Also on the Podcast, LuFisto shared these Quotes:

Her Match with Josh Alexander

Not long ago, LuFisto considered hanging up the boots. A match with Impact Wrestling star “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander, though, changed all that.

“That match was so special to me,” LuFisto said of the 2019 bout when asked by Arm Drag Takedown with Pollo Del Mar which of her many high-profile opponents brought out the best in her. “The match was last year, and I was really fed up with wrestling,” she went on to say. 

After more than two decades in the ring, accomplishing things most female grapplers could only dream of, the Canadian told the podcast she was ready call it quits. She confessed to host Pollo Del Mar: “I was preparing my way out — retiring, and that was it.”

According to the star, she wanted people to believe her knees might bring her storied career to a close. That was just “an excuse,” the grizzled veteran admitted during a lengthy interview on the podcast. Behind-the-scenes, the woman who has carved her place in history as a hardcore and inter-gender wrestling icon stated, self-doubt was creeping in. While soul-searching about what the future held, the then 39-year-old LuFisto accepted a match again “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander.

While she is no stranger to stepping into the squared circle with men — LuFisto legendarily defeated Kevin (Owens) Steen for the Combat Zone Wrestling Iron Man title more than a decade ago — she couldn’t have predicted what would happen while facing the man who was then co-holder of the Impact Wrestling World tag team champions.

“I had that match with Josh, and the crowd was so crazy,” said LuFisto. “In the end, I lost that match,” she continued, “But when I stood up, I saw the fans run to the ring...and give me the biggest ovation ever!” When she returned behind the curtain, the promoter was waiting. Lufisto reflected on the emotional exchange which changed her mind — and reaffirmed her career is far from over.

“[I] said, ‘Well, maybe I still have it,’ and he said, ‘No, you never lost it. You only thought you did,’” LuFisto recalled, “And that put everything in perspective. “That’s where I decided, I love this so much. It’s in my blood. It makes me whole,” LuFisto declared.

“To me, it’s not a dream; it’s a calling,” she said, “It’s where I belong! I’ve tried to quit so many times, but I can’t. This is my calling.”

Update on CZW Labeling Women’s Matches ‘Catfights’:

“Since they’ve been called out, and there are lot of girls who went forward with stories of even sexual harassment from CZW management, everything has been extremely quiet. With the #SpeakingOut movement, I think everybody is so careful with what they’re saying, what they’re doing. Yes, there could have been people talking about lawsuits, but the main focus of this was to just not do it. We’re professional athletes. Present us as such.”

On Lance Storm’s Recent Comments About Inter-Gender Wrestling:

“Lance Storm said inter-gender should not be a thing because of what it represents, and I think he got way too much heat for what he was trying to explain. Nobody in the wrestling ring, whether it’s hardcore or inter-gender wrestling, should be forced to do it. I think he comes from a good place, where he’s probably seen it, and I’m sure he did — and I was part of it — where some guys were forced to wrestle me and I got beat up. It’s not going to happen today. Today everybody’s going to get called out, and I think people are not able to look at the bigger picture, where years ago in inter-gender wrestling, guys were against it and you had to fight for it. Back then you have to fight to be an equal, to get the ring time, to be more than the manager and the piece of meat, to be seen as an athlete and go in there in fight. Now you’ll see inter-gender wrestling everywhere, and most of the guys don’t have a problem wrestling the girls. They’ll be real excited to wrestle women, because they see it as ‘if she’s a good wrestler, she’s a good wrestler. Period.”

Dream Opponents:

“I’ve always wanted to wrestle Sumie Sakai from Ring of Honor. I’ve always felt with her Japanese style — and she’s really hard-hitting too, smaller stature but she’s so strong. I believe we could make magic together. I’ve wrestled Nyla Rose once, but I would love to wrestle her again. These are the names that usually pop into my head right away. An absolute dream would be Chris Jericho, because I think he’s the absolute best at what he does. It’s not just his gimmick.It’s real. I think he’s very, very good in all aspects of wrestling, and I think I could learn a lot from Chris Jericho.”

LuFisto talks about these subjects and much more, her upcoming autobiography and even shocks host Pollo Del Mar into silence with a story about how a wrestling-related rape she witnessed early in her career turned her into the hardcore legend she is today.

Listen to “Arm Drag Takedown with Pollo Del Mar”: Exclusive LuFisto Interview

Follow Arm Drag a Takedown HERE:




JULY 30, 2020 - LuFisto to Release Her Autobiography!

Published by ECW Press and with the help of acclaimed writer Greg Oliver, LuFisto will be releasing her autobiography!

Indeed, readers will be taken on the complete LuFisto journey. From her name changes (she previously wrestled as Lucy Fer, Luscious Lucy and Precious Lucy), stepping into the ring in such locales as Japan and Mexico and as aforementioned, her three-year battle with the OAC where she successfully fought for the right for women to wrestle men through the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and helped end the regulation of professional wrestling in the province of Ontario on May 10, 2006.





JULY 29, 2020 - The Fans Petition to Get LuFisto in All Elite Wrestling!!

No, LuFisto is not fighting AEW TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes…

But the fans are officially asking for all Elite to sign LuFisto with an online petition! Well… Lots of them are also hoping to see Cody Vs LuFisto in the process as well… Or Shida Vs LuFisto, perhaps? Whatever happens, this is pretty cool!

To sign the petition click on the link below:

-- > Book professional wrestling pioneer LuFisto on AEW Dynamite < --






JULY 02, 2020 - LuFisto on #SpeakingOut in Sports Illustrated and Buttons!!

LuFisto: ‘The law of silence needs to change in wrestling’

Allegations of rape, sexual assault and other misconduct in professional wrestling have been a central topic throughout the industry over the past weeks.

Some of the allegations have led to swift decisions by companies, most recently from Impact Wrestling, which released Joey Ryan and Dave Crist and suspended Michael Elgin on Monday evening. The #SpeakingOut allegations are horrid, ranging from sexual assault to mental abuse, and the vast majority are from women.

As allegations continue to come forward, the pro wrestling industry needs to make serious changes in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved, especially women.

For Genevieve Goulet, who broke into the business in 1997, change can only begin in one way.

Click HERE to read Justin Barrasso's article in Sports Illustrated Story and watch the video!!


LuFisto Buttons!!

By popular demand, there are some LuFisto buttons… Finally!

Add them to your metal battle vest, your purse or anywhere you wish to! Get the 5 of them for only $12.00, shipping included ($15.00 international)!!

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JUNE 15, 2020 - How CZW Promotes Women’s Wrestling and Podcast Record Numbers!

A few weeks ago, LuFisto went public about a situation regarding Combat Zone Wrestling, Stonecutter Media and the women wrestlers who have performed on their past event. There are so many things going on in the world right now, so if you missed the video, here it is…

As stated in the video, LuFisto has brought attention that Combat Zone Wrestling is allowing their footage to be marketed with titles that resemble soft-core porn videos with titles like “Top Heavy & Tough” and “All Assets Revealed.”

CZW issued the following statement, essentially telling the public the same thing LuFisto was told about how the distributor can repackage the footage however they please since they own the rights.

“Two years ago, CZW entered into a licensing agreement with a national media distributor to license CZW and WSU footage,” the promotion wrote on Twitter. “That company has the right to utilize the footage without limitation. They have repackaged and renamed shows as it is their right to do so. Our athletes, regardless of gender, are just that, athletes, whom we are proud of and appreciate. We stand behind the ring action in all our footage.”

A number of the ladies that were on the shows in question or have worked for the promotion in the past have taken CZW and owner DJ Hyde to task for selling them out. Also, many male wrestlers that have worked for CZW in the past called them out for unprofessional behavior and superstars like Mick Foley, Mikey Whipwreck and Gail Kim have shown support as well.

LuFisto has given a lot more details during some podcasts she made recently, here is a playlist you can walk:

Yes, there are a lot of terrible things happening in this world but let’s not sweep under the rug how women wrestlers are being branded without consent by employers or the sexual harassment they are victim of.

Neither CZW nor Stonecutter Media responded to requests for comment since then and this, to any media outlet. Let’s hope they will respect their female athletes when they release more footage of the women WRESLERS who worked for them in the past.

We will see how this story unfolds. Until then, spread the word and support women athletes!


Stiff Right Hand Podcast Hits Record Numbers with LuFisto!!

On May 23rd, LuFisto was giving an exclusive interview with Stu Allen from England for the podcast Stiff Right Hand!

Allen talked to the legendary Canadian journeywoman about intergender wrestling, equality and her recent dispute with CZW. Also, LuFisto gave Stu an EXCLUSIVE first ever untold story about CZW Best of the Best 2008!!

Only a week after the release of the podcasts, the number was at 106 503!!! The interview with LuFisto gave the Stiff Right Hard its highest numbers up to date and they are still going up!

You can listen to the podcast here:






JUNE 08, 2020 – NEW WEBSITE… More Progress Soon!

Although this website needs a bit work, I’ve decided to launch it immediately because I believe it’s a lot cleaner and easier to navigate than the previous one… But there is still more stuff to be added…

First, the media section… I’ve been in many magazines and did a bunch of TV shows, some are online and many not at all. Therefore, I added the MEDIAS section where you’ll be able to see all those shows and see the magazines… I just need to get some of the old stuff from the VHS tapes that I’ve been keeping in a box for years… VHS… Look it up if you are too young to know what that is! :)

Photos… I actually want to get together albums of my best pictures, stills and action shots, throughout the years. In the meantime, the PHOTOS button will send you to the photo albums on my Facebook Fan Page so you can check some of them.

FRENCH!! FRANÇAIS !! Chers fans de langue francophone! Je compte bien ajouter une version du site tout en français! Je ne sais pas quand exactement le tout sera disponible mais j’y travaille!

If there is anything else you would like to see, shoot me an e-mail:

Until then, visit the website, enjoy the videos on YouTube, join my PATREON for more exclusive content, free matches and more!!

Or do like Mick Foley and get some merchandise in the STORE!

Have a wonderful day!





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