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02/25/19 - Back from the orthopedist…

Unfortunately, I have to cancel more dates…

- March 16 - JCW in Jonquière, Québec
- March 24th - Smash Wrestling, Toronto, Ontario

The news were not good and I have a lot to process this morning. Tough decisions will have to be made.

I’ll decide what I will do in the next few days or weeks. At this point, I just don’t know.

Thank you,





02/23/19 - Wrestler Kicks her Own Ass Falling Down the Stairs!

Yep, you read that right.

As I was walking down the stairs, I slipped. My foot stayed where it was as my body fell on top of it, which looked like I had kicked my own ass. I screamed my lungs out and stayed there for a couple of minutes. I slowly got back up and I could feel my heartbeat in my right knee.

I put ice on the limb, took Tylenols, elevated my foot, did some stretching but nothing was working. It was not getting better. As I was getting ready to leave for Femmes Fatales in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to face Allysin Kay, my knee just said no… It started to swell and hurt.

It is with a knee that looked like a grapefruit that I ended up in the hospital in my hometown of Sorel, Canada. I waited over 10 hours to be seen as urgent cases kept coming in.

My huge grapefruit knee... :/

I was diagnosed with a severe sprain and there is some concerned that I might have torn something in my quadriceps. However, I won’t know until Monday when I meet with an orthopaedic doctor.

Unfortunately, that is why I wasn’t able to attend Femmes Fatales yesterday and that I have to cancel my upcoming bookings for the next few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back in the ring sooner than later. I’m hoping to be ready for March 16th but I can’t predict how the recovery will go.

I apologize to the promoters and fans for missing the shows. If you want to get some merchandise or if there is some collector’s items you would like, please let me know or visit as anything would help.

Best regards.





02/19/19 – Results from Combat Zone Wrestling, Promotions NCW and LuFisto in the CZW Hall of Fame!

Saturday, February 9th in Voorhees, NJ, USA – Leyla Hirsch got the best of LuFisto by rolling her up for the 1-2-3 at CZW Twenty.

Later that night, it’s alongside B-Boy, Messiah, Adam Flash, Sonjay Dutt, Miss Sampson (for Trent Acid) that Lufisto was inducted into the CZW Hall of Fame. Not only is LuFisto the first women to participate in the Best of the Best tournament (and being voted People’s Choice that night) but she remains the only woman to ever step into the cage of Death and hold CZW gold when she beat Kevin Steen (Kevin Owen’s) in 2006 for the CZW IronMan Championship.

Sunday, February 10th in Ile-Perrot, Quebec, Canada – LuFisto challenged NCW Quebec Champion Jeff Racette in the main event of the day but was unfortunately unsuccessful in adding more gold around her waist as Racette was able to hit her with a Pedigree after kicking her between the legs without the referee noticing the illegal hit.



02/07/19 - ACW-Rogue Women Warriors Results

Saturday, February 2nd 2019 in Reading, PA - Despite being visibly hurt by all the damage Thunder Rosa had afflicted on her back, LuFisto rolled up La Mera Mera with a hand full of tights to retain her Rogue World Champion. She shook Rosa’s hand after the match only to attack her again and blaming her for her pain.

As LuFisto was arguing with Rosa, Tess Valentine ran in, cashed in her open contract and hit her Fireman’s Carry Driver to get the pin fall over LuFisto and become for the second time in her career, the Rogue World Champion!



01/28/19 - Metroplex Wrestling Results

Saturday, January 26th 2019 in Bedford, TX – LuFisto was victorious over Livi Loca via Burning Hammer at Metroplex Wrestling's Do or Die that took place in Bedford, Texas.



01/25/19 - LuFisto to be Inducted in the CZW Hall of Fame!

From Combat Zone Wrestling...

Today people talk about a Women's Revolution, but an original trendsetter was LuFisto.

Best of the Best. Cage of Death. LuFisto helped shape the landscape of wrestling for female athletes. On February 9th, join us in welcoming LuFisto to the CZW Hall of Fame at #CZW20



01/21/19 - Another Kimber Lee-LuFisto Classic & No Contest Against Jordynne!!

Friday, January 18th 2019 in Bronx, NY – LuFisto defeated Kimber Lee via Widowmaker in another classic between the two women that had the fans on their feet screaming “Fight Forever” at Brii Combination Wrestling’s Queen of the North event!

LuFisto grabbing Kimber Lee by the nose while arguing with the fans - Photo by Matt Josephson

Saturday, January 19th 2019 in Queens, NY – As soon as Jordynne Grace’s music hit, LuFisto attacked her with a trash can. The action went all around the ringside area as well as in the squared circle. Things got so intense that LuFisto decided to choke Grace until she couldn’t breathe which referee Jake Clemons believed to be too much. As she tried to do it again, Clemons pulled LuFisto from Jordynne… This infuriated LuFisto who speared him. Grace then hit LuFisto and slammed the referee on top of her.

Another red came to the rescue… But Jordynne kicked him in the privates and LuFisto kicked him right on the head. Jordynne and LuFisto then attacked each other which lead Senior Referee Brian Tolle to run all and stop the chaos. Even in a No Holds Barred Match, officials are never allowed to be touched which in this case, 2 refs had been laid out. The whole Shine locker room was emptied in trying to separate Jordynne and LuFisto.


01/07/19 – Successful Defense and LuFisto Gets Honored in Canada!

Saturday, January 5th 2019 in Montreal, Quebec,Canada – With special guest referee Sweet Cherrie, LuFisto defeated Missy at Fusion Championship Wrestling to retain her Rogue World Championship in the first ever defense of the title on Canadian soil.

LuFisto Honored for 21 years of Breaking Barriers for Female Wrestlers.

As LuFisto was shaking hands with the fans and about to leave the ringside area, Sweet Cherrie, LuFisto's first ever wrestling student, took the microphone and asked for her to come back in the ring.

Cherrie sais that the only reason she was able to realize her dream to become a professional wrestler is only because LuFisto alone believed in her. There wouldn't be as many female wrestlers in Quebec if it wasn't from her.

Cherrie mentioned that, for 21 years, LuFisto had fought constantly for the rights of women wrestlers,for them to be treated as equals and get the same opportunities as their male colleagues. Cherrie kept going by saying that, without LuFisto, many things would be much different and that women wrestling wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't from her... That it was about time that people recognize her hard work and give her credit she deserve.

All the young generation of female wrestlers that were on the show as well as Bettie Rage and Missy joined in to celebrate LuFisto's career with a plaque that read:

To celebrate the 21 year career of
in the world of professional wrestling.
On top of a successful career that led you to travel the world,
you inspired many generations of young ladies
to become wrestlers themselves.

We thank you and will always be grateful.



01/01/19 - ACW-Rogue and WWR Results... Plus, a Rogue Championship Match in Canada!!

Saturday, December 29th in Reading, PA – LuFisto defeated ”The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart via Burning Hammer to retain her Rogue World Championship at ACW’s What Lies Beneath that was taking place at Nightclub Reverb!

Sunday, December 30th in Worcester, MA – The student-teacher team of LuFisto and Trixie Tash were victorious over Sonya Strong and Violette in a non-tournament match at Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s Tournament for Tomorrow.

LuFisto to Defend the Rogue World Championship in Canada!

Next Saturday, January 5th 2019, for the first time ever in the Atomic Championship Wrestling’s women’s division history, the Rogue World Championship will be defended in another country!

The current reigning and defending Rogue Champion LuFisto will put her title on the line against a veteran in Quebec Wrestling, the enigmatic Missy. People in attendance are in for a rough fight both fighters will be under the supervision of special guest referee Sweet Cherrie!

The match will take place at Centre de Loisirs des Sourds de Montréal, located at 8146 Rue Drolet, Montréal, QC, Canada! Doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is 7:30 PM! You can get tickets here:

See you in Montreal peeps!



12/17/18 – ACW-Rogue "Glory to the Brave" Results.

Saturday, December 15th in Stevens, PA – With Brittany Blake missing her top rope stomp, Rogue World Champion LuFisto capitalized and hit Blake with a Back Fist and Burning Hammer combo to retain her championship.



12/01/18 – ACW-Rogue at Game Changer World Results

Friday, November 30th in Allentown, PA – In a very controversial way, LuFisto retained her Rogue World Championship. “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein had pinned the champion but saw the decision reversed by referee Larry Peace. Peace was hit by LuFisto’s feet moments prior and made the three count still being dizzy.

Picture taken by Dave Muscarella

A few seconds after, he realized the Rogue Championship was in the ring with LuFisto complaining about her head hurting and also pointing at the championship belt. Peace then put two and two together and thought Klein had hit LuFisto with the object and disqualified Kelly instead… LuFisto left the ring still the Rogue World Champion laughing!


11/27/18 – Results from Showcase of Champions at WrestleCade 2018.

Friday, November 23rd 2018 in Winston-Salem, NC – It took a back hand slap, a German suplex and a Fisherman DDT for Harlow O’Hara to retain her Battle Club Pro Icons Championship against the Wounded Owl LuFisto.



11/20/18 - Smash Wrestling's Challenge Accepted Results.

Saturday, November 17th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - LuFisto defeated "The Wild Child" Jody Threat via Burning Hammer in her return match home to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.






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