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04/25/19 - LuFisto Enters The Northern plus Wrestling Seminar!!

On June 1st and 2nd, Smash Wrestling presents its annual “The Northern Tournament” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the card is STACKED!!

Names like Matt Cross, Tyson Dux, Mike Bailey, Josh Briggs, Evil Uno, Psycho Mike Rollins, Stu Grayson, Anthony Greene, Jason Kincaid, Sebastian Suave, Carter Mason, Jim Stryder, The Blade, John Greed and none other than Ultimo Dragon have entered the tournament…

Entrant No. 16 is… The only woman in the tournament: LuFisto!!

Who will the Wounded Owl face in the first round is still unknown at this moment but it’ll definitely be a tough challenge considering the incredible participants!


LuFisto Seminar in Sorel-Tracy!

Forget about rolling for 2 hours and bring your pen and papers! LuFisto will teach everything she can in two hours when it comes to everything besides wrestling moves. Subjects like:

- Etiquette
- Ring awareness
- Character development
- Working with the referees
- The art of selling
- The forgotten rules
- Wrestling terms

Please note that this seminar will be in French. If you would be interested in attending one in English in the near future, feel free to reach out to LuFisto.

For this one, you can subscribe by sending an e-mail to

Cost is $30.00.

See you Saturday, May 11th at 12h00!

Invest in yourself!






04/22/19 - 04/22/19 - LuFisto, New LLCV Champion and Big Match Scheduled Against Nick Reznor!

Saturday, April 20th 2019 in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, Canada - LuFisto became the first woman to win the La Lutte C Vrai Championship when she defeated “Kickmaster” David LaRusso and champion Cecil Nyx as part of a special VIP match at Xtreme Zone Wrestling’s Night of the Champions 2019! This is the 5th main title of promotion of her career, the first one being the All Star Wrestling Canadian Championship in 2001. As she was celebrating, Nick Reznor came into the ring to spin in her face.

Later during the night, LuFisto cost Reznor the XZW Tag Team Championship when she prevented him to help partner Black Eagle when he was getting pinned. Nick then challenged LuFisto to a match on May 11th which the Wounded Owl gladly accepted.



04/14/19 - LuFisto No.1 Contender and the #LuFistoToMYC Movement!

Saturday, April 13th 2019 in L’Épiphanie, Québec, Canada - Team Sorel was victorious over The Sherbrooke Cartel in a Survivor Match at La Lutte C Vrai. At first, Kickmaster dave LaRusso thought he was the only survivor but LuFisto came back from backstage after an altercation with Kath Von Goth… LuFisto was not legal when she had left the ring so she was still in the match, therefore a Survivor as well!

As LaRusso and LuFisto were arguing, their partners, Phil and Max from Rock N’ Road, ran back to stop them. With them both being contender the the La Lutte C Vrai’s main championship, a Triple-Threat Match has been set next Saturday in Sorel-Tracy Qc for the title as chamion Cecil Nyx will put his championship on the line against both Sorel natives. Visit the EVENTS section for details!

LuFisto to WWE’s Mae Young Classic?

No, LuFisto has not been contacted to be one of the participants for this year’s 2019… But the fans want her to be and are making their voices heard on social media!

It all started when Women’s Wrestling Revolution and Beyond Wrestling posted:

Without question @LuFisto is one of the most influential professional wrestlers of the last 20 years. Nobody is owed anything in wrestling but I can't think of anyone more deserving to compete in the 2019 @MaeYoungClassic. With fan support we can make this happen. #LuFistoToMYC

From then, the wrestling fans around the world took over and the #LuFistoToMYC started trending. A fan also started a petition to get LuFisto in the tournament here:

Close to 2000 fans have already signed and the number is going up as many want LuFisto’s last year to be memorable. Promotions, fellow wrestlers and fans are sharing with personal messages, giving LuFisto a lot of credit for starting the actual women’s wrestling revolution and breaking several barriers for women in the industry.

Whatever happens, please know that this outpouring of love and support is already memorable and overwhelming. Thank you for always believing in LuFisto and this fabulous the outpouring of love!





04/12/19 – Postponing England and Germany… And Hello Canada!

My dear English and German fans (and also Canadian),

I’m very sorry to inform you that I do need to postpone my trip to Cardiff, Wales and London where I had two events scheduled, “BEW - An Evening With The Legend LuFisto” and also “British Empire Wrestling’s Summertime Smash”. I was also planning on stopping at wXw the week before which wasn’t announced yet.

Because I’m not wrestling as much as I used to be but also because I need to start planning my life after retirement, I just found a very good job which will prevent me from leaving for many days to wrestle, at least for the next three months. As the new employee, I will have to fill the schedule of people leaving for vacations so taking days off will be very limited until September.

I’ve already spoke with Tassilo from wXw and Declan from BEW and we are working on planning something later this year, possibly November. I know tickets have been already sold for the “Evening with…” event so please know that your tickets will be honoured at the later date and if you can’t make it, please feel free to let Declan or me know so we can work something out.

I truly apologize for this situation and I hope to see you all later this year.

This also means that my next few matches will mainly be taking place on Canadian soil where I’m now permanently located again. So I’ll see you very soon my Canadian friends! Eh!

Much love,




04/08/19 – Xtreme Zone Wrestling in Drummondville Results.

Saturday, April 6th 2019 in Drummondville, Quebec, CAN – The “Wicked Witch of the East” Kath Von Goth was victorious over La Parfaite Caroline and LuFisto. Kath first hit LuFisto with a chain as she was standing on the apron before Caroline was able to hit her stunner. Von Goth threw Caroline outside to steal the victory.




04/05/19 – wXw and Shimmer Women Athletes Cancelations plus XZW This Saturday!

Just a few words to say I’m terribly sorry for missing wXw America ist Wunderbar yesterday in Queens, NY. I was schedule to face Yuu in a match we both had been looking forward so much. Yuu, please accept my apologies and thank you to “Baby PAWG” Jordynne Grace for replacing me.

Due to family emergency and other things regarding my private life, I had to drive back to Canada yesterday which means that I will also be missing Shimmer Women Athletes at La Boom today.

Also, I would like to apologize for the fans. I know some of you drove a long way to see me and that many of you had asked to get my new t-shirt in NYC. Please know that you can get them via my website and that I will send them ASAP.

All you need to do is to send the following amounts to the PayPal address below.

Canada and United States: USA $35.00 (S to XL) - $40.00 (2XL & 3XL)
International $45.00 (S to XL) - $50.00 (2XL & 3XL)

All you need to do is to send the amount in USD Funds here:

Thank you to wXw and Shimmer for understanding the situation, their support and love as I’m going through a lot.


Added Date this weekend in Drummondville, Quebec…

Since I’m back in Canada for this weekend, my good friends at Xtreme Zone Wrestling have added me to a match this Saturday in a city close to my hometown.

I’ll be fighting an old nemesis in La Parfaite Caroline and hard working “Wicked Witch of the East” Kath Von Goth. The event takes place at:

Salle Le Royal
284 rue St-Marcel, Drummondville J2B 2E7

Meet & Greet: 6H30 PM - Bell time: 7:30 PM
Tickets: VIP $20.00 - General Admission: $15.00
Kids under 6-12: $10.00 - Kinds Under 5: FREE

There will be a cool meet and greet where you'll be able to chat with me, take pictures and get merchandise!

Thank you to XZW for giving me work this weekend as I lost a lot not being able to be in NYC.

See you fans tomorrow in Drummondville!

LuFisto xox





03/24/19 - Official Retirement T-Shirt on Pre-Sale: LuFisto 1997-2019

Here is the official retirement t-shirt LuFisto 1997-2019. As you fans suggested, it represents the 4 faces of LuFisto, from Lucy Fer to Precious Lucy, to the Super Hardcore Anime to the Wounded Owl…

Since I thought I had a limited time to get them, I already ordered the t-shirts this past Friday from Medium to 3XL. However, things have changed as I am not going to Shimmer Women Athletes in Berwyn, IL anymore next week.

Therefore, if you want size SMALL, 4XL and 5XL, you can now order them in presale right now! Those three sizes will ONLY be available through pre-sale. You can also reserve other sizes, medium to 2XL, as well if you want to! UPDATE: Presale has ended for those sizes.

Prices for all the different sizes are:

Canada and United States: USA $35.00 (S to XL) - $40.00 (2XL & 3XL)
International $45.00 (S to XL) - $50.00 (2XL & 3XL)

I will also have them with me starting April 4th at wXw in New York City! Also, next weekend is now open for bookings!

Thank you!




03/21/19 - Join LuFisto's Patreon and Get More... Plus Some Matches Added to the Calendar!

It was suggested to me several time to have own Patreon so I finally got one!

I’ve been a professional wrestler for close to 22 years but I’m also a graphic designers and a music lover. I actually played bass while also singing in a band when I was a teenager. Although I’m heading towards retirement, I have a lot of knowledge to share and things I would like to talk about and I can also teach a thing or two to the new generation!

I tried to have a Pivotshare account to share my matches but will admit that I’m not of fan of it. Therefore from now on, I will release my matches plus tell the story behind the matches on Patreon.

I also tried a write a blog but I feel it is getting lost with all the things you can find on the internet. With Patreon, there can be vlogs, Q&A, pictures, blogs with untold stories, some of my artwork possibly, pictures and critics of music events I attend and probably a lot more… Some contests too perhaps? So many options!

I also offer a Tier especially for wrestlers. I give you my 22 years of experience in the world of professional wrestling at your disposal to better yourself. Let’s work on your weaknesses and amplify your strengths! Need help with an upcoming storyline or promo? I’m here for you! You need to work on your character? Need to develop your brand? I can help you with that too!

With Patreon I believe I will reach mostly the biggest fans and friends but also young wrestlers looking for help. And let’s be honest, it will help me get some extra revenue as without wrestling, things have been quite challenging.

I might add more stuff eventually, although I haven’t been drawing much in the past few years (blame wrestling), I could share some of my artwork… Or personal photo shoots?

So pick a Tier for you and enjoy the ride!! CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY PATREON!

As always, I’m also always open to suggestions!



Back in the ring soon until the end of the year...

Some matches of what could be called my “Farewell Tour” have been added to my calendar!

First, as part of the WWN Live Experience, I will be at Amerika ist Wunderbar presented to you by Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) on Thursday, April 4th 2019 at La Boom, 56-15 Northern Blvd, Woodside, New York 11377. Bell time is 4:00 PM!! I will be facing none other than Yuu!!

Also, I’ll be at Femmes Fatales on May 4th in what will be my last match for the promotion. The event will take place at Centre Horizon in Quebec City!
Check the EVENT page of this website for all the info!




03/14/19 - Special Guest Announcer at FLQ and LuFisto on TV!

LuFisto, Ring Announcer!

LuFisto might not be back in action for now but she will be in a wrestling ring tomorrow night at FLQ Wrestling as she will be the special guest announcer of the evening!

An extraordinary card awaits the wrestling fans in attendance as talents such as Tyson Dux, Renee Dupree, Josh Alexander, Sebastian Suave, Player Uno, Stu Grayson and many more will be in action!

FLQ Wrestling presents “Unbreakable” tomorrow night, Friday March 13th at Bain Mathieu located at 2915 Ontario Est, Montreal, Quebec H2K 1X7 at 8 PM!

Come see great wrestling and LuFisto as a ring announcer… She will also have her merchandise! See you at FLQ!

LuFisto at MaTV Sorel-Tracy

LuFisto was a guest at “Mise À Jour Sorel-Tracy” TV show hosted by Stefane Martin where she talked about her career and her last year as a pro wrestler.

The interview is in French and will be aired next Wednesday, March 20th at 6h30 PM but also:

Wednesday: 10h30 PM
Thursday: 6h00 AM, 12h00 PM, 6h00 PM, 10h30 PM
Friday: 12h00 PM, 5h00 PM, 11h30 PM
Saturday: 3h00 PM, 4h30 PM
Sunday: 3h30 PM

It will also be available online here:


There is also an article available here:






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