03/17/20 - LuFisto's Upcoming events Canceled due to COVID-19!

As the whole world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, it was only natural, responsible and safe for the governments around the world to cancel all gatherings to minimize the possibility of an infected person to spread it to others.

Therefore, as a regulation established by the Quebec and Ontario governements, the following events were canceled:

- March 14 – NBW 2.0 in Victoriaville, Qc
- March 20 – C4 Wrestling in Ottawa, On
- April 4 – NSPW in Quebec City

Also, there will be more time to order LuFisto's Metal Goddess by Of th Dead Designs T-shirt if you are a 4Xl and up!

LuFisto's next event might be on May 1st in Ottawa, Ontario for C4 Wrestling if the situation gets better when we get there.

Until then, please be safe and don't take this situation lightly.




03/01/20 - LuFisto Wins the Great North Wrestling Women's Championship!

Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada - LuFisto made Jessika Black tap via La Crucetta to become the new Great North Wrestling Women's Champion. This is LuFisto's 25th championship!




02/28/20 - LuFisto, Female Quebec Wrestler of the Year... And more!

Back home, back at the top!! As LuFisto's first year back living in Quebec, Canada, she secures her top spot once again at the No. 1 Female Wrestler of the Province of the 2020 Quebec Wrestling's Awards!

Was definitely once of LuFisto's best years when it comes to wrestling despite the fact that she thought it would be the last one before being fully cleared by her doctor! With incredible matches at C4 Wrestling, FLQ and by winning the JCW Tag Team and the LLCV Championships as well as the wXw Femmes Fatales tournament in Germany, it seems like the veteran is on a roll has this is the 14th time she get the coveted No. 1 spot!

But that's not all!

Her match against Josh Alexander at C4 Wrestling was voted as a runner-up for Match of the year as many name this match as best of the year at C4! She was also a runner-up for most popular wrestler of the year!!

Last but not least, she was name as one of the Top 5 Best Wrestlers of the Decade!!

2020 has started strong already! Let's keep it that way!!





02/24/20 – Femmes Fatales 23 and NBW Blindate Results!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – In a completely insane grudge match, LuFisto finally avenged her Summit loss to "Hell's Favorite Harlot" Priscilla Kelly with a Burning Hammer through a door!

Drummondville, Quebec, Canada – The scheduled triple-threat match between Sally, Mercedez and LuFisto quickly turned into a tag team match when Sally's partner, Huit Rogen, tried to get involved and promoter Valérie Lefebvre added him to the fight. The team of Mercedez and LuFisto were victorious with a German Suplex from LuFisto followed by a Springboard Bulldog from the her partner on Rogen!




02/10/20 – LuFisto Vs Nyla Rose... The Results!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose and LuFisto went to war in the first ever all-female main event in 20 years of business at FLQ Wrestling!!

It took the combination of a spear, a powerbomb and a tigerbomb for Rose to prevail over LuFisto and get the 1-2-3!




02/04/20 – LuFisto Answers a Challenge at NSPW... And Hits Meave O'Farell!

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada – Former NSPW Champion Markus Burke thought he had his hands already full when “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander answered his open challenge... Until Commissioner Michael Style added one more participant in LuFisto! However, the “Violent Canadian” Burke was quick enough to capitalize on the fact that Alexander and LuFisto were battling each other to catch Josh off guard with a top rope stomp to get the 1-2-3.

After the match, LuFisto was asked about the fact that everyone wanted to see her battle Meave O'Farrell. LuFisto mentioned that she honestly didn't care too much about O'Farrell which had Meave come out, insulted. O'Farrell mentioned that LuFisto better show respect to her or she would retire soon enough... LuFisto hit Meave with the microphone, stood on top of her making sure to put all her weight on Meave's injured shoulder and mentioned that if Meave didn't show her the respect she deserve, her career would be REALLY short.





01/19/20 - C4 Snowpiercer Vs Too Cold Scorpio Results and LuFisto Vs Kelly!!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – LuFisto was able to escape a powerbomb from Too Cold Scorpion and then quickly roll him up to get the 1-2-3 over the former ECW and WWF superstar. Both wrestlers then shook hands as a sign of respect.


The Wounded Owl LuFisto Vs Hell's Favorite Harlot

Also at C*4's Snowpiercer event, it was announced that LuFisto will take on none other than "Hell's Favorite Harlot" Priscilla Kelly at Femmes Fatales 23!!

Back last August, Kelly had pinned LuFisto at The Summit in Toronto and she's been thinking about that loss ever since!

The event will take place on Friday, February 21 2020 at the St. Anthony's Banquet Hall (523 St. Anthony St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)! Also featuring: Kimber Lee, Nicole Savoy, Ivelisse, Alexia Nicole and more!!

Tickets available online through PayPal or E-Transfer or at C4 Wrestling's usual sales point! Front Row Reserved - $40 – General Admission $25.00. There will be a Meet And Greet from6:30PM to 7:30PM. Doors : 6:30PM / Start Time at 8:00PM.




01/09/20 - FLQ Awards 2019 plus LuFisto Gets Ready for Cold Wars 2020!

With her performances against Puf and Carter Mason during the past year, a match that was also a runner-up for “Match of the Year”, LuFisto was voted by FLQ Wrestling fans “2019 Most Beloved Wrestler”!



As she gets ready to face All Elite Wrestling superstar Nyla Rose in the history-making first women's main event match of the company on February 8th 2020, here's what LuFisto had to say about Cold Wars...





01/06/20 –2019 or Another Year Review For You to Read!

I used to review my year, at least my wrestling year, every December but then I stopped. I don't know exactly why but probably because I thought I was at the same place doing the same thing and that there was really nothing to talk about, celebrate, or something like that.

It is not a secret that 2017 and 2018 were rough for me on a personal level as I've been very open about dealing with cancer cells and depression. A lot of people have been asking questions about some decisions I made this past year so here are some answers...





12/23/19 – LuFisto Answers to Jessika Black and New Gear for Sale!

Great North Wrestling Women's Champion of Canada Jessika Black had harsh words for her next challenger, LuFisto.

According to LuFisto, it seems that Black might be sufferring from amnesia... Or does she? On top of that, the gentleman in charge of the interview also seems to have a problem reading and listening...

So, here's what LuFisto had to say following the interview with Jessika Black...

Jessika Black is set to defend her championship at GNW's "Annihilation" event on February 29th in Smiths Falls at the Gallipeau Center Theater. Tickets are on sale now at the venue or online at


Black & Blue Gear - NSPW Hall of Fame, Femmes Fatales, LLCV Win!

Get your hands on the gear LuFisto was wearing when she won the La Lutte C Vrai (LLCV) Championship, her 5th main championship of a male promotion, a title she kept for 203 days! That is also what she wore at Femmes Fatales 22 in Quebec City in an absolute war against Cheeleader Melissa. NSPW then inducted her into their Hall of Fame that day on May 4th 2019!





12/20/19 - A Crazy First Time Ever Match: LuFisto Vs 2 Cold Scorpio!!


We’ve got another one for January 17th! And what a big match it will be…


Making his return to C*4 after several years is the legendary 2 Cold Scorpio! His opponent… A legend in her own right… LuFisto!

Don’t miss out on this first ever encounter set for C*4 presents "Snowpiercer" - First event of 2020!




12/15/19 – New Website, We the Indie and Partnering with Purfect Bracelets!

New year, new website! Well, since the other one kept mentioning my “retirement”, it was time to update it.

And what a year it has been.

I'm not going to write down a full year retrospective, at least not now, but it's incredible how things can change quickly, from very bad to very good (sometimes the opposite). It's also incredible on how you can meet the right person at the right time. How reconnecting with people who knew you back then can help have a better perspective on what happened or where you are going.

Back in February, yes I did have a knee problem. However, most of all, I was extremely fed up with wrestling for many reasons. Months later, the knee is great and the love is back... Main reasons why I decided to keep going.

Actually, I invite you all to listen to the following podcast with the amazing Sugar Dunjerton and We the Indie. Intergender wrestling, unsolicited DM's, wanting the good guys to succeed and explaining the whole process on how I took the decision to not retire.

I might had some more stuff to this website in the upcoming weeks, not sure what yet... But at least now, it is up to date!



Purfect Bracelets to Help Rescues!

Established in 2018, Purfect Bracelets was founded to make a difference for rescues. Their passion is designing apparel that you and your furry best friend will both love, such as matching collar and bracelet sets.

So when they reached out for me to become a spokesperson for them. I couldn't say no. I have 4 cats at home and there are just no words to describe the joy and love my furry babies give me.

My cats may be in a good home but unfortunately, many feline end up in shelters. The good news is that every Purfect Bracelets order helps feed rescues worldwide as they are partnering with no-kill shelters and donating 25% of profits!

Collars, bracelets and more with a special cause!

So visit their website now by clicking on the name below and save 40% with the LuFisto's Code: CatNap

From the bottom of my heart, from Slash, Axelle, Billy Bob and Monsieur Chu Lee, we thank you!





11/23/19 - Empire Dream 2019 and Evening with LuFisto Cancelled...

As LuFisto was just arriving to the Montreal Airport to fly to Europe yesterday, she was informed by British Empire Wrestling promoter Declan Kellet that the corporate hirer he was dealing with was running into major issues.

That issue was that the head gasket of the ring van has blown which means the ring van and the ring is awaiting to be picked up and taken to a garage. This was putting the Sunday show in major jeopardy as they were really unsure they could find another ring fitting in to the corporate hirer's budget.

Mr, Kellet explained that they wouldn't feel comfortable if LuFisto flew all the way from Canada to London when the show Empire Dream 2019 was probably not happing anyway, an even where she was scheduled to take on Kasey Owens. BEW made the decision that it would be best for LuFisto not to travel to the UK with so much uncertainty and the event hanging in the balance.

Later yesterday, it seemed that the show would be a go as the corporate hirer had found another ring... Only to totally cancelled the event a few hours later.

Of course, the “Evening with LuFisto” was also cancelled.

LuFisto was told by the corporate hirer that her that her wage as well as all the expenses she had getting to the airport would be covered.

She is still waiting on an update...

***Update: Everything has been settled.




11/20/19 - FLQ No Fear Results and LuFisto Vs AEW's Nyla Rose in February!!

Friday, November 15th 2019 in Montreal, Quebec – In a hard hitting back and forth fight, LuFisto defeated Carter Mason via Tiger Driver. After the match, FLQ owner Dina Manneris came out.

She mentioned that LuFisto needed to be recongnize for her fight for women's wrestlers to been seen as equals and that because of her, intergender matches were possible in Canada. She also mentioned that FLQ would present their first ever women's main event on February 8th 2020 when LuFisto would face...

The screen lit up showing none other than All Elite Wrestling superstar Nyla Rose!

LuFisto Vs Nyla Rose at FLQ Wrestling!

On February 8, for the first time in the history of FLQ Wrestling, the promotion will have a women’s main event when Quebec legend LuFisto faces AEW star Nyla Rose!

You can now secure your seats for the show that already has all of the country talking! Think of your Christmas gifts!

VIP ticketholders for Cold Wars will also have access to a special meet-and-greet session with Nyla Rose including a picture with her and an autographed 8X10 included in the ticket price!

Get your tickets HERE!





11/10/19 – LuFisto Loses the La Lutte C Vrai Championship at XZW!

Saturday, November 9th 2019 in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec – “Racoon” Jason Petitclerc and LuFisto battled all over the venue at Xtreme Zone Wrestling!

Peticlerc attempted to pin LuFisto using the ropes as leverage but Commissioner Jimmy King Jackson pushed Jason's legs to avoid the pin fall. Jason argues with King, school boy by LuFisto but kick out by Petitclerc. LuFisto picks up Jason but he rakes her eyes and puts her on his shoulders. Jackson jumps on the apron and pulls LuFisto down... However, Petitclerc pushes the champions into the commissioner and rolls her up quickly holding her tights for the 1-2-3. The Raccoun is the new LLCV Champion.





11/04/19 – LuFisto Makes Surprise Appearance at NSPW!

Saturday, November 2nd 2019 in Quebec City, Quebec.

After years of absence, the former NSPW Champion and only woman to hold the championship made a surprise apperance at the annual NSPW Standing 30 entering at number 24!

LuFisto faced off against Meave O'Farrell right from the start. She was able to eliminate Brad Alexis but right way, Benjamin Tull picked up the Wounded Owl to throw her out, she held on to the rope and landed on the apron.

She punched Tull but O'Farell was right there waiting to hit LuFisto with a hard Inziguri kick which threw LuFisto on the floor and therefore, elimiting her from the Standing 30.





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