You love wrestling? You listen to heavy metal all day and you can't wait to jump into the next mosh pit? You are a creative motherfucker that designs stuff? You are so addicted to coffee that you can sleep right after 5-6 cups of this magnificent elixir? You are a crazy cat daddy or mommy?

Well, fuck! This Patreon is for you!

Since I joined Patreon, I restricted myself to professional wrestling stuff but the problem is that, as much as wrestling has been a major part of my life, there are a lot more things that passionate me!

When it comes to wrestling (where most of you probably know me from), I've been involved in this sport-entertainment form of art for 23 years already! Therefore, I have a vast library of matches I want like to share with you, even the ones that suck donkey dick! I have a lot of stories I should share about this strange business as well!

Also, I'm am avid lover of coffee as I will buy and try so many things... I also have a lifetime subscription to the point cards of Starbucks and Tim Horton's. You could say I'm a fancy one when it comes to this addiction as I prefer the flavored beans... Well, grounds since I'm too lazy to grind them.

Music is definitely has been a big part of my life, mostly heavy metal. From classics to power metal to even some screaming alternative metal, I attend as many concerts as I can... Although as they say “So little money, so little time... But so many concerts!” At least, that's what I say! I actually played bass while also singing in a band when I was a teenager. I still sing but mostly in my car… Or you might catch a glimpse of yours truly at a karaoke bar near you, who knows?!

I have 3 cats so you can call me a crazy cat mom! Actually, I hope we can share pictures of cats as they make me happy... I think I'm following more cat pages on Instagram than anything else!

Besides that, I'm a little fucked up human being who suffered from depression and weight problems on top of also having to deal with cancer cells on my cervix. With that being said, I take great pride in being a survivor in every aspect of life.

So, wrestling, my usual human life, struggles and illnesses, being a woman in a men’s world, the concerts I attend, the bands I discover, the PPV I’m watching, hot topics in the news and wrestling… So many things I can write about… Or vlog about... Sexy French accent included!!

Last but not least... Wrestlers and wrestling personnel, I have a special Tier for you!

Up the Irons with a cup of coffee in hand, with bruises all over my body!





$2 - Your 2 cents... I mean 2 bucks!

You've officially joined my Patreon and we are now friends! 2 bucks isn't much but two lovely of you can help me get a Tim Horton's coffee when I'm on the road! You will get access to some Patreon-Only content feed... It is also the perfect tier to start if you are not sure about Patreon. 

However, I hope you will enjoy this journey and take it up a notch to see more of my stuff and be part of the big community!


1. Patreon-only content feed
2. My gratitude and love  

$5 – Coffee Addict

You love coffee as much as I do and want to contribute into putting a little vanilla shot in mine? Well, thank you for joining the $5 tier where we can share or love for coffee and much more... Eh, if you're thing is alcohol, it's fine too! I love Bloody Caesars too! (available in Canada only but you should really try it) 

Check out some Patreon-only content and also, let’s follow each other on Twitta!!!!


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10$ - Metal-head Muthafucka!!

You love heavy metal? Well, if you love Barry Manilow, I will still love you! But here's a bigger and better tier for you where you'll see more stuff, including my adventures in the fabulous world of a 5 foot tall lady trying to attend metal shows! You'll get everything from the precious tiers but also access to my blogs, we will follow each other on Twitter and Instagram and you'll get discount on merch! (just ask for it)!


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25$ - Hardcore Wrestling Fan!

So you love everything from the previous tiers but you also want to see some matches? You want access to my private Facebook? You want to tell me what to talk about? Want to know about some wrestling stories too? You want to see my live-streams? Well, this tier is for you my friend!!


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10. You can suggest topics for blogs and vlogs
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$50 – How to Build a Wrestler or Promoter

23 years of experience in the world of professional wrestling at your disposal to better yourself. Let’s work on your weaknesses and amplify your strengths! Need help with an upcoming storyline or promo? I’m here for you! You need to work on your character? Need to develop your brand? I can help you with that too! Also available for promoters!!!


- Match critics
- Promo work reviews
- In-ring psychology
- Character development

- The art of promoting
- Dealing with a budget
- How to build the perfect card

- Developing your brand
- Personalized Q&A

$75 – Crazy Cat Parents or Official Sponsors!

You want to access everything mentioned before but you also want to help me get new gear, spoil the cats, get a personal video, have access to my personal SnapChat? Then, you are a GOAT fan and official sponsor!


1. Patron-only content feed
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4. Private Facebook Account Access
5. Access to my blogs 
6. Access to vlogs
7. Access to Wrestling Matches
8. Access to photo shoots
9. Merchandise Discounts
10. You can suggest topics for blogs and vlogs
11. Access to my live-stream videos
12. Private Monthly Q&A – Answered via Vlog!
13. Personalized autographed picture upon subscription
14. Dvd or t-shirt upon subscription (after 3rd month)
15. Monthly personalized 30-second video
16. Access to my personal Snapchat
17. Give me your ideas about merch, moves and whatnot too!
18. My gratitude and love

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