Mixing scientific skills and bone shattering violence, LuFisto has blazed the rings all over the Great White North, Mexico, Japan, Germany and England. Holder of numerous championships, she continues to demonstrate a willingness to put her body on the line to preserve and further her status as one of the toughest professional wrestler out there!

LuFisto’s first match took place on June 20th 1997 in St-Léonard-d'Aston, Quebec. She began to travel all over Quebec, Ontario, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Western Canada only a few months later. She is the first female in the Province of Quebec to win a male championship (1999) and also the first woman in Canada to win the main championship of a male promotion (2000).

Nicknamed First Lady of Hardcore because her innovative hardcore style of wrestling, LuFisto first traveled to Mexico in 2002 to capture her first Mexican title after a series of epic battles against Princesa Sugehit. She would go back to Mexico several times throughout the years, winning the Lucha Pop Femmes Championship and having what is still known as the best inter-gender hardcore match on Mexican soil against Joe Lider. She also made it to the finals of AAA La Reina de Reinas only to be defeated by Faby Apache in front of a crowd of 17000 in Monterrey, Mexico.

In 2003, she was chosen by AtoZ (formally known as ARSION) in Japan to train for two months under the guidance of Mariko Yoshida and Akino with American wrestler Sara del Rey. She would return in 2005 for another two week tour fighting legends such as Amazing Kong and Aja Kong.

Not only LuFisto fought in the ring but she also fought for all female wrestlers in Canada by lodging a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission against the Ontario Athletics Commission that prevented women and men from wrestling each other. Not only the OAC would have to drop the regulation but they subsequently dropped the vast majority of the regulations affecting professional wrestling in Ontario, a move which removed a great deal of the bureaucracy stifling independent wrestling in the province.

Still today, LuFisto is the only woman to ever hold a Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) championship (CZW Iron-Man) by defeating “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen for the title. She is also the only woman who won a “King" of the Death Matches tournament (2006) by defeating the Necro Butcher in the finals.

She is the Queen of the Deathmatches 2007 and the first and only female to enter the CZW Cage of Death (Vs John Zandig, Nick Gage and Lobo). Although she didn’t win the tournament, she is the first female that participated in the CZW Best of the Best Tournament in 2008. She was voted Best of the Best People's Choice by the CZW fans.

Having held the title for 526 days, she is the longest reigning Shine Championship, a title she never lost since she had to forfeit due to injury.

LuFisto is one of the few women in the PWI Female Top 50 who has been ranked every year since its beginning in 2008, No. 5 being her highest ranking in 2014. She has been ranked as one of the top independent performer for years by several magazines and websites as well as by Wrestling Historian and Author Pat Laprade’s Quebec Wrestling Annual Awards since 2002.

She was also featured in many wrestling related books including more recently the “Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History and Rise of Women's Wrestling”.

Over the years, she has had epic battles and feuds that were ranked either “Match of the Year” or “feud of the Year” against the likes for Mercedes Martinez, Kalamity, Ayako Hamada, Cheerleader Melissa, Awesome Kong and many more.

LuFisto has also been active in tag team competition including with WWE Superstar Asuka (The World Famous Kana), is currently a member of Team PAWG with Jordynne Grace.

The First Lady of Hardcore… The several times holder of male championships before inter-gender was popular… Often the first to do it all… Cancer survivor and so much more…

21 years and still counting against all odds...

xWx on May 18th 2018 versus Killer Kelly in Hamburg, Germany

Nickname: The Wounded Owl & Mama PAWG
Fighting Out of: Denver, Pennsylvania, USA
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 165 pounds
Birthday: February 15th 1980

Pro Debut: June 20th 1997

1997 - Pierre Marchessault & Patrick Lewis in Sorel, Qc
1997- 1998 - Len "Kojak" Shelley in Montreal, Qc
1999-2000 - Serge and Ludger Proulx in Montreal, Qc
2003 - Akino and Mariko Yoshida in Tokyo, Japan

Team PAWG! LuFisto & Jordynne Grace


Rogue Women Warriors World Champion
Jersey All Pro Women's Championship
Shine Wrestling Championship
International Wrestling Cartel Women's Championship
Atomic Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (men title)
Alpha Omega Wrestling Women's Champion
NCW Femmes Fatales International Champion (2X)
Women Superstars Uncensored World Champion
North Shore Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (men title)
Lucha Pop Mexico Femmes Champion
Association de Lutte Féminine Champion
Inter-Championship Wrestling Olympic Champion (men title)
Combat Zone Wrestling Iron-Man Champion (men title)
Slam Angels Wrestling World Champion (men title)
Lucha Libre Feminil Mexico Xtremo Campeona
Inter-Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion (2X - men title)
All Star Wrestling Canadian Champion (men title)
Inter-Championship Wrestling Provincial Champion (2X - men title)
Ultimate Wrestling Alliance Cruiserweight Champion (men title)


IWA Mid-South Queen of Death Matches 2007
ALF Sherri Martel Memorial Cup Winner 2007
Stranglehold King of the Death Matches 2006
EOW Super 8 Women Winner 2005

Main Promotions

Shine Wrestling (USA)
Beyond Wrestling (USA)
Atomic Championship Wrestling/ Rogue Women Warriors (USA)
Shimmer Women Athletes (USA)
Women Wrestling Revolution (USA)
Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Germany)
Nova Pro (USA)
Alternative Wrestling Show (USA)

Also Perfomed For...

Jersey All Pro Wrestling (USA)
Southside Wrestling (England)
British Empire Wrestling (England)
Jersey All Pro (USA)
Glory Pro (USA)
Arolucha (USA)
Alpha Omega Wrestling (USA)
Absolute Intense Wrestling (USA)
International Wrestling Cartel (USA)
Queens of Combat (USA)
Women Superstars Uncensored (USA)
Lucha Libre AAA (Mexico)
Bellatrix Female Warriors (England)
AtoZ  (Japan)
Combat Zone Wrestling (USA)
SMASH Wrestling (Canada)
Lucha Libre Feminil (Mexico)
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (USA)
International Women Grand Prix (Japan)
Lucha Pop (Mexico)
Nueva Generacion Xtreme (Mexico)
Femmes Fatales (Canada)
Deutche Wrestling Allianz (Germany)
North Shore Pro Wrestling (Canada)
House of Glory (USA)
Resistance Pro Wrestling (USA)
Hardcore Wrestling Federation (Canada)

Formally Known As
Lucy Fer
Precious Lucy


Intro Music
- Unholy Messiah by OverUnit Machine (Shine Wrestling)
- The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg by Iron Maiden
- Baby Got Back by Throwdown (Team P.A.W.G.)
- The Threat is Real by Megadeth (Hudson Envy & LuFisto)


Burning Hammer, Double Underhook J-Driller; La Crucetta Leg Lock.


Signature Moves
Chibi Stomp; Cradle Brainbuster; Cannonball; Face Wash; Top Rope Headbutt; Tiger Suplex; German Suplex; Emerald Flowsion, Corner Low Flying Forearm; Flipping Swanton, Mindbender, sliding kick and more!

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