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Saturday, December 15th 2018
ACW - Rogue Women Warriors
Stevens, PA

Saturday, December 29h 2018
ACW - Rogue Women Warriors
Reading, PA

Sunday, December 30th 2018
Women Wrestling Revolution
Worcester, MA

Monday, December 31st 2018
Beyond Wrestling
Worcester, MA

Saturday, January 5th 2019
Lutte FCW - Legendary
Montreal, Quebec, Canada





“Unholy Messiah” by Overunit Machine
LuFisto’s Official Entrance Music at Shine Wrestling



12/01/18 – ACW-Rogue at Game Changer World Results

Friday, November 30th in Allentown, PA – In a very controversial way, LuFisto retained her Rogue World Championship. “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein had pinned the champion but saw the decision reversed by referee Larry Peace. Peace was hit by LuFisto’s feet moments prior and made the three count still being dizzy.

Picture taken by Dave Muscarella

A few seconds after, he realized the Rogue Championship was in the ring with LuFisto complaining about her head hurting and also pointing at the championship belt. Peace then put two and two together and thought Klein had hit LuFisto with the object and disqualified Kelly instead… LuFisto left the ring still the Rogue World Champion laughing!



11/27/18 – Results from Showcase of Champions at WrestleCade 2018.

Friday, November 23rd 2018 in Winston-Salem, NC – It took a back hand slap, a German suplex and a Fisherman DDT for Harlow O’Hara to retain her Battle Club Pro Icons Championship against the Wounded Owl LuFisto.



11/20/18 - Smash Wrestling's Challenge Accepted Results.

Saturday, November 17th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - LuFisto defeated "The Wild Child" Jody Threat via Burning Hammer in her return match home to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


11/12/18 - Outside the Box Wrestling Results.

Sunday, November 11th in Pawtucket, RI - Isana got the best of LuFisto with a lung blower roll-up combo.


11/04/18 – Shine 54 Results: Jordynne Grace Attacks LuFIsto! Plus, LuFisto Vs a Mermaid at Rogue!

Friday, November 2nd in Ybor City, FL – In a back and forth match for the Shine Championship, current champion Allysin Kay was able to get the 1-2-3 over LuFisto via a Samoan Drop/ Discuss Lariat combo. After the match, LuFisto accepted defeat and handed the belt to Kay.

Then, Jordynne Grace appeared on the scene. She confronted LuFisto, and as soon as LuFisto’s back was turned she attacked her with the microphone. Grace grabbed her former mentor and locked her in a chokehold. Wrapping her arms and legs around LuFisto’s body with the microphone against her throat, Grace choked her out until she was pulled away.

For the full story, check out the article on Last Word on Pro Wrestling.

Saturday, November 3rd in Stevens, PA – LuFisto successfully retained her Rogue Women Warriors Championship with a Boston Crab on “The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine at ACW-Rogue War Eternal.

LuFisto, Number 23 in the PWI Female 100!

Pro Wrestling Illustrated its annual list of the top female wrestling in the world. This year, due to the major increase of female wrestlers, the rankings went from a Top 50 to a Top 100.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated its annual list of the top female wrestling in the world. This year, due to the major increase of female wrestlers, the rankings went from a Top 50 to a Top 100.

Despite the struggles in her personal life, after 21 years, LuFisto had yet another amazing year, perhaps one of the best of her entire career. Many championships, high profile matches, trips overseas and so much more!

With this recent ranking, LuFisto and fellow Canadian Natalya are the only two women who have been ranked every year since its first edition published in 2008!



10/29/18 – Smash Wrestling’s CANUSA Classic 2018 and Women Wrestling’s Revolution WWR Vs The World Results.

Saturday, October 27th in London, Ontario, Canada – In a main even battle opposing both member of Team PAWG, Jordynne Grace was able to trap LuFisto in An European Clutch to get the 1-2-3. Grace then immediately jumped into LuFisto’s arms to hug her in front of the crowd giving them a standing ovation. Despite Jordynne’s victory, Team Canada was victorious overall.

Sunday, October 28th in Deer Park, NY – As part of the special event WWR Vs The World, LuFisto was victorious versus “HEARTcore” Shazza McKenzie via Burning Hammer.


10/25/18 – RISE 10 and Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 105 to 108 Results.

Friday, October 19th in Berwyn, IL – As part of the special VIP Rise Ascent taping presented before RISE 10, LuFisto defeated Indi Hartwell via La Crucetta submission.

Saturday, October 20th in Berwyn, IL – On Volume 107, as she was going for the 2nd rope Split Stunner, Shazza McKenzie was blinded by LuFisto before being the victim of the Burning Hammer which would give the Wounded Owl the victory. In the main event of the night between Shimmer Champion Nicole Savoy and Viper, LuFisto brutally attacked the champion until Viper came back to help her.

Sunday, October 21st in Berwyn, IL – LuFisto first came out to address the crowd on why she attacked Nicole Savoy. Shimmer wouldn’t give her a title shot? She just took matters into her own hands. She also blamed the fans for not being able to get the Shimmer Championship in the past as they were too much of a distraction.She also mentioned that this time, she had a plan... A few matches later, LuFisto came out during the 4-Way Dance Tag Team Match for the Shimmer Tag Team Championship… She would distract Jessicka Havok and Neveah and in the process help Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa to become champions.

Volume 107 saw LuFisto fight Nicole Savoy for the Shimmer Championship. Both Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez came to help LuFisto but the plan would backfire as Savoy was able to get a quick 1-2-3. Martinez, Melissa and LuFisto would then beat down Savoy until Shazza McKenzie, Viper and Vanessa Kraven came to her rescue. Kimber Lee joined in to help LuFisto’s team until the referees and Shimmer management were able to separate them.

The main event of Volume 108 would feature Mercedes Martinez, Cheerleader Melissa, Kimber Lee and LuFisto against Viper, Shazza McKenzie, Vanessa Kraven and Shimmer Champion Nicole Savoy. In the end as her whole team would be down, Kimber Lee would be the victim of 4 consecutives maneuvers from the opposite team ending with Shazza’s second rope Split legdrop to give them the win.



10/14/18 – ACW-Rogue "The Chemincals Between Us" Results

Saturday, October 13th in Stevens, PA – LuFisto is still your Rogue World Champion after beating Kimber Lee via Burning Hammer in the main event of Atomic Championship Wrestling & Rogue Women Warriors' "The Chemicals Between Us".



10/07/18 – wXw Germany Inner Circle, Femmes Fatales and World Tag Team League 2018 Results.

Thursday, October 4th 2018 in Essen, Germany – LuFisto defeated Kris Wolf via Cradle Brainbuster.

Saturday, October 6th 2018 in Obenhausen, Germany – In the annual wXw Femmes Fatales Tournament, LuFisto first defeated former wXw Women's champion Toni Storm via Burning Hammer. Then, she eliminated Killer Kelly with a Cradle Brainbuster and J-Driller combo to advance to the finals. Unfortunately, Meiko Satomura had the best of her when she was able to hit a triple combo of a Yakuza Kick, Overhead Kick and Death Valley Bomb. Satomura was declared the winner of the 3rd wXw Femmes Fatales Tournament.

Sunday, October 7th 2018 in Obenhausen, Germany - “The Croatian" Panther Wesna was victorious over LuFisto via Death Vallet Driver.

10/01/18 – Beyond Wrestling's Please Come Back Results

Sunday, September 30th in Worcester, MA - LuFisto defeated "The Tenacious" Trixie Tash as part of the special event "Please Come Back" by Beyond Wrestling.



09/22/18 – Nova Pro Wrestling's NOVA Project 4 Results

Friday, September 21st 2018 in Fairfax, VA - Faye Jackson was finally able to get her revenge over LuFisto when she hit her Michonoku Driver for the 1-2-3.



09/18/18 – ACW-Rogue and Beyond Wrestling Results

Saturday, September 15th in Stevens, PA – LuFisto retained her Rogue World Championship against Lady Frost at ACW’s A Little Piece of Heaven when she blocked Frost’s Trouble in Paradise kick and rolled her up with a hand full of tights.

Sunday, September 16th in Each Greenwich, RI – In the opening match of the night, the Beyond Wrestling fans had a huge surprise when Scotland’s Vixen of Violence and Megaton Barbie Viper (Piper Niven) showed up to take on LuFisto. LuFisto got the 1-2-3 after Viper missed a top rope splash and was able to trap her on an O’Connor Roll for the victory in this hard hitting match.



09/14/18 - DTU Lucha Profesional Mexicana, De Patria Extrema Tour Results.

Sunday, September 9th 2018 in Coacalco, Mexico - As part of the De Patria Extrema tour, LuFisto defeated Zeuxis in the main event of the day via Burning Hammer.

Tuesday, September 11th 2018 in Pachuca, Mexico - The team of Joe Lider, Danny Demanto and La Chika Tormenta was victorious over Crazy Boy, LuFisto and Jimmy when Lider pinned Crazy Boy.

Wednesday, September 12th 2018 in Pachuca, Mexico - In the main event of the night, a no rules match, Joe Lider and La Chika Tormenta defeated Crazy Boy and LuFisto when Lider was able to throw Crazy Boy into a pile of light tubes.



08/27/18 - LuFisto Returns to Action… And Becomes the Rogue World Champion!

Saturday, August 25th in Reading, PA – In a match that left her scratched and bruised, LuFisto returned to action following a few weeks off due to an injury in a grand fashion when she beat Trixie Tash in a Steel Cage match at ACW- Rogue Women Warriors to become the new Rogue Women Warriors World Champion!

Her first challenger should be known in the next few days as she will defend the title on September 15th in Stevens, PA.

In other news….

LuFisto’s first opponent for her Westside Xtreme Wrestling is now known! On Thursday, October 4th 2018 as part of an event known as wXw Inner Circle, LuFisto will be taking on Kris Wolf! We are still waiting on wXw to confirm LuFisto’s opponent at wXw World Tag Team League 2018 and Femmes Fatales 2019… Meiko Satomura?
wXw Women's Champion Toni Storm? “The Croatian Panther” Wesna? So many possibilities!

The first match at DTU Lucha Profesional Mexicana for LuFisto has been confirmed! On Wednesday September 12th 2018, LuFisto will team up with Crazy Boy against Ultimo Gladiator and Chika Tormenta in a No Rules Tables Match! Oh my!

It seems that Faye Jackson wants her revenge at Nova Pro. Earlier this week, she called out LuFisto to give her a rematch at Nova Pro Wrestling’s NOVA Project 4 taking place on Friday, September 21st in Fairfax, VA… LuFisto has of course accepted! This one won’t be pretty!

Beyond Wrestling fans! Mama PAWG will be back in action at Beyond starting September 16th for Somebody's Farewell, Probably at the Varnum Memorial Armory Museum in East Greenwich, RI! Many other Beyond and Women Wrestling Revolution events have been added to the calendar so check out the EVENTS section for more information!


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